Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gomer's Dentistry

Hi Dawgs!

You all 'member that dogmom is going to school to learn how to be a veterinary nurse, right? Well, she wants to show you some of the pictures and xrays that we took of Gomer's twoofers while he was getting them fixed by Dr. Kate and Eliza and Sandy at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic yesterday.

First, remember the picture that made dogmom think that Gomer only had two broken twoofers? You can see it by clicking here. See how it looks like only the one twoofer is broken?

Surprise! Look at the xray photo below.
See how the middle tooth is actually broken into two pieces underneath the gumline? Gomey said that really hurt.

Anypaws, here's a picture of the broken twoofer on the lower right side of his mouth and it's corresponding xray.

Yikes! That looks like it really hurt, doesn't it?

Anypaws, so Gomey got three teeth pulled instead of two. And, he has to wear the famous basket mask again (Photo here). Ha!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Despite the Creeps!

Sorry we haven't posted for a little while, dog-blogging buddies. Dogmom's been kind of hogging the computer and the phone the past couple of days.

She was supposed to go to Ohio to visit all our cousins and her nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters and Siti (the dogmom's mom). And we were supposed to spend a few days with Tory at Dog Pad. But our plans got changed.

Dogmom dropped us off at Dog Pad on Sunday night about 4:30 p.m. Then, she told us she was going to stop by the newspaper office and print out her boarding pass and we were going to stay at Dog Pad till Wednesday morning.

But then, on Monday morning, she came and picked us up. She seemed kind of stressed out, but overall in a pretty good mood. She really seemed to miss us a lot. We jumped in the truck and it was different. I mean, our futon mattress was still in the back. And it looked basically the same. But Opie noticed first that when he tried to lick the window it was different. Not a window at all, really. But plastic. Yuck!

Anypaws, dogmom told us that when she went into the office at 5:10 p.m. Sunday night, somebody broke our window on the truck while she was inside the office (all of 10 minutes). And they stole dogmom's winter coat. And they stole dogmom's purse. And they stole some Target bags with some last minute presents in them. But they left the cow ears and tee shirts that Tory gave us!

Anypaws, dogmom called the police and they were there by 5:30 p.m. She said she spent the next five hours calling the credit card companies and the bank and everything. Did we mention how much she hates being put on hold and how much she hates automated menus that don't work right? Well, she does.

Anypaws, she came to pick us up Monday morning instead of tomorrow. Not that we mind.

She says she really appreciates our neighbor Dan, for coming over with his shop vac and some plastic to vacuum all the glass out of the truck and to put the plastic on the window so we don't get as cold driving in the cold. (Did we mention it's 9 degrees outside?)

And, she appreciates Melissa and Spencer for inviting her to a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at their house since she couldn't go to Ohio. And for giving her some presents and letting her see their daughter Amelia open her presents.

And, she appreciates the efficiency of the credit card company and the bank for closing her accounts and fixing her up with new ones so fast. (Even though the perpetrators had charged more than $6000 in about an hour and a half... not counting any checks they might try to write with her checkbook.)

And, she's glad the license bureau and our bank branch was open on Christmas Eve morning so she could get a replacement license and a new money account opened.

And, she appreciates our landlord, Jimi, for coming to change the locks on the townhouse even though they're expecting a new baby any minute.

And, she appreciates Tory and Essex and Deacon and Joe and Tosca and Mojo and Tosca's mom and Buddha and his dogmom for all their moral support.

Dogmom says we should say our prayers for the people who did this... cuz they really need them.

Wuf Ya!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

We Got Presents!

No, not from dogmom... We got some presents from our landlords!

Yup. We wuf them even though we haven't really met them yet. Only dogmom. But, she says they're nice, so we'll go with that.
Anyways, look... here are Opie and me chewing on the rawhide and pighide braids that our landlords got us! YUM!

But, guess what else!?!
We also got a great grasshopper tug-toy from them!
We're having lots of fun playing with our new grasshopper tug-toy!

Dogmom got some nice-smelling bath oil and lotion from our landlords, too. She likes it.
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Did Gomey Break His Twoofs?

The inquiring Key West Collies and their dogdad want to know how the Gomer broke his two toothies. Dogmom said sarcastically that if she knew that, we wouldn't keep breaking them. That, and she thinks he does it on purpose so that he can go see Dr. Kate.

Anypaws, what we think is that since he was in the dumpster as a puppy and he was starving to death when dogmom found him that he probably didn't get the right 'trition to make his toothies grow nice and strong. He was very very little (about 3 months old) in the dumpster. Dogmom adopted him when he was 5 months old and he had already lost all his puppy teeth but didn't have all his big-boy teeth grown in yet.

Anypaws, he has lots of fractures in his enamel and so that makes it easier to break them. We don't think he eats rocks. He sometimes likes to play tug-toy with dogmom and with Opie. And he doesn't really like to chew on retriever rolls.

Anypaws, he just has soft teefers and keeps breaking them. Dogmom's tempted to just pull them all out at the doggie dentist (Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing!) and give him mush for the rest of his life.

Opie thinks that would be ok...

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gomey Broke Another Tooth!

Gomey has to go see Dr. Kate today. He broke another tooth... See it?

Update... Gomey actually broke TWO toofers, the one in the picture and one on the side of his mouth, too.

So he has to go get some more surgery on the day after Christmas. Dogmom says she's taking donations...

Wuf Ya!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Helping Dogmom ...

So, we've been busy helping dogmom do her exercises for therapy.

Well, when we weren't busy taking a nap...


laying in front of the fireplace...


going to Dog Pad to play...



See... here's how we're showing her how she should try to stretch her arm and shoulder out straight...

Wuf Ya!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dogmom's Going Back to the Doctor

Geesh, dogs. Next time she starts complaining that we spend too much time at the doctor, we gotta remind her about this whole arm thing she's milking to the hilt.

Anyways, the talking phone said that the MRI said that she has severe tendonitis in her shoulder and a partial tear in her rotator cuff. We think all that means is that she seems to have to throw the balls with the wrong hand and that she can't brush our teeth very well.

Oh, and she doesn't seem to be bringing the big green monster out of the closet every day. Please don't tell her!

Anyhow, when she left for work this morning and gave us our cookies, she said she would be home early but first she has to go and talk to the doctor. We didn't quite understand what she said. Something about the topeedic surgeon. I thought she did research, but I didn't know she did torpedoes. Anydog, she's hoping the topeedic surgeon says that she doesn't need a knife (she's got lots of them in the drawer, we know), but instead she'll just have to get some therapy.

We've known she's needed therapy for a long time. Silly humans. It takes them so long to figure stuff out.

Maybe she should go see Dr. Kate. When we go see Dr. Kate, it doesn't take her nearly this long to figure out what's wrong with us and fix it or give dogmom medicines that make us feel better.

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We're still waiting with the dogmom to hear what the doctors have to say about her arm not working.

We tried to call the doctor, but our paws couldn't dial on the cell phone.

When she was sleeping, Gomer tried to bury the dogmom in all our toys and balls to make her feel better.

Opie's been sitting still (can you imagine it???) and laying his head on dogmom's lap and staring at her to make her laugh out loud.

We didn't jump on the counter or steal food from the kitchen or tear the blankets off the bed - not once - this past weekend.

What else should we try, dogs?

Wuf Y!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


It's very boring at our house. The dogmom hurt herself, so we don't get to play ball with her or anything. She stayed home from work on Friday, which was kind of a bummer since we usually go to her work with her on Fridays so that Tory at Dog Pad comes with the big blue bus and picks us up at the office and takes us to Dog Pad to play.

But we didn't get to go to work... so we missed the bus.

She said on Thursday that she was going to the doctor. So we got excited, 'cuz that usually means that one of us goes to see Dr. Kate or Dr. Hollee or even Dr. Amanda or Dr. Mary. But no, she left without us.

Then, she comes home and talks on the phone. We think there's something wrong, because dogmom keeps talking in letters instead of using her words. What is an X ray? What is an M. R. I. ? And she talks about bursa and about rotator cuffs. What in the world is that? I did hear her say that her bones are fine.

Then why can't she move her arm?

Anyways, what this all means for us is that she's not taking us for walks... and she's not throwing us our toys or our balls in the house. And she's not brushing us or brushing our teeth. (Well, she tried, but she was using the wrong hand and we didn't like it. Since she couldn't grab us, we just ran away.)

Worst thing? She won't let us cuddle up on the couch and lay on top of her like we usually do.

Any suggestions?

Wuf Ya!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

What Reindeer are You?

Thanks to the Key West Collies ( for this one...

You Are Dasher

You're an independent minded reindeer who never plays by the rules.

Why You're Naughty: That little coup you tried to stage against Santa last year

Why You're Nice: You secretly give naughty children presents.

You Are Comet

A total daredevil, you're the reindeer with an edge!

Why You're Naughty: You almost gave Santa a heart attack when you took him sky diving

Why You're Nice: You always make sure the sleigh is going warp speed

Wuf Ya!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Today Might Be Opie's Birthday!

Dogmom usually celebrates our adoption day and not our birthday, because we don't really know when our birthday was. But, Opie was about 9 months old or so when dogmom adopted him on August 1, 2001, so we think that today might be his birthday. That means he's seven years old today.
Look at the goofball... how old do you think he is?
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

No News is Good News?

Sorry we haven't posted for a while, dogs and dogettes... but our lives are really boring these days. Dogmom does her thing with work and school and we alternate between snoozing and going to Dog Pad...

Anything fun happening with you?

Wuf Ya!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Anydog Know How to Open the Fridge?

Cuz we know there's some really good stuff in there today. Dogmom made it yesterday and we only got a teeny weeny bite... hardly even a taste really.

If you know how to open the fridge, will you tell us in your comment? Cuz dogmom's at work today and we gotta get in there!

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving EveryDog!

From DogMom's favorite turkeys!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dogmom's Trying to KILL Me!

I swear on my beagle-mom's memory, dawgs! The dogmom is definitely trying to murder me.

Remember, I have this fungus on my paws? Well, she keeps saying I have to take my pill for the fungus. Now, I don't know what's in these little white tablets, do I? And they taste really funky, let me tell ya. So, I try to spit them out when she's not looking. But, she usually sees it and tries to push it down my throat again. And, know what's worse? She won't let me eat my breakfast or dinner until I've swallowed it. I think she's trying to starve me to death.

Yeah, that must be it. Cuz she says we're on a diet. But, really, all that seems to mean is that there is less food in my bowl and fewer treats during the day. I think she's trying to starve me to death, yeah, that's it. Or poison me with the little white pills.

And then, there are these things she calls my allergy injections. This one is new. It just started last weekend. She pushes the white pills down my throat... and then she actually comes at me with this thing that has a needle in it. Can you imagine? I see those murder shows on TV. They're always sticking those little needles into the people who die. Hey dogmom! I'm not dead yet!

Opie doesn't have to take the little white pills... and he doesn't have to get poked with the needle. What's up with that? I thought I was the favorite... but now I think she's trying to get rid of me.

What do you think?
Wuf Ya! (for however long I'm still around...)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Buddha Gave Us An Award!

Buddha and his human ( gave us an award yesterday! First, we have to say we're sorry that we didn't get to look at any blogs yesterday, so we missed it at first. Second, we have to say that we're flattered. We like their blog, too!

We're gonna tag Key West Collies and Kerrio and Tosca for the "I like this blog" award.

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Paw Troubles...

Hi dawgs! Sorry we haven't posted for a little while. Things have been a little crazy at our house... well, in our lives anyways... because we weren't home a lot the last couple weeks.

First, you remember, there's a fungus amongus... and that's still there on my toenails and paws. I'm still taking the yucky medicine. Dogmom took me to see Dr. Kate (YAY!) and I got to stay at work with her all day while Opie stayed home. Dr. Kate said the fungus looked better, but that I had to stay on the medicine more time... and it could be a long time before the fungus is all gone. Last time, it took two months. This time will probably be longer.

Then, we had to do some allergy tests to see if that might be behind my fungus problem. Elizabeth took some blood from my neck while Jason held me. It wasn't a big deal, really, and I didn't even cry or anything.

The tests came back and it turns out I'm allergic to three different kind of mites that live in the grass and the soil and the dust. And I'm allergic to a fungus that lives in the grass, too. So dogmom said something about I either have to try chiropractic to see if it works on my allergies as well as it did to eliminate her symptoms... or I have to get allergy injections. I think they both sound scary to me, but I'm just a dog.

Anyways... Then dogmom went to Ohio to visit the family for a few days while we went to Dog Pad and stayed with Tory. We had lots of fun there. Opie decided to sleep in Tory's office instead of on the dog beds. And, on Sunday I hurt my paw. Not bad, really, and I didn't even tell Tory about it. But, she's pretty smart and she figured it out anyways. I saw her checking everybody's paws and I thought it was a new game. Then, when she checked mine, here's what she found. It looks worse than it is, I think. But I'm going to milk it for a while anyways!

Even if it did mean that Opie got to go to Dog Pad on Wednesday without me. I just vegged at home all day.

Wuf Ya! - Gomer

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We're not dressing up in costumes and we're not going trick-or-treating and we're not giving out candy to the scary monsters and we're not gonna open the door if you come to our house tonight. Dogmom says we're nuts enough.

It's not that she doesn't like howl-o-ween. She does. It's more that we don't seem to act appropriately when people (and scary little people dressed up like Dog-knows-what) come to the door.

That, and the last time we had candy in the house, Opie ended up staying overnight in the hospital...
What to do for chocolate poisoning
Chocolate Feast (weekend)
Chocolate Feast (Friday Night)
Chocolate Feast (Friday)

So, we hope you all have a happy howl-o-ween and get some treats and snacks and chew bones for us. (Stay away from the chocolate!)

Wuf Ya!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Anydog Wanna Kitty?

Ok, so we don't usually have cats involved with Dogs' Aye View, right?

Well, dogmom was pretty convincing, so we decided that today we would show you some kitties that need a home. See, dogmom's not a "cat person" usually... she's definitely what humans call a "dog person." Anyways, she likes these cats that are currently living at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington. That's where Dr. Kate (who fixes our teeth) and Dr. Hollee (who I saw for my yeastie-toes) and, well, where dogmom works sometimes.

Anypaws, these kitties live at the hospital. Not because they're sick, but because they don't have a forever home yet. So, if you're inclined to want or need a kittycat or if you know somebody that is, would you please show them our blog? Or, better yet, have them call Pet Crossing at 952-884-8248 and set up an appointment to meet one of these kitties and maybe take them home?

Here goes:

Princess – White w/brown tabby tail & markings (Age 7)
I’m Princess and yes, the name fits me. I’m a girly-girl; I know I’m beautiful and can be content to lay down and let you admire me. You won’t believe I’m seven years old when you see me – I’m healthy and happy, except that I’d rather be at home than living here at the hospital. I love to eat, so as my human you will need to help me to maintain my girlish figure by not over-indulging me with treats. I’m very much a cat person, but like some dogs, too. I’d love to meet your fur-family. Wouldn’t you like to meet me?

Bengal – Grey Maine Coon (Age 7)
Some people tell me I’m a seven-year-old Maine Coon with attitude. I like to be brushed, petted and have my ears scratched – but on my own terms, when I want, not necessarily when you do. I really don’t care for the hustle-and-bustle here at the hospital; I’d much rather be lounging around in a quiet home. I don’t mind some other cats – and the dogs that leave me alone are ok. If you’re looking for a quiet, low-maintenance, sort of guy, then I’m the cat for you.

Micky – Orange Tabby DMH (Age 7)
Yo! – I’m Micky! I’m a super- friendly, super- handsome dude who will be your own personal cuddle-bug and foot wrap on cold Minnesota winter nights. I sometimes hiss at other male cats here at the hospital, but that’s just because they are annoying sometimes. I prefer the company of humans. While my kitty condo here at the hospital is pretty swanky, I’d much prefer to choose a spot at your house. Ask to meet me and I’ll convince you to take me home. Go ahead, I dare you!

Heidi – Black & White DSH (Age 6)
I’ve had kind of a rough time of it in my short life, which makes me kind of shy at first. Show me you’re gentle and caring and I’ll show you my purr-fect side. I like other cats. I’m a little hesitant around dogs right now, but that’s just because one bit me recently and I needed some surgery and stitches. My meow is definitely worse than my bite, as I haven’t got any teeth. Won’t you take me home?

Don't forget - call Pet Crossing at 952-884-8248 and tell 'em Gomer & Opie sent ya to check out the kitties!

Wuf Ya!

Friday, October 26, 2007

We Got It! We Got It!

Ok, dawgs! So dogmom says that now we've really gone and done something great.

We don't know what, but when she's excited, we're excited, ya know?


We've been blessed by the collies! Thanks, Essex and Deacon! (Key West Collies)

DogMom said that she doesn't think they realize that we're blessed by their friendship as much as they are by ours. We wuf them! (and Tosca and any other collies that we know out there in dog-blog-land!)

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please Use!

K, dawgs. We have a request. It won't cost you a penny, but it will give a penny. It won't cost you any time, but it will help animals. And, it won't be hard to do. Intrigued?

Yahoo! Search has launched a new search engine called If you use it, money will be donated to the not-for-profit of your choice FOR EVERY SEARCH! The average expected payout is one U.S. penny for each search from their site. Each and every search means a penny! How cool is that?

DogMom hopes you'll try it and you'll designate "Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society" as your search recipient. She says she searched like 63 times yesterday just doing normal stuff, so that means $0.63 for SWMAR. Imagine if she did the same thing every day for a month... that's $18.90. Imagine if 10 people did the same thing... that's $189.00! You see where this is going, right?

Please add this site to your bookmarks and use it instead of Google, Yahoo! and even ( The more people who use it, the more money is given to SWMAR.

We added the button to get to the search site at the top left of our blog. You can do the same here. Just pick the button you like.

Wuf Ya!

(Oh yeah... to be fair, dogmom says that if you have another favorite charity that is a 503c status, they can sign up as a recipient as well. They need to do so here.) But, in the meantime until they're registered and approved, won't you put "Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society" as your chosen beneficiary?)


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Award and Tagged by Mud Puddle Girl

Even though we got tagged for the "Seven Things" tag before, we're doing it again for Mud Puddle Girl because she also sent us this cute award along with tagging us:

Anyways, that and she makes us smile, too. And, she's a new visitor to Dogs' Aye View and we want her to keep coming back to visit us like the rest of you do...

So, here are seven MORE things about us:

#1. We're both on diets to lose some weight. We think this is just because dogmom is on a diet to lose some weight. But she says it's because we're supposed to weigh about 50 pounds each and we weigh more like 54. I don't know what the big deal is... I used to eat all Opie's food and he weighed 50 pounds. 'Course, I weighed in at 72 pounds then! But, I digress...

#2. We're the Dog Pad K-9's of the month for October. Yeah, I know, I already posted about that this month... but Tory put some pictures up now... so it's new news again! You can check us out here: Dog Pad K-9 of the Month.

#3. We both lay like frog-dogs when we're just lounging around watching dogmom. Yup, our feet point backwards and our hips lay flat. You can see me doing this in the picture below.

#4. Look closer at my picture. See my ears? This is another thing about us that you probably didn't know before. We like to dry our ears out sometimes. Well, not really. Just sometimes when we stop running around, we both have our ears laying inside out like I do in that picture.

#5. Dogmom has spent a fortune for nice big new fluffy dog beds for us trying to find some that we like. We have great big round ones that have three sides on them like a big papasan chair that sits on the floor. We have glorified pillows with removable covers and cedar shavings inside. We have comforters that dogmom sewed into squares for us. We even have a futon mattress of our own. (Are you snickering with us, here, dogs?) Know where we sleep? On dogmom's bed, of course! Whether she's in it or not, that's where we sleep.

#6. When Opie's really happy, his tail goes around in circles like a propeller-butt instead of back and forth like a normal dog.

#7. When I toot downstairs, dogmom can smell it upstairs... and vice versa. And she doesn't even have a canine nose!!!

We tag Buddha for the seven things tag and the "You make me smile" award ( and we tag Jackson and Sydney and their dogmom Luann even though they don't have their own blog yet!

Wuf Ya!

Monday, October 22, 2007

There's A Fungus Among-Gus!

Yup. On my paws. Again.

Back in June, I started licking my paws... not a lot, but I was doing it behind the dogmom's back. You know, when she wasn't around mostly.

Then, I broke a tooth and went to Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing to get it fixed. While I was there, she found a fungus on my paws. She gave dogmom some medicine (ketoconazole) to give me for a month. It was yucky and I actually had to take it for two months. But, it made the yeasties on my paws go away.

Well... a couple of weeks ago, dogmom noticed that I had the dark spots on my toenails again when she was trimming them. Even though I wasn't licking very bad, she recognized that this was a sign that the yeasties were back.

So, we went to see Dr. Hollee at Pet Crossing. The slides didn't show any yeasties, but my toenails sure look like I have them. See?

The other sign is that the fur on the bottom of my paws is usually white. (Well, except when I run in the mud at Dog Pad and stuff.)

Anypaws, look what color my paw fur is now...

So... dogmom wants to know if you're paws itch now from reading this?

Wuf Ya!

Friday, October 19, 2007


So you all know we live with a nut case, right? And, you know that dogmom makes us do some goofy and dopey things... like sit before putting our leashes on and say our prayers before breakfast... And, you know that we wuf Dog Pad where we're K-9's of the Month this month! (Go to Dog Pad's Web Site)

Well, we never really talk about dogmom's friends on our blog. Wanna know why?

'Cuz they're verrrrrrryyyyyyy scaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeee!

Think we're joking? Huh, do ya?

Just look!

The one on the right works with dogmom every day at the newspapers. Can you believe it?

I wouldn't go to work.

But, maybe she's not always this scary looking. 'Cuz look at how her kitty, Chi Chi, is reacting to seeing her catmom look like that...

And, well maybe she's not really a scary human at all... 'cuz she has a new rescue puppy at her house too. We haven't met Snickers yet, but we think she's adorable! Don't you?

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Nicknames...

Ok, so Tosca didn't actually tag us... but dogmom thought it would be funny to share our nicknames, 'cuz we have so many.

Of course, there are the ones that we attained because humans have a brain malfunction when it comes to calling two dogs... Instead of "Gomer" and "Opie," we consistently get called...
Gopey and Ohmer
Gomey and Ohper
Gop and Ohm
Gome and Ope

Then, there are the ones that we only get called at home, for the most part...

Gomer's nicknames:
Pepe Le Toot
GP (short for Gomer Pyle)
Scaredy Dog

Opie's nicknames:
Jumping Bean
OT (short for Opie Taylor)
Regal Beagle
Counter Surfer

Dogmom says they're all self-explanatory... so email us or post a comment if you can't figure out why we got that nickname.

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dog Whisperer Has a Secret

Dogmom received this press release through her job and thought it might be a fun thing to go to if you live in the Minneapolis area!

Dog Days at MOA

(MINNEAPOLIS, October 9, 2007) - Home for Life® , a nationally recognized care for life animal sanctuary based in Stillwater, MN and the PETCO Foundation, will be sponsoring Dog Days at MOA from October 15 - 19, 2007 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Dog Days at MOA will benefit the animals residing at the sanctuary; any raised money will go towards their food, veterinary care, and twenty-four hour staff that provide them with loving support and care. The event will include an exhibit of unique doghouses designed by local celebrities, a special guest appearance from Cesar Millan and the adorable animals from Home for Life!

Dog Days at MOA will feature a unique display of artistic doghouses designed by local celebrities, architects, design firms and artists.

Some of the local designers include; Minnesota Twins and Vikings players, Ron Schara and Raven of "Minnesota Bound", Rebecca Kolls of "Good Morning America" and Seasons magazine, and many others. These exclusive doghouses will be on display all week and finally auctioned off at Home for Life's Wags to Whiskers Gala on Friday, October 19, 2007.

The event will conclude with a special guest appearance from Cesar Millan, professional dog trainer known as the "dog whisperer", on Friday from 1-3pm. Milan will be available to sign his new book, Power of the Pack.

Home for Life® is a nationally recognized sanctuary providing loving, lifetime care for dogs and cats who are unable to find homes due to old age, disabilities, medical or behavior issues. In addition, Home for Life offers an array of innovative, cost effective and replicable model community outreach programs with goals to combat the causes of animal neglect, abuse and abandonment. Home for Life is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501c3 corporation and is funded entirely by donations from our supporters. For more information, visit

Wuf Ya!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Storms? What Storms?

Yo - Opie here.

So dogmom has been making this big fuss because of the way I freak out at storms. She keeps posting about it - every time the sky rumbles and flashes.

She freaks when I freak at the boomies. I am sooooo over that. (Well, mostly.)

Anyways, dogmom got some drugs from Dr. Kate and they helped to make me a little calmer during the storms. Not a lot, but enough that she could try to reason with me. And, she bought this stormy CD that she kept playing all the time.

I liked to make her play it just because she acted so goofy when it was on. Acting all excited when the machine made boomie sounds. I swear, I live with total nutballs.

Anyways, here's what the sky looked like during the boomies. There were light flashes, too, but my paw wasn't working fast enough to get pictures of them.

And, this is how I reacted to the boomies last night:

Wuf Ya!

Friday, October 05, 2007

We're Dog Pad K-9(s) of the Month!

Hey dogs - we think Tory's completely lost her mind now. I mean, we wuf her and all... but just look what she did! Go to and click on the "K-9 of the Month" link in the upper-right-hand corner. It's ok... we'll wait.

(humming... who let the dogs out ... )

Are you back? Good.

Can you believe it? Even with all the tests that we give Tory and Mike and Nate... you know... like sassy barking and scaling fences and rolling in the mud puddles and Opie whining 'cuz his feet are wet and getting time-outs and pooping in the middle of the parking lot

(Oh, wait... that last one was at dogmom's work, not at Dog Pad... sorry, dogmom...)

Anyways, now we know Tory wufs us back. 'Cuz she made us the K-9 of the month.

There aren't any pictures yet... 'cuz we don't stand still long enough for anybody to take them when we're at Dog Pad. We'll try to remember to let her get some so she can post them.

Wuf Ya!

Monday, October 01, 2007

We're Pouting...

Yup. We're pouting today.


We found out that dogmom went to Doggie Palooza on Saturday. She was helping at the discount microchipping booth sponsored by Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. And, doing tooth-brushing demonstrations on other dogs!

So, we're pouting. Because she didn't take us with her. And because she didn't use us as models. And because, well, because we can.

That, and we're playing with Tory and the other dogs at Dog Pad again today!

Wuf Ya!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dogs Aye View - Answers...

So, we got some more questions sent to us this past week and here are the right answers from the Dogs' Aye View!

Rufus (and his mom) in Plymouth, MN, want to know... You dogs seem to have so much fun, with activities like the triathlon. Where can a pup and his mom find out about fun things like that to do in MN?

Well, Rufus, it's not easy in MN, that's for sure. There are so many rescue places that do their own thing for fundraisers, that you kinda have to look at all of their web sites to get the information from them. Some of them let you get on their mailing list and that helps. Dogmom sometimes just does a Google search for "dog events, MN" and sees what comes up.

We're gonna find a way to list them on our blog... but we'll need some help! When you hear of or read of an event - 'specially one that benefits a rescue group - would you send us an email at so we can post it? Maybe dogmom can do an online submission form when she has some time in between her two jobs and classes. We'll ask her, ok?

"Hello, I'm Buddha. Although I hold the official titles of Best Dog in Woodbury and The Best Dog in the Whole World, this hasn't made me too full of myself to ask a question now and then. My question is: Why is it I like to curl up with my owner Katharine on her bed and Dennis the doggy daycare guy on his couch, but I don't like it when a visitor dog or a foster dog curls up with me? Don't get me wrong; I like these dogs. I play with them, I let them drink out of my water dish, I share my toys as a gentleman should, and I generally enjoy their company. But when one of these dogs settles himself/herself on my bed with me, I move to the rug. If they move to the rug, I move back to the bed. Why do I do that?"

Well, Buddha (, that could be a really easy question or a really hard one. Maybe you have emotional attachments issues... I mean, you know the foster dog isn't actually going to STAY living with you, right? So, it's better not to get too attached. I, Gomer, am a lot like that. I'll share my water dish. I might let them eat before I do... not always, but sometimes. I play with them and let them play with all but my favorite toy. But, dawgs, three things are off limits: my cuddle time with dogmom, my lamb-filled rawhide chew bone (even Opie can't share that!), and my spot on dogmom's bed. A dog's gotta have some stuff of their own.

Or, maybe they just stink. You know, some dogs noses are better at sniffing out weird smells than others. Maybe these dogs smell really funky to you... and not to other dogs.

Or, maybe you're not the same-species-cuddle-bug-type. Opie and I aren't! We'll lay down with the cats at the vet office. We'll definitely sleep with the dogmom. Heck, I'd even consider sleeping with a rabbit or a ferret... but with Opie? Are you joking?

Yo - Dogmom here. If you have a few moments to spare, log on over to Buddha's mom's blog and read a few bars and leave her a comment. It's not a "dog blog" in the purest sense, so she was rejected by Dogs With Blogs as a member... BUT... she has a great heart and loves animals and seems to need a bit of a boost in spirit right now. Let's show her that dog-bloggers are real people, too, and that even though we say "It's all about the dogs," we know it's all about the way dogs treat each other instead of how humans sometimes do...

The Key West Collies ( want to know... What is snow like? And, does yellow snow really make you blind?

Snow is like crushed up ice cubes. You know, like when you chew on an ice cube and it's all chewed up in your mouth in little pieces, but it's not melted yet? Yeah, like that. Opie thinks it's like ice cream... but it doesn't taste the same. We don't think yellow snow makes you blind... we think the white stuff does a better job of that than the yellow kind - 'specially when the sun is shining. (Which isn't very often when the snow is out.)

Thanks for your questions this time - Rufus, Buddha and our parrot-head collie buds...

If you have questions, please send them to us at! We'll answer some more next Friday!

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

How Do You Sleep?

So, dogmom thinks that Opie and I sleep funny.

Here's Opie sleeping:

She thinks it's funny that either he curls up inside a blanket... or he sticks his legs out straight and starts running in his sleep. Yep, his feet actually move and his legs move like he's running. He almost always sleeps on his side, too. Hardly ever on his stomach and never on his back... Sometimes he "talks" in his sleep... and if she asks him questions, he'll actually squeak or bark an "answer."

And, here's how I usually sleep. Dogmom thinks it's funny that I sometimes hang off the end of my bed... even though it's big enough for both Opie and me to lay in. I usually sleep on my tummy and curled up in a ball. But sometimes, after I get home from Dog Pad, I crash out like Opie. Dogmom says I don't run as much in my sleep. I seem to eat a lot, though. Yep, my mouth is always moving and chewing when I'm sleeping. I don't seem to talk as much as Opie does, though.

So, we're curious.

How do you sleep?

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't forget ...

To take the time to lay in the grass, let your tongue hang out and smell the weeds!

And, don't forget to scream if you feel like it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Look! More Triathlon Photos!

Hey dogs!

'Member a couple of weekends ago when we went to the Minnesota Iron Dog Triathlon and we got our medals for finishing (even though Opie only thought he got wet swimming...)?

Well, we got these pictures in email from Jody at Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters. We actually were on the LMPS team for the triathlon.

Anypaws... look how handsome and gorgeous Jody's dogs Tobie and Pete look wearing their medals...

And, even better... here is a picture of Randi! You remember Randi - she's baaaaaacccccckkkkk!

Anypaws, Randi is holding her puppy Teddy (the big boy) and her dad is holding Gemi (the petite one) just before they went swimming!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She's Baaaaaacccccckkkkkk!

So, just when we thought that life couldn't get any better... guess what?

It did!

Yeah, we complain sometimes that dogmom hogs the computer and she smells like other pets when she comes home... But, for the most part, we got it pretty good here. Sure beats the dumpster... and Opie says it beats being left in the park, too.

Anypaws. Guess what!

Randi came back today! Yup. We were really surprised. She came in and let us out in the back yard to go potty. Can you believe it?

Dogmom said she can't walk us any more because we tug too hard and we hurt Randi's back. But, she can come and hook us to our tie-out cables and let us go potty and pet us and give us treats and stuff like that.

We'll take it.
Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Dogs' Aye View

So, last week we asked people and doggies to send us questions. And, we'd answer them from the Dogs' Aye View. You can post the question as a comment on our blog, or you can email it to us.

Here's the first installment of questions we received:

The Key West Collies ( want to know ... Are your five favorite foods the same as ours?
Well, KWC, our five favorite foods ARE pretty much the same as yours!
We wuf cheese... pretty much any kind will do.
And we wuf peanut butter... in fact, I almost ate a whole jar that I found on the counter when I was a puppy. Opie ate a whole jar of Nutella last year that Sasha's mom bought for dogmom.
We never get ice cream, but we think we would like it if you all like it!
And we wuf bacon 'specially!
And, we absotively, pawsolutely wuf dog treats!
-Dogs' Aye View

And, KWC ( want to know this too: Will they ever event bacon-cheese flavored ice cream?
Dogmom said she found bacon-flavored ice cream ...

And, Turkey Hill mentioned in their blog that they should consider a bacon and cheese flavored ice cream... but it doesn't look like they did it. Guess it wasn't appealing to the humans.
-Dogs' Aye View

And, darling Dakota ( sent this question:

Dear Dogs' Aye View,
I have every reason to think that there's a new dog coming to live with me and Bandit. I'm all about the twos company, three's a crowd theory. What do you think? If there was a new dog joining you, how would you feel?

Well, Dakota, that's a tough one. Before Opie came to live with us, I was like you... two's company and three's a crowd. Cuz, Dogmom and I were really happy, just the two of us. And then, when I met Opie, I thought that maybe it would be kinda nice to have a friend besides Dogmom. And, now, I can't even remember my life without him.

I know you're talking about another dog coming to live with you. Um. Maybe you should look at it this way... do you ever get tired of playing with Bandit and wish there was something else fun to do? I feel that way about Opie sometimes... even though I wuf him like a littermate. Sometimes, I think it would be really nice to have another furry-four-legged being at our house. In fact, I'm kinda jealous.

Yo- Opie here. Send your new dog up to our house and take the Gomester... would ya? Wanna trade?

In any case, good luck! Hope you wuf your new kennel-mate in the speed of a dog's day!
-Dogs' Aye View

And, darling Angel - the Yorkie from Prior Lake, MN - wants to know ... Why do some dogs write blogs?

Well, Angel, I suppose there are lots of reasons. Some of us are just looking for a creative outlook in between meals, naps and potty breaks. Others are driven to write and tell stories and record events, much like journalists and newspaper editors. It's in our blood. We're always sniffing out a good story and barking it out to everybody.

Maybe a better question is why don't your humans let you write a blog? We bet you have all kinds of great stories to tell! ... 'specially about your dogdad's job at the newspaper...
-Dogs' Aye View

Don't forget to send your question - or your human's question - to dogmom for future installments of Advice from the Dogs' Aye View.

Also, dogmom was wondering if you would send her your bestest or favorite winter pet-care tip? She's going to write an article for the Southwest Metro Animal Rescue's newsletter, PawPrints, and wants to make sure she doesn't miss anything.

Thanks, dawgs!

Wuf Ya!

Friday, September 14, 2007

We're Off to Dog Pad!

So, good news and bad news, dawgs.

The good news is that we get to go to Dog Pad a lot these days. We wuf Tory. She comes with the big blue truck and picks us up every day where dogmom works. And then dogmom either comes and picks us up at Dog Pad, or Tory or Nate drive us back to dogmom's work. Doesn't that sound like pure doggie fun? Well, it is!

Anytails, the bad news is that dogmom is really busy these days and that's why we go to Dog Pad so much. She still works full-time at her job at the newspaper company. She says that one pays the rent and for the big bags of food and treats that she brings home. And she likes her job there and all the peoples she works with (well, that's not really bad news, is it?)

And, more bad news is that she works at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. You know that one; it's were Dr. Kate is. She's our favorite doggie doctor and dentist. She makes our mouth and teeth feel all better when we break our teeth... which dogmom says we do way too often for her liking. She works at Pet Crossing about 20 hours a week. The only reason this is in the bad news category is 'cuz she comes home smelling like all kinds of puppies and kittens and dogs and cats and even bunnies and ferrets! It makes us crazy when she comes home smelling like animals we haven't met yet.

Anyways, more bad news is that she also spends a lot of time on the computer for her class. She started at veterinary technology school and right now she's taking classes online; so I guess that's not totally bad news because it means she's at least at home. But she hogs the computer for hours at a time and then she reads really weird books to us and says things like hydroencephalitis and pneumothorax. Like we need to hear those things, right?

Anyways, we get to go to Dog Pad more, so I guess it's all worth it.

Hey - don't forget to send us some questions that we can answer from the Dogs' Aye View! Anything goes... except not medical or behavioral issues that you should talk to your doggie and kitty (and hampster, Girl-Girl) doctor about. Dogmom needs your help here! (See post from the other day...)

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ask Us! Ask Us!

Ok, so dogmom has this crazy idea of starting an advice column from the Dogs' Aye View.

Not advice about the medical and behavioral stuff you and your humans should be barking at the veterinarians and trained professionals about... but the other stuff.

You know, like why does Opie jump the fence? (To get to the other side.)
And what should I do when somebody is standing too close or bugging me? (Lick them in the face.)

She said it's similar to what Perfect Tosca does with her mailbag of questions. But we don't get a mailbag of questions... so now we want some.

So, if you have a question that you would like answered from the Dogs' Aye View, please post a comment or email Opie and me at - we can't wait to check our email! (If you don't want your question posted or printed, please just say so in your email!)

Wuf Ya!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

We Completed Our First Triathlon!

Ok, so it was all in fun and not really a true competition. But we did all three events ... well, most of all three events ... and we met some really nice dogs and people and we had a blast.

The Minnesota Iron Dog Triathlon is a fundraiser for Top Dog Foundation. They are trying to raise funds to build a sanctuary for dogs that are old or otherwise considered unadoptable in the area around where we live. Because every dog deserves a permanent home, food and shelter from the cold. Did you know there are only 9 sanctuaries in the U.S. - and that only 1 in Ohio is dedicated to providing a permanent home for elderly dogs. Top Dog Foundation wants to change that.

This is our picture when we were just starting out. Thanks to the Top Dog volunteer who snapped it for us - we forgot to get her name.)

Anyways, so we had to walk on the trail for about a mile. (It really wasn't all that much of a chore, although dogmom didn't like it when we tried to run down the hill - something about her knees...)

And then we had to walk through the obstacle course. We didn't like the tunnels and wouldn't go through them for dogmom. I went around them and Opie jumped over them. We jumped over all the bars, except when there were people watching us. Then we just sat there and looked at the bars and watched their dogs go over them (even the little chihuahuas and rat terriers!).

Then we got to go swimming! I ran right into the water and started trying to drink it all. Opie hates the water - but even he got all his feet wet! Everybody started laughing when he kept trying to shake all the water off of him and only his feet were wet. Really, I'm serious. His body was dry but he shook like he was all wet. So, I went over and shook my water all over him so it at least looked like he went swimming.

Then we walked back to the area where the vendors were.

See, here we are at the finish line wearing our medals! (Thanks to Patrick Nau of Patrick Nau Photography for taking a picture of us with dogmom's camera!)

  • We stopped at the Patrick Nau Photography booth.
  • And then we got to look at all the paintings and the lady that was painting pictures of dogs - Best Friend Watercolor Portraits by MarySue Krueger.
  • And the Petco guy gave dogmom a bag of goodies with balls and Frisbees and stuff.
  • And the BarkBusters training lady commented on how happy and social and well-behaved we were since dogmom had two dogs on one leash! (Can you believe it?!?)
  • And we saw Jody and Randi from Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters. Randi might even start coming to visit us on Wednesdays again.
  • And Top Dog Country Club had a booth ... they do boarding and doggie daycare, and a portion of the fees help the future sanctuary.

And, the Star Tribune had some people there to promote their PetCentral section and web site. (Dogmom hates that, cuz they're competitors of the papers she works for.)

Anyways, we had lots of fun. Dogmom was really impressed that we behaved the whole time and didn't get snarky or scared this time. After seven years, we're getting better!

And, this is what we looked like on the way home in the back of the truck ...

Wuf Ya!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey Dogs!

Today, we get to go to Dog Pad again. We wuf Tory at Dog Pad. I can hardly wait to get out of the truck when I see the big Dog Pad puppy-wagon come to pick us up for doggie day care.

We'll probably be too exhausted to post tonight... 'cuz we run and play and chase balls and dig holes and run and play some more all day long. Tory told dogmom that the pools are still out... but it rained last night so we're hoping to just lay in the big mud puddles if we can find one.

Dogmom said to not forget to tell you that Opie did really well during the boomies and lightflashes last night. He hardly shook or got scared at all this time. He did run over and lay down on dogmom one time, but I think it was by accident. He didn't see her watching Craig Ferguson on the TV while she was laying on the couch.

Tomorrow is our big day at the park for Top Dog Foundation's Minnesota Iron Dog Triathlon. Dogmom says to say a prayer that we will be nice to the other dogs and people so that we can stay and have fun. We think that's silly. 'Course we'll be good - Jody and Randi and everybody from Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters are going to be there!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Iron Dog Triathlon 2007

Yo, Dawgs! Calling all dogs in the Twin Cities Metro Area! Wanna come meet us? Huh, huh? Do ya?

Well then get yourselves in shape (not really!) and get ready to have some fun (yes, really!) and join us at the Top Dog Iron Dog Triathlon 2007 THIS SATURDAY, September 8. It's a fundraiser for Top Dog Sanctuary. There's an agility event as well for all you agility-ability dogs!

You can find all their info here:
And, info about the event is here:

Here's the brochure:
Here's the dirty details:
And, the registration form is here:

You CAN register at the park on the day of the event - but you might have to wait to get your t-shirt and stuff. So, better if you can send it in before hand...

Basically, the triathlon means that we get to play in the park, get our feet wet, pull our dogmom down the path, make her go through hoops and laugh our doggie butts off. And, the money raised will go toward building a sanctuary for doggies that can't find a forever home. Unfortunately, there are still some doggies out there that people don't want.

So, won't you come? It'll be fun!
Minnesota Iron Dog Triathlon 2007
Saturday, September 8, 2007 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
for the benefit of Top Dog Foundation
Lake Minnewashta Regional Park (Map:
Between Hwy 7 and Hwy 5 on Hwy 41 in Chanhassen.

Opie and me will wear our DogsAyeView bandanas so you'll be able to spot us! (Hey, dogmom! You can make us some DogsAyeView bandanas by then, right?) Well, if she doesn't, then you'll recognize us because you see our pictures on this blog!

Wuf Ya!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mom Tried to Cut My Leg Off!

Ok, so Opie and I are outside in the yard, minding our own business. You know, the usual stuff... sniffing the ground, eating the grass, rolling in squirrel and rabbit poo, barking at the birds and the trees and the people and dogs on the trail - well, only the ones that don't have their dogs on leashes.

We don't bark at the peoples with their dogs on leashes. But we go crazy when we see a fellow canine with their human on the trail and they're not wearing a leash. I mean, geesh, don't they realize how easily humans get lost if we don't lead them around?

Anyways, when dogmom called us inside, we waited a while, but then we went in. And, she had these in her hand...

And you know what that means, right?

Anyhow, usually, I'm very brave and I actually kind of like the attention when she's clipping my toes off. 'Cuz, normally, she's good at it and if I lay still on my side, she clips them really fast and we're done in no time and I get treats after every foot is done.

Opie, on the other hand, wimpers and wiggles and cries. But eventually he gives up on that and lays down and gets his extra treats.

Well, today was different. Dogmom tried to cut my whole leg off. I mean, I know she didn't mean it, but dawgs did she chop into my toe really bad. OUCH!

So, anyways, I made a big deal about it and let her know that that just wasn't acceptable. I hid in my room and wouldn't come out until I couldn't stand the smell of blood anymore. I let her wipe my foot and look at my toe. And, you know what?

She said it wasn't even cut open. I looked, and know what? It wasn't. Isn't that weird?
I was sure she cut my leg off.

Anyways, I got treats and didn't have to endure the lopping of the toes today!
Wuf Ya!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Thanks, Everydog! We're Cool Dog Site of the Month for July 2007!

In July 2007 WAS SELECTED !

July 2007
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7/31 Dogs' Aye View


A hearty beef bone to everydog who voted for us!