Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Be Da Bestest Boyz!

So, we're still playing at Dog Pad this morning and we're so excited, cuz we think DogMom is going to come and get us today and take us home. It seems like the right amount of time.

We're really excited, cuz we think we've been the absolute bestest boyz ever for Tory and Mike this time...
  • I (Gomer) didn't growl at anybody for trying to pay too much attention to me, especially the new girl.
  • Opie hasn't jumped the fence even one time!
  • Opie didn't get snarky with anybody because he didn't want to go inside and take his "going home today" bath.

Ok, well, we weren't both perfect... ahem, although I was... since Opie pee'd all over his t-shirt after Tory put it on him since he was cold.

Anyways, we were really good boyz this time and we can't wait for dogmom to come get us so that Tory can tell her and she'll be all excited and, you know what?

I bet we'll get one of those special chew bones when we get home!

Wuf Ya! (Oh, yeah, and we're really glad to be back blogging again!)

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