Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Snow Exhausting!

We wuf to run and play in the snow.

We go outside and we run and play and we miss dogmom so we tell her we want to come back in.

When we get back inside, we want to go outside and play and run again and guess what, dogs! She lets us!

So, we go outside and we run and play and then we miss dogmom and wonder what she's doing so we scratch on the door and tell her we want to come back in.

When we get back inside, we want to go outside and run and play again.

Playing in the snow is so totally exhausting, don'tcha know?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Snow Coming?

I heard the big grey box in the living room talking again. The man said that there is more snow coming this week. Can you believe it?

Course, we think that's good cuz snow is fun. But the humans seem to be freaking out about it like it's a bad thing. Not dogmom... she seems to like the stuff almost as much as we do.

She said Randi's coming today... but the big grey talking box said snow is coming. I don't know what to believe any more...

Wuf Ya!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

February 23, 2007...
Friday evening...
The humans in the talking grey box in the living room say that there is a winter blast coming and we should be prepared. Something about a foot of snow. I don't know what the big deal with that is... a foot of snow? I mean, really... if it was a foot of dog doo or a foot of cat litter... then I might understand what the big fuss is about. But a foot of snow? Really.

February 24, 2007...
Saturday morning...
See... nothing to worry about. Just as I thought. No snow. No ice. No winter blast that I can see. Everything looks and smells the same. Everything is exactly where we left it.

Saturday afternoon...
DogMom says it's starting to snow. We should go out and do our business. Yea, so there's some white stuff falling from the sky. No big deal. I'm more interested in the trees blowing around. And that mouse... yeah, that mouse running across the field... gotta go get it. Whoa! Gomer, come here! Did you see it? There was a mouse right there. No, really, there was. I saw it. I know it's not there now... but it was.

See... way over there! Let's get it! Darn this short rope. Gotta get closer. Oh, come on! Where did it go now? I think it's playing games with me.

Hey... you're all covered with dandruff. DogMom's gonna be mad at you! You're going to have to take another bath. Nah-nah-nah-naa-naa-nah. Geesh. Can't believe you'd get dandruf so soon after having a bath. Have I not taught you anything?

Saturday evening...
Hey, DogMom.

I gotta go pee and so does Gomer. See me sitting patiently by the door? Finally!
Whoa! The door looks different.

What's all that white stuff in the way?

February 25, 2007...
Sunday morning...
This stuff is deep. I feel like I don't have any legs... why is my belly wet?
Hey Gomer... Don't try to dig under! Just jump over!

Oh yeah, I forgot... yellow dogs can't jump!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz ...
Snort ...

Huh, wha? Oh. Hi.

Happy Friday!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do You Snore?

Hey Dogs! Do you snore?

Dogmom says we can't sleep on the big bed any more.
Because we leave yellow and red hair everywhere? No!
Because we smell like dogs when we haven't had a bath in six days? No!
Because we take up too much room? No!
Because we like to sleep on her pillows? No!
Because we make her sneeze and wheeze? No!


Because we both saw logs when we sleep. And, according to her, we snore LOUDly.
We're not sure we believe her, since she doesn't even have canine hearing.
I mean, really, we don't wake each other up or keep each other awake... and we do have doggie hearing, ya know?!?

So, how can it be that this lowly human dogmom can hear us snore?

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One More Pet Expo Story...

Since we didn't get to go, we don't know why we're supposed to keep telling about it... but DogMom is crazed... (can you relate, Tosca?)!

Anyways, dogmom wanted us to tell all of you to consider adopting a "shelter" dog (or cat or rabbit or other animal). She understands and identifies with the whole purebred thing, but there are so many dogs that need homes not because of their own mistakes, but because humans were irresponsible in some way.
  • Humans that didn't spay or neuter their pet.
  • Humans that moved away and left their pet at home or in the park (like Opie).
  • Humans that dumped the pets they didn't want in a dumpster (like me, Gomer).
  • Humans that thought having a pet would be fun and not taking the time to properly train or interact with them.

Or, even humans that couldn't afford their pet... although this one she can accept a little more since you never know what might come up in life.

Here's a listing of all the rescue organizations that were at the Twin Cities Pet Expo. Visit one if it's in your heart and pick somebody to provide a forever home to. Or, some of the local shelters are included in the window at the bottom of our blog. (You can click in there and type in your own zip code if you want.)

Rescue Organizations:
A Rotta Love
Adopt A Husky
Animal Ark
Animal Humane Society
Animal Rights Coalition
Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.
Best Pet, Inc. Bird Association (no web site)
Canine Castaways of MN
Cause For Paws, Inc.
Circus Reform Yes!
Companion PAWS
English Springer Rescue of America, Inc.
Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin
Greyhound Pets of America - Minnesota
Heart of MN Great Dane Club
Lifeline Italian Greyhound Rescue
Midwest Border Collie Rescue
Minneaoplis Police K9 Foundation (no web site)
Minnesota Boston Terrier Rescue
Minnesota Boxer Friends
Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
Minnesota Greyhound Rescue
Minnesota Humane Society
Minnesota Sheltie Rescue
Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project, Inc.
Minnesota Valley Humane Society
Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue
New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue
Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption
Northwoods Boxer Rescue
Northwoods Humane Society
Paws Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
Peke-N-Chin Midwest
Pet Haven, Inc. of Minnesota
RAGOM Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota
S.A.F.E. Sanctuary (Save Animals From Euthanasia)
Second Chance Saint Bernard Rescue
Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society
St. Paul-Minneapolis Bulldog Club & Rescue
Top Dog Foundation
The Wildcat Sanctuary
Wildlife Science Center

Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club
NorthStar Great Pyrenees Club
Northstar Rottweiler Club, Inc.
Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club
Animal Ark
Upper Midwest Australian Shepherd Club

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey Look! It's Jennifer!

We've talked about Jennifer before. She lives with Gladys, our favorite bull terrier pageant girl and with Victor, our almost-favorite mixed-breed puppy. Well, actually, we think Victor might be our favorite, but we've never actually met him in dogson yet. But, if he adopted Jennifer and Jason and Gladys, he must be a good dude.

Jennifer used to be our pet sitter when we lived in Plymouth with dogmom. We wuf her! Dogmom says we live too far away now and that's why Randi comes instead. I guess it's true, cuz I don't smell Jennifer any more, except when dogmom came home from the Pet Expo I smelled her a little bit.

Anyways... if you didn't already know the story, we put Jennifer to the biggest pet-sitter tests we could think of... I growled and barked at her and wouldn't let her put my leash on or take me for a walk the first day. Opie did. But then, the next time, I cooperated and Opie ran out the door (before his leash was on)... and made her chase him around the neighborhood for 45 minutes.

Know what? She actually came back anyways. (After some prodding and begging from dogmom!) And, she became our absolute favorite human after that. We didn't always behave, but we tried really hard. Since Dogmom was travelling a lot and worked long hours, we saw Jennifer almost every day back then.

So if you live in Plymouth, MN, and you need somebody to come and take your well-behaved-doggie-selves for a walk while your humans are at work, give Jennifer a call! She owns The Pet Crew and will either come herself or will send one of her special workers to your house to meet the humans and you first. They'll find out your special needs (trust us, you have fewer than we have!) and set up the rules and stuff. You can contact Jennifer and The Pet Crew at

Now, Randi comes. In fact, Randi's coming to take us for a walk today since it's Twotoosday. That means I get two treats and Opie does too. Not really, but I think that I'll propose that to dogmom since I just thought of it.

Wuf Ya!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Benda Photography

This is Jim Benda of Benda Photography in Burnsville, MN. Mr. Benda takes really cool "portraits of pets and their people."

He took our portraits when we were four; we're almost seven now!

DogMom took this picture at the Twin Cities Pet Expo of Mr. Benda holding a picture of himself with his dog, Buster, a 10-year-old a rottweiler-terrier mix!

Also, here's a picture, Tosca, of the portrait (ahem, art) that we have hanging over the fireplace at our house. Mr. Benda took it of us!

DogMom's thinking of taking us back to get more portraits done, since Opie's starting to get grey hair on his snout... but he was such a chicken-dog of the camera flash last time that it took three days with Mr. Benda to get this shot.

What do you think, dogs? Should she take us back and try again?

Wuf Ya!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Yum! More Special Chew Bones!

Hey Tosca - look what we got last night!


Dogmom said that she'd rather have us chewing on these special rawhides from Costco that have liver inside than chewing on her new boots. (Like we'd bother chewing on her boots when we can get chocolate out of the suitcase or Randi's treats out of the microwave.)

See how Gomer eats the middle first? Isn't that funny?

Sometimes, Gomer even opens the fridge door himself sometimes and gets us a carrot off the shelf. Maybe we can teach the Perfect Tosca Collie puppy how to do that so she doesn't have to wait for her mom to dole out food for her.

Oh yeah, by the way, dogmom doesn't like it when we help ourselves... but what's a human to do when she's got us two as roommates?

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Was This Funny?!?

Dogs, I don't think so. But, then again, it did happen to me and my name is Gomer, so it just might be funny. I don't know. You tell me.

DogMom says I have to give you some background. Like the fact that in the morning before dogmom leaves Opie always gets belly rubs and cuddles. And, before we go to bed at night it's my turn to get ear rubs and be her snugbug.

Anyways, Opie didn't seem to want his cuddles this morning. He went back upstairs and jumped on dogmom's bed. (Don't tell her; I don't want to get him in more trouble than he's already in.)

Anyways, that meant, to me at least, that I could horn in on his cuddle time. So, I tested the waters... um, couch, first so to speak. I put my left paw up on the couch. Dogmom didn't say anything. So, I put my right paw on the couch. Dogmom didn't say anything. She was reading that funny new cell phone and pushing buttons with her thumbs.

So, I slid my entire svelte 50-pound body up on the couch next to her and snuggled in really really close. When I was really brave, I turned my head backwards and looked at her upside down. She laughed and started to rub my ears. It felt sooooooo good. I kinda got into that daze phase where you're totally in the moment, know what I mean dogs?

Well, then, not too long after ... my hind end started to slip. Before I knew it, a piece of the couch that she calls the ottoman slipped out from under my tail end and my butt was on the floor but I tried to act like nothing happened and continued to look at her upside down. And, you know what she did?

She laughed out loud. And, she continued to laugh out loud. She laughed so loud and so long that Opie actually left the bed upstairs and came down! Do you know how embarrassing that was? Having him see me all contorted like that?

I don't think it was funny. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Treats for Us!

Look! Look!

Randi came to walk us on Tuesday and she left us some special treats for Valentine's Day. (She wufs us!)
Look where she left them, so that we couldn't eat them all before dogmom came home! Isn't she silly?
We hope all you dogbloggers have a terrific treat-filled Valentine's Day! And, don't forget about all the pals we haven't met yet that are still looking for a home... hope they all find a forever home soon!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Barfed Up Breakfast...

So? What's the big deal, anyways? I ate; I barfed.

You'd think I ate three pounds of chocolate or something. Geesh.

Can you dogs just tell dogmom and Gomer to leave me alone?
Wuf Ya - Opie

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wasted Weekend

We didn't do anything exciting this weekend.

We watched dogmom try to get all evidence that we live here out of the carpet and the bed and the blankets and her clothes. Why does she even bother, that's what we want to know.

Then she left for a while on Saturday. Not as long as when she goes whereever it is she goes during the day most days, but she was gone more than just out to the garage with the garbage and back.

When she came back in, she had lots of food. Food for us. Food for her. Special treats for us. Special treats for her. Carrots that we share, human and dogs. Chew bones for us. That T/D stuff that she gives us as treats. New toothbrushes for us. We each got a new toy -- Gomer got a "gator" and I got a combat star.

Sounds like the right ratio, right? Six things for us; three things for her...
Wuf Ya!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Oops, We Did It Again...

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's So Hard to Be Good

Dogs, we've totally tried to be good boyz for our dogmom since she hasn't forgotten the supposedly big bill she got at the emergency hospital. I mean, come on, we're totally worth it, right?

We've let her toss our new toys (remember the bunny and kitty?) and we run and get them and bring them back... even Opie, who usually just runs and gets it and then tries to lick it to death. Weirdo dog.

We've not pulled anything off the counters or the tables. Of course, that's cuz she took everything off the counters and the tables so there isn't anything to pull off... but that's beside the point.

We've not shredded any more suitcases or eaten any more chocolate since Friday, which is like forever in dog years, right?

We've not unstuffed any blankets looking for birds and only finding feathers.

We've not barked all day when the neighbors stay home from work.

We've been the bestest boyz we possibly can.

So, why did she make such a big deal about us laying on her pillows on her bed today while she was standing in the rain inside the house like she does every day? Geesh. You'd think we did something bad.

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How Quickly They Forget

Wasn't it just days ago that dogmom was praising us for being such good boyz? I mean, come on dogs, what's up with these humans, anyways?

She says there's nothing to write about since we're not getting into mischief. She says she's afraid cuz we've made a New Year's resolution to behave. She comments about how we're not destructive or messy and we behave for Randi and Tory.

Then, we try to make her happy by ripping open a suitcase and eating the chocolate that she obviously left out in the open (well, sort of) for us...

And that doesn't satisfy her either!

Geesh. What's a dog to do?

I think I'll go take a nap.

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What to Do for Chocolate Poisoning

Hi all, DogMom here.

I hope that none of you dogs or your moms, dads, owners or masters have to live through what Gomer, Opie and I went through over the weekend.


If you are a dogmom or dogdad, put the chocolate way out of reach from your pets. Don't assume anything... locked in a suitcase on top of the counter is not a good enough barrier for a motivated dog (like Opie)! Their smellers are 100-1000 times better then ours...

Anyways, here's some advice pulled from several sources on the Internet and from the veterinarian that treated my boyz at the Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services. (Thank you, Dr. Yantes!)

What you should know:
  • Dark chocolate is worse than milk chocolate, because of the higher levels of theobromine.
  • The truly worrisome guideline level of chocolate ingestion for dogs is 1 oz. for every 5 pounds of body weight. This is only a guideline... some dogs have a severe reaction at lower levels; some seem to be able to process more with less reaction.
  • While vomiting and diarrhea are troublesome, the real danger is cardiac arrhythmia and nervous system disorders, including seizures. (Opie's heart rate increased from 84 to 160 in the course of an hour...)

What you need to do:

  • STAY CALM. Not the easiest thing in the world, but if you can stay calm, your pet will stay calmer.
  • Check their pulse. Normal pulse range for dogs is 60-120 beats per minute. If you need help on how to take a dog's pulse, see this site: If the pulse reaches 150 beats/minute for a dog Gomer & Opie's size (50 pounds), call the vet and get them to the hospital.
  • Induce vomiting. Get as much of the chocolate out of their system as quickly as you can to reduce the effects. You can use syrup of ipecac (available at pharmacies), which you should have on hand in your medicine chest anyways. If you don't have that, give 1-2 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide every 15 minutes until they vomit. (From experience, I recommend waiting till they vomit after you've given the hydrogen peroxide before you put them in your car...)
  • After vomiting, administer activated charcoal, if you have it on hand... (It is recommended to be part of your poison control kit by several web sites. You may have to hunt for it; I asked my local independent pharmacy to special-order it for me.) Give 1-2 tsp mixed with water to the texture of slurry. If you don't have it on hand... get them to the vet! The charcoal absorbs the toxin and prevents it from getting into their bloodstream and nervous systems.
  • Take them to the vet.

Stuff to have on hand:

Here's another good web site for info...

Good luck and keep your puppies safe!

Until I bark next... DogMom

Monday, February 05, 2007

Chocolate Feast! (Weekend)

Whew! Dogmom remembered that she forgot me at the hospital. I'm exhausted, cuz I didn't get to sleep all night cuz they kept doing stuff to me.

They seemed happy when I finally kept all the black stuff inside my tummy. Weirdo humans.

They seemed relieved when my heart stopped racing like I had been running around the bark park. Weirdo humans.

They seemed relieved when I peed a lot and didn't vomit. Weirdo humans.

Dogmom seemed happy to see me. Something about me learning my lesson and not liking chocolate any more. She shouldn't have bought it for us if she didn't want us to eat it.

She let me ride in the front of the truck on the way home. Good thing, cuz even though she had taken out the rugs that we puked on, it really smelled like a chocolate factory back there. Yuck. She's right, I don't think I'll eat that stuff for a while.

I was really excited to see Gomer, since I wasn't sure what happened to him last night. After we figured out that we're both pretty much ok... except for the queasy stomachs we have from eating so much and then puking it up and then eating the black stuff and puking that up and then being pumped full of fluids and getting a lump like a camel and then peeing that out... I mean, I guess we're ok.

Dogmom got really anal-retentive again and took everything off of the counters and put it in the cupboards. She wasn't very happy when she realized again that I shredded her new duffle bag... anyways... Gomey and me, we just vegged all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Going to the hospital is exhausting... and I don't recommend it.

Well, really, I don't recommend eating three pounds of chocolate that has nuts and liquor in it. Bad idea. Really bad idea. I'm going back to waiting for the big chew bones with treats hidden inside.

Gomer's still got an upset stomach... he probably should have stayed with me in the hospital instead of going home...

Chocolate Feast! (Friday Night)

Yo... Dog, did I have a night. DogMom was a freakazoid when she saw that Gomer and I ate all that yummy chocolate. I soon figured out why, I guess.

So, she cleaned up the mess from all the wrappers and boxes while we were stuck together in the "room," a.k.a. doggie jail. She seemed more worried than angry now. She took us outside to do our business and dog, it was cold outside. Gomer had a bit of an upset stomach. I felt fine.

But she kept making us stand still and looked at that silver clock on her wrist and held me on the neck or the inner thigh. What was that all about? Anyways, the more she did this, the more I kinda went berserk. It must have been because of her doing that. What else could it be?

I wanted to run around a lot and was breathing really hard and my heartbeat was going faster and faster. She talked to somebody on the phone. Then she made both Gomer and I drink this yucky stuff with bubbles that was hard to swallow. Not a lot of it, but she watched us close and made us all stay in the bathroom upstairs. Then she held my thigh again, looking at that silver clock. Then she gave us some more of the yucky stuff. She talked on the phone again.

I'm feeling really weird now. Like I want to sit down but I can't sit still. And, my heart is racing faster and faster like I just ran around the bark park three times... but I didn't.

Anyways, she seems to be getting more anxious. I mean, she was really weird. She even PRAISED Gomer for puking all over the rug. What's up with that?

Anyways. She took us for a ride in the car. What a dumb thing to do, dogmom! I mean, we just ate our weight in chocolate for dogness sakes. And, you gave us this bubbly stuff to drink. Can you not figure out the outcome? We both upchucked all over the rugs in the back of the truck.

She didn't seem upset about this, but praised us instead. I don't get this; I don't get it at all.

We went to the hospital. The looked us over and also looked at their clocks on their wrists and held our thighs. And, they stuck that little stick up our butt. And they held that cold circle against our chests. At least they were treating us both the same.

Then they took Gomer away. I was worried. I heard him and smelled him on the other side of the door. I cried, but they didn't bring him back right away. What were they doing to him?

I got sick on the floor again. Then they brought Gomer back. It was my turn. He didn't seem too phased by the whole thing, so I went. They tried to get me to eat this black stuff. Yuck. Like I want to eat anything right now. Didn't she tell them I was full and I just puked my guts out? Anyways, they brought her out to feed me some. I ate a little, but really didn't want it.

Then, they kept squirting it in my mouth. Force-feeding me black stuff. Can you believe it? What's up with that?

But, I showed them. After they took me back into the room with dogmom, I proceeded to upchuck the whole amount onto the floor. Ha!

Dogmom was really worried. She talked to the doctor some more. I wish I knew what they were talking about. Anyways, I think the gist of it was that Gomer gets to go home, but I have to stay at the hospital. If I can't keep down the black stuff, I could get even more sick. How could I possibly feel more sick than I do right now? Something about my heart rate being too fast for too long and possible seizures. Geesh.

Know what? Dogmom actually left without me! Took Gomer and left me there. I was scared and alone and afraid she would forget I was there...

I had to eat some more black stuff. They gave me some "ace" (that mean's I'm #1, right?), to calm me down. That worked a little bit. They pumped me full of fluids, which made me have to pee. They kept checking my thigh with the clock all night.

I started feeling a little better. I heard dogmom talking to the doctor on the phone. It's way past my bedtime... and I just want to go home. But, instead, I fall asleep in the cage with the blanket that smells like somebody else...

Chocolate Feast! (Friday)

So, we knew that dogmom brought us some special treats from her trip to Vegas. We just knew she did. I mean, how could she not?

But, she kept forgetting to give them to us. We could smell them. They were right there, in that duffle bag up on top of the counter. That blue one, yep, that one. The treats are in there taunting us. Such good smells. Not like the Hershey kisses on top of the fireplace, unh-uh. This was really good stuff.

So, anyways, we didn't get them all day Thursday, thinking she must want to give us the surprise herself.

And, we waited just as long as we could on Friday. But then, the taunting from the blue bag was just too much for us. We dragged it off the counter. Hmmm... it doesn't seem to have any openings. What a dilemma...

Oooh, oooh, that smell. Can't you smell that smell?

So, we decided to try harder. Yeah, that must be the plan. It's like those Kong toys that you have to work really hard to get the treat. Yeah, that must be it. So we bit the bag. And we tore at it with our paws. This must be why she didn't trim our nails this week. Yeah, that must be it. She WANTS us to tear the bag open and get the treats.

Hey, it's working! We've got a hole. Gotta make it bigger. The box won't come out. Hey... there's more than one box! Wow! We've got the best mom ever. She not only gets us special treats and makes it a game to get them... she gets us each TWO boxes!

Lid comes off easy. Wait, what's this? There's some kind of film over the chocolate. I can see right through it, but licking it doesn't work. Ah, the nails again. Yeah, good idea Gomer!

Yum! All kinds of chocolate! Different kinds of nuts... whoa, that tastes funny... but good. What do you think that is, Gomer? Wait! That one's mine! I was just asking a question!

Let's get the second box. Yeah, yum! And the third box. Hmm... I'm getting kinda full. And, I'm not so sure I feel so good. Here comes DogMom! Let's go thank her!

Uh-Oh. She doesn't seem so happy about this. In fact, she seems very angry and upset. Maybe these treats weren't for us after all. Yeah, dogmom, I'll happily go to jail right now...

Wuf Ya - Opie

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Good to Be Home!

Hi, Opie here. Gomer's too exhausted to post today from all our days of fun at Dog Pad. It's really tiring to be good boyz for Tory and Mike, specially for us two...
Anyways, I'm lounging now, too, but wanted to let you know that we're back. (Did you notice in the picture that I have Gomer's bunny?!?)

I was so totally excited yesterday... first, to see dogmom and to ride in the truck with her. I was licking her neck and standing with my front paws on the console between the front seats and sticking my neck way out far like a turtle and looking out the front window, just in case she forgot where she was supposed to be going. She didn't like me licking the front window so much... but I was just telling her, subtly, that she needed to wash it so I could see better.

Anyways, when we got home, I was even more excited. I couldn't contain myself any longer.

I tucked my hind legs under myself with my feet up by my head and my front paws pointing off in a "V" shape in front of me for balance and I bounced around and sorta ran but mostly hopped like a bunny in funny concentric circles all around the living room and dining room for several minutes. Dogmom really wanted to get a picture of me doing this, but I'm way to fast and all she can capture is the carpet after I've moved again.

Then, I'd stop and look at dogmom and bark and start the whole thing all over again. After about six or seven times, I collapsed on the floor, laying on my side, with my legs sticking straight out. I was sooooooooo happy to be home.

Gomer was happy, too, but he just spread himself out like a frog-dog on the floor and watched me go crazy...

Wuf Ya - Opie

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Be Da Bestest Boyz!

So, we're still playing at Dog Pad this morning and we're so excited, cuz we think DogMom is going to come and get us today and take us home. It seems like the right amount of time.

We're really excited, cuz we think we've been the absolute bestest boyz ever for Tory and Mike this time...
  • I (Gomer) didn't growl at anybody for trying to pay too much attention to me, especially the new girl.
  • Opie hasn't jumped the fence even one time!
  • Opie didn't get snarky with anybody because he didn't want to go inside and take his "going home today" bath.

Ok, well, we weren't both perfect... ahem, although I was... since Opie pee'd all over his t-shirt after Tory put it on him since he was cold.

Anyways, we were really good boyz this time and we can't wait for dogmom to come get us so that Tory can tell her and she'll be all excited and, you know what?

I bet we'll get one of those special chew bones when we get home!

Wuf Ya! (Oh, yeah, and we're really glad to be back blogging again!)