Friday, November 06, 2009

Floyd is Sick

Yo Dawgs!

Before you tease me about caring about the cat... you have to understand a couple of things, ok?

When Gomer crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of months ago, Floyd would let me chase him around the apartment. And Floyd would let me eat his food sometimes. And I could chase him around the apartment. And I could kiss him in the face when it smelled like tuna. And I could chase him around the apartment.

Anypaws, Floyd wasn't feeling too good when dogmom came back from her conference late Monday night. And he vomited breakfast on Tuesday. And he vomited breakfast on Wednesday. When dogmom came home for lunch and saw that Floyd didn't eat his breakfast but vomited anyways... she took him to Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington.

Floyd doesn't like Pet Crossing as much as Gomer did and I do. He's a cat. He likes everything to always be the same. Dogmom says that's why she thinks I'm part cat... but Floyd's worse than me about learning about new things and new places.

Anypaws, I was scared that Floyd wouldn't come home. You know, like Gomer didn't come home when he was sick. So dogmom brought Floyd home last night; but, he has to go back to the hospital today.

Dr. Roth says that Floyd has pancreatitis, likely due to the stress of being away from me while dogmom was at the conference. He's dehydrated and he lost almost a pound in the past week. And his liver enzyme is raised a bit.

Anypaws, put your paws together and say your puppy prayers that Floyd is ok soon. I miss chasing him around the apartment.

Chase Ya Later!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's DogMom's BarkDay!

I've got lots of stuff planned!

First, she's going to take me outside to the little off-leash area in the apartment complex so I can do my business and get ready for the day.

Then, she's gonna feed me breakfast. (And, maybe Floyd can have some breakfast, too.)

Then, she's going to give herself a rainy bath so she can take me on a walk around the preserve trail.

Then, she's gonna come back in and snuggle with me since it's kinda cold and drizzly outside. Once I'm all warm and toasty, maybe I'll let her give me a massage.

Then, we'll both take a nap... although usually when I take a nap is when she plays with Floyd and moves stuff around in the kitchen and makes the dishes have no taste and stuff.

Oh well... gotta get going!
Chase Ya Later - Opie