Friday, June 29, 2007

10K - Through the First Turn!


Yay! We've got all kinds of dogs... rescue dogs and Perfect dogs and purebred dogs and geesh, don't get me started on the breed name... running in the DogsAyeView 10K. You guys and gals are HOT! By the way... we've even had a hampster and some koi fish participate! No cats yet... but we think they're just waiting to pounce on us at the end.

Since several dogs asked... here's Opie's story about how he hurt his tail (it's about half-way down on that day's post):

Anyways... we thought just in case you needed some motivation in the DogsAyeView 10K to get you on to the half-way mark... here are some deer and bunnies that were in the wetlands behind our house this morning... you can chase 'em!

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now Just a Dog-Gone Minute!

Dogs! I've got a bone to pick here. And it just won't wait until the DogsAyeView 10K is over. OK?

Now, here's my beef.

Dogmom came home at lunchtime today and she let Gomer & me outside to do our business, like she always does. Then, she got us each a Haleigh treat (remember the girl in Ohio makes them for us from scratch?). Anyways. We do our business and we get a Haleigh treat and then, know what?

Dogmom puts a leash on Gomer and tells me to stay. Apparently, he gets to go some place and I have to stay home? What's up with that?

So, I'm working really hard on the whole listening-better-so-I-don't-get-in-trouble thing. No, really, I am. Ok, maybe I'm not ..., but that's not the point.

The point is... Gomer got to go to see Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing and I didn't. Hmmmph.

Something about having to get his tooth checked (which I, like, totally don't understand since the tooth isn't even there any more!) and his funky-fungal tail checked. Double hmmmph.

Know what else? I know he got hugs and treats while he was there. I could smell 'em.

What did I get?
(Well, besides an hour and a half with the house to myself...)
What did I get,
JUST LOOK what the she did to my tail!

All because I left a few bloody-tail-swish marks on the patio blinds.

Geesh. You all better really start posting comments and clicking the purple button and telling your friends about our blog this week. Cuz the dogmom and Gomer, they really gotta pay, now!

Wuf Ya - Opie

The DogsAyeView 10K continues...

Ok... gig's up.

Dogmom was looking at her Google Analytics page last night and she wondered why there was a spike on our blog... so she finally read our blog yesterday and knows exactly what we're up to... and know what, dogs? She thinks it's a great idea and she wishes she had thought of it! (Opie says he knew she would... but I wasn't so sure myself... but then dogmom reminded us that she DID think of it!)

Anyways, she's really glad all our dogbloggin buddies are spreading the word. She said that so far, though, she anticipates that we'll be "under budget" for what she expected she would have to dole out. Can you believe that, dogs? She doesn't think we're spending her money fast enough.
'Course that just means more treats for us in the end. And then she'll start back on her, "Gomer, you're getting fat again" and "Opie, where is that greyhound tummy you used to have?" Now, dogs, we don't want that... 'cuz it means less food in our bowls and fewer treats and chew bones and more walks. Well, the more walks is ok, but the less food is a real hunger pain, ya know?

So, get busy and keep barking the news and pawing 'round your keyboards. We've got lots of work to do here!

See... here's our pawprints as proof we're helping!

First one is Opie's... and then Gomer's (really hairy feet!)...

And, here's our family "paw"trait!

Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dogs' Aye View 10K Continues...

Ok, dogs... we've passed the first kilometer mark in the First Annual Dogs' Aye View 10K. We're doing great so far so just keep running around the keyboard and telling all your friends!

In case you don't know what we're talking about ... see yesterday's post at for an explanation.

Um... we think dogmom knows something's up now... cuz she's getting lots of emails and Google says we're getting lots of visitors. (KEEP IT UP!) Anyways... she said to post our appreciation on the blog and that she'll eventually answer all the emails individually... but it might take her a while, so try to be patient!

We wuf all you dogs (and even the kitty cats that posted yesterday!).
Rescues Rule!
Um... and so do the perfect purebreds (ahem, that includes you, Tosca!)...

Dogmom said she'll do a formal update at the 5K mark about the number of visitors and comments and purple-button-clickers and link-backs. Keep puttin' those paw-prints all over the world-wide-web!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dogs' Aye View 10K

Hey Dogs!

Dogmom planned to do this big to-do [snicker] for our Dogs' Aye View anniversary, which is this Friday, June 29th. Almost one year ago we started writing our blog!

Anyways, dogmom is kind of a statistician... and she predicted that sometime later this week our hit counter on our blog would register our 10,000th visitor. Well, you guys tricked her and sometime during the night last night the ticker turned over 10,000! We're sitting here grinning and smiling and wagging our tails, cuz she's so freaked out that she missed it. Silly human.

Anyways, dogmom planned to do this on Friday, but in honor of all our dogblog buddies that keep coming and reading our blog, she's posting it today ...

We wanna make pawprints all over the world and celebrate our success by giving back to the people who helped to rescue us and those who work hard every day to rescue other animals from the streets or from bad situations. So, will you enter the Dogs' Aye View 10K and help us out? It's simple... just run around your keyboard ...

  • For every visitor* to the blog over the next 10 days (from Tuesday, June 26 till Friday, July 6), dogmom is going to donate 10 cents to Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary, where she adopted us!
  • But wait, there's more! She's going to donate another 10 cents for everybody that posts a comment to our blog ... about anything ... to Southwest Metro Animal Rescue, located in Chaska where we live, since they have the same no-kill philosophy about domesticated animals.
  • But wait, there's more! If you tell us in your comment that you also clicked the purple button (upper left side of our blog, under our picture... or this link) The Animal Rescue Site on our blog to help feed shelter animals ... then she's going to donate another 10 cents to EACH of these fine organizations -- Friends For Life, SWMAR and The Animal Rescue Site.
  • And, if you post a blurb and a link on YOUR blog that tells everybody and links back to us -- then she's going to donate a whole dollar (!) to the animal rescue group of your choice if you email her their information at
Got it? Four different ways to spend our dogmom's money for a good cause. We know it's a lot to remember... but we also know all the smart dogs that read our blog. Tell your dog-friends and cat-friends and even your humans - ahem, and yourselves - how much we appreciate your reading and participating in our blog over the past year and in the future. Come on, dogs! Let's organize our pack and let the pawprints be seen worldwide!

Wuf Ya !
Gomer & Opie

Here are some links:

Here's the fine print...

  • *We'll use Google Analytics to determine the number of visitors between midnight on June 26 and 11:59 p.m. on July 6.
  • All comments posted between now and 11:59 p.m. on July 6 count toward the SWMAR donation.
  • Since there's no way for us to know if you did or not, you have to tell us if you clicked the purple button ... and hopefully, you'll click the purple button at the top of their page to actually donate free food to shelter animals.
  • Don't forget to email dogmom at an tell her if there is a link on your site telling your friends about our race... and your favorite rescue's information so she can get them the money. She's only human, and may not see everybody's blog in time!

Monday, June 25, 2007

We Were Tagged by Casey and Peanut!

Our new dog-blog buds, Casey and Peanut at, tagged us in the friendship tag game. (Thanks, Casey and Peanut!) For friendship tag, you have to list seven random facts or habits about yourself.

Here are our 7 random facts / habits:
1. Dogmom, a.k.a. Trish, started this blog to show people she works with how easy it is.

2. Dogs' Aye View is written primarily in the voice of Gomer, the Lab/Beagle/Cocker/Whippet/Pug mix. Opie, the Beagle/Chihuahua/Am.Staff/Poodle mix, occasionally chimes in with his hound howl.

3. Dogmom has lived in something like 20 cities in 5 states and three countries. We've only lived in three cities in two states since she adopted us.

4. Dogmom loves sashimi and sushi, just like Casey and Peanut's mom and dad.

5. Dogmom used to travel for her job (a lot!) but now likes to travel for the fun of it.

6. We're renting where we live now and wish we could afford a few acres or hobby farm in Minnesota.

7. We think we get to go to Ohio with Dogmom in a couple of weeks!

OK. Those are our seven things.

Now, we tag these dog-blog buddies:

Wimsey (

Tosca (

Peanut the Army Dog (

Amy, Bala and Shankar (

Ike (

Pippa and Kate (

Dora and Liza (

The Rules:
  • Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules.

  • You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.

  • Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's June... Meet Joon! (And Benny, too!)

Hi Dogs. In the interest of full disclosure for your owners and masters and humans, we feel very strongly that we should warn you in advance that if you are predisposed to going berzerk or crazy or just plain wanting to chase uncontrollably when you see kitty cats, well, you should shut down your browser or at least go look at another blog today. Dogmom suggests you visit any of the ones listed under our "Dog-Blog Buddies" list on the left.

It's ok. We won't judge. Just come back and visit us again this weekend or on Monday.

See, 'cuz dogmom got an email from our long-lost Arizona neighbor last night. We wuf Vivian and Don. Dogmom bought the house next door to theirs when Floppy was still living with her. And then he died and then she and Jennifer found me in the dumpster and took me to Friends For Life and then I lived with my foster-mom Keiko and then dogmom adopted me. And then I lived next to Vivian and Don, too. And then, a year later, Opie came to live with us. But that's not all really related to June and Joon.

So what?, you say? Well, Vivian and Don like to eat meat. Yep. Just like us dogs. But not just any kind of meat... well, yes, they do... but mainly they like to eat the kind of meat that humans buy at the store that still has the bones attached to it. Like steak... and pork chops... and hams...

Hey. Stop that drooling all over the keyboard!

Anyways, another thing we liked about Vivian and Don is that they had Benny. Benny was a little tiny kitten when we first met. Ok, well, to be honest he seemed as big as a great big grey tiger to me and I was kind of afraid of him. But, mostly he just played in his yard and I played in my yard and we looked at each other through the gate and all was well.

Then, Opie came to live with us and he kept jumping the six-foot block-wall fence and playing with Benny and chasing him and running around. And then we moved away to Minnesota and then Benny got Joon because he miss-ted Opie and me so much.

Anyways. I digress. But we really miss-ted our best kitty-cat buddies and know what? Vivian just sent dogmom this picture of them!

See why we like them?

They're bootiful.

And they play fetch and hide-and-seek and like to lay out in the sun like us and watch their dogmom ... um... catmom work on the computer and they are really great cats!

Wuf Ya! - Gomer

FYI - Granddogmom is going to either be transferred to the rehab hospital or sent home today!

1:43 p.m. CST - Uh-oh. Granddogmom is gonna be upset, 'cuz she has to stay overnight at the hospital one more time. She'll be able to go home (not to rehab hospital) on Saturday. She said it's ok... but she wishes she could get some sleep... it's impossible to sleep at the hospital.
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sicko Updates...

Dogmom talked to granddogmom on the phone last night and she seemed more kinda relieved after that. She said granddogmom told her she was going home tomorrow (today), but dogmom said probably not. Auntie Ann said that granddogmom would be released from ICU today, but probably wouldn't go home till Saturday or Friday. She's doing a lot better and her heart isn't slow or low or stopping any more.

Oh, yeah, and dogmom said to tell you that I'm doing much better with my tummy troubles. I've been eating hamburger and rice and taking my medication for the funky fungus on my tail and the medicine for my upset tummy, too. Things are shaping up, so to speak. But Tory told dogmom that I acted weird at daycare on Wednesday and didn't seem to want to play ball or swim in the pools like I usually do. I pretty much just laid down on the side of the yard and watched everybody. I don't think I'll do that tomorrow when I go back, though.

Oh yeah, and dogmom said to tell you that Opie's tail is getting better, too. If he would just stop whipping it around and back and forth and hitting it on the wall and making it bleed again. Then everything would be much better with his tail. But, we've given up on that idea pretty much and she just covers it with a Band-Aid.

Wuf Ya!
(Oh yeah, and dogmom needs a vacation from all of us...)

Oops... and, thanks to Pippa and Kate for reminding us we haven't said much about Ian lately... he's in Colorado at Craig Hospital for rehab. He's working hard at everything they throw at him and seems to be making progress, though he gets frustrated at times. You can catch updates from his mom at Since she's back in Bismark, she doesn't post every day... but posts when there is news from Ian.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

GrandDogMom and Paw Prints

Hi Dogs! Thanks for all the good wishes for our granddogmom. Uncle Danny called last night really late after he went to see her at the hospital. He said that her heart stopped a couple of times yesterday but the staff at the hospital is on top of things and taking good care of her.

He said she went up to heaven to see granddogdad and he told her he was busy playing golf and she should come back down for a while longer. [Dogmom says you have to understand the weird humor of her family...]

Anyways, dogmom is stressed out about all the sicko's in the family (I think she means us, too) and the fact that she lives so far away from Ohio right now.

So, we decided to share something completely different...

See the perfect pawprint that Opie made on the patio today?

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grand-Dogmom's Getting a New Knee Today!

So, we decided to take a break from telling you all about our doggie woes like caught-in-the-door-tail tales and tummy troubles. We'll be fine, although we've learned to milk these situations as much as we possibly can... 'cuz we never know when there'll be another one.

["Yeah, right," says dogmom.]

Anyways, we thought we'd dedicate our post today to our grand-dogmom. You know, the one that had a birthday just two weeks ago? She got up at what was practically the middle of the night -- of course, since she's related to US -- to go to the hospital so she could get a new knee. See, in human years, she's older both of us and dogmom added together. But, in dog years, she's nowhere close to that old. It's so confusing. I need a nap.

Anyways... grand-dogmom is having surgery today to get a new knee. I think that's what it is. They're going to replace the old one, whatever that is. That way, she'll be able to walk better ... 'specially when Pooh Bear comes to visit her. She's in surgery right now and should be done in another half hour or so. Dogmom is waiting to hear how it went. We'll let you know when we find out.

We're sending doggie licks and kisses right over to the hospital. Meanwhile... about that nap.

Wuf Ya!

UPDATE - 10:00 a.m. - Granddogmom is out of surgery and all went well. They discovered that she actually was NOT a candidate for a partial replacement, so are happy that they decided in advance to do the full joint replacement. During surgery, they also discovered a small tear on the ACL, which was likely causing her knee to buckle on her, and they repaired that.

Siti is in recovery and will likely be ordering everybody in the hospital around really soon...
Wuf Ya!

UPDATE - 10:45 a.m. - Granddogmom has been transferred to ICU for observation. Her blood pressure has fallen "dangerously low," which they say happens sometimes. She is still pretty groggy, but awake and aware. Dogmom thinks it's probably a good thing that she opted for the spinal instead of general anesthesia. The cardiologist will be in to see her soon. We'll keep you posted on what we hear.
Wuf Ya!

UPDATE - 4:20 p.m. - The cardiologist checked on granddogmom and gave her some different medication for her nausea that should also help to get her heart rate and blood pressure back up to normal. She thought that perhaps it is a reaction to the morphine and that she shouldn't have that again if she ever goes back for surgery. Dogmom's sister works at the hospital, so she's been keeping a good eye on everybody today. We really 'preciate that.

Auntie Ann (who works at the hospital) said granddogmom should sleep really well tonight and will likely feel a lot better tomorrow.
Wuf Ya!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Feelin' a Little Queasy

Hi Dogs.

I'm feeling a bit queasy today, so I'm at home resting while dogmom is working and Opie is playing at Dog Pad again.

My tummy has been queasy since Saturday morning. I blew out my breakfast, you might say, all over the yard ... and lost my cookies, too. Then dogmom took me outside more often and all seemed to be getting better.

I woke her up three times in the middle of the night to go outside. But, the fourth time, she didn't wake up in time so I splatted poo all over the new rug in the laundry room. [THAT woke her up, hee hee.]

Then, Sunday morning, I went outside after breakfast and promptly deposited it on the lawn so that Opie could try to eat it for me. I just don't even care at this point.

So, Opie got to go to Dog Pad today and dogmom took some of my poo in a bag to Dr. Kelso to have him test it. He called and said "No parasites," so I guess that is good news.

Dogmom also talked to Sharon, the CVT at Pet Crossing, about whether the medication I'm taking for the funky fungal infection on my tail (ketokonazole) might be causing the V&D. It is a side effect of the medication, but dogmom thinks it is odd that I've been taking it for two weeks now and just got sick this weekend. She keeps asking me what I got into and I just look at her (like in the picture).

Anyways, I think I'm going to get some hamburger and rice out of it, so don't worry! And they said to give me some Pepcid AC, too, whatever that is... I hope it tastes good!

Wuf Ya! - Gomer

Friday, June 15, 2007

We Were Too Busy to Post Today...

Can you imagine? Dogmom didn't tell us that we were gonna get to go to Dog Pad again today and play with Tory and all the day care dogs.

We were really good boys again for Tory. We wuf it there.

She told dogmom about how I laid down in one of the pools and just floated for a while. I was a happy happy dog.

Even Opie was a good boy today. He got to run around with his 30 ft. leash, not even tied to the tree, since he wasn't looking at the fence like he wanted to jump it.

Wuf Ya! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dog Names and Personality

So, dawgs, does your name fit your personality? Did you get your name because of your personality? Or, did you get your name before you really had a personality of your very own?

Dogmom found this site ... that describes us dogs based on our names. She would happily give credit to the site's developer, writer, owner... but she couldn't find any information on the site on under "WhoIs" other than it is held by a company in Scottsdale, AZ called DomainsByProxy. So if anybody has some more information, please let us know, K?

She thought that our descriptions fit us pretty well, all things considered.

What do you think?

Gomer falls into the 'Four' group of dog names. 'Fours' live on an internal clock so regular you can almost use them to tell the time. Whether it's mealtime, playtime, or bedtime, the 'Four' dog name lives for his schedule and will let you know if you're causing him to deviate from it. Don't get me wrong, it's actually really great. You can't appreciate the love of regular schedules that a 'Four' dog name has until you're on your sixth trip around the park with your 'Five' dog name in the middle of January waiting for him to 'do his duty'. The downside to that is that breaking their schedule too often can make them cranky, and you know a cranky dog will find a way of making that fact clear to you.

When it comes to personality expressions, Gomer falls into the 'Two' group of dog names. People and other dogs will get the impression that Gomer is easygoing and able to get along with just about anyone or anything. They'll get the feeling that your dog is cooperative - a peacemaker concerned with keeping harmony within his family group.

Gomer falls into the 'Two' group of dog names for soul urge or inner desire expressions. Internally, 'Two' dog names like Gomer want to build friendships and companionship. They are unconcerned with leading the pack, they are focused on working with their pack members in the effort to make the pack as strong as it can be. They will go out of their way to help a pack mate in need and are the first to help defuse any tense situations that might arise

The positive aspects of 'Two' dog names like Gomer show up as devotion and sensitivity to the needs of others. They're usually quiet and make close, loving companions for the family and other household pets. The negative side might show itself as timidity or having their feelings to easily hurt.

Opie falls into the 'Nine' group of dog names. 'Nines' are impossible to pin down because controlled by some mysterious force, 'Nine' dog names will behave like any one of the other eight expressions depending on what strikes them as appropriate. Like careful shoppers, 'Eight' dog names will work their way through different traits, picking and choosing the bits that seem to work for them until they've matured.

When it comes to personality expressions, Opie falls into the 'Seven' group of dog names. People and dogs will see your dog Opie as being quiet and introspective. 'Seven' dog names like Opie will seem to be more comfortable in periods of solitude and escaping the distractions of the social world. 'Seven' dog names like Opie certainly seem to enjoy daydreaming alone in some secluded spot than mixing it up with other dogs or people.

Opie falls into the 'Two' group of dog names for soul urge or inner desire expressions. Internally, 'Two' dog names like Opie want to build friendships and companionship. They are unconcerned with leading the pack, they are focused on working with their pack members in the effort to make the pack as strong as it can be. They will go out of their way to help a pack mate in need and are the first to help defuse any tense situations that might arise

The positive aspects of 'Two' dog names like Opie show up as devotion and sensitivity to the needs of others. They're usually quiet and make close, loving companions for the family and other household pets. The negative side might show itself as timidity or having their feelings to easily hurt."

Sound like us? Or, not?

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're back... we're tired... Opie hurt his tail...

posted by Opie today...
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... snortle................. snort ................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Dogs... Dog Pad wears us out. We're zonkered. Beat. Dog tired.

We were asleep in the car before dogmom hit the highway on the way home... and after we got home, we looked like this for three hours...

But, we'll be back to normal real soon.

Oh, yeah... Tory said to dogmom (we heard her even without our super-dog hearing) that WE were complete ANGELS at Dog Pad this weekend. For four days.

Ok. So Gomer had to wear a bark collar for screaming at Tory cuz he knew dogmom was on her way. But, for the most part he was really really good.

And, I didn't even look at the fence with the idea of jumping it. Can you imagine that? I played in the yard and I chased the balls and I ran in the pool and I dragged the big rope around the yard. But I didn't try to jump the fence. That seemed to make Tory really happy. 'Specially since so many other dogs weren't on their bestest behavior this time.

Anyways. We're really happy that dogmom is home and she came to pick us up and take us back home with her. Even though we like Dog Pad best, there's no place like home.

[Dogmom says we need some ruby slippers.]

Oh, yeah. And when I was leaving, I darted out the door really fast. But dogmom was holding my leash and the door closed in between us. I yelped and I cried and I howled. She thought I was just complaining because I couldn't get into the truck and was stuck on the other side of the door. But, know what?

MY TAIL WAS CAUGHT IN THE DOOR!!! I was stuck. So, I pulled really hard and I pulled my tail free. In the process, I pulled some skin and hair off. Now I've got a holy tail. [snicker snicker] Dogmom says holy terror describes me better... whatever that means.

Really, it hurt. I jumped in the truck, but I was so happy that we got to go home that my tail wagged around in circles, as it is wont to do... I can't control it when it does that. Round and round like a fan. In the meantime, I sprayed some blood round and round like a fan spraying water in a circle. Dogmom got in the truck and kind of freaked out cuz there was blood on the windows in the front of the truck. She was trying to figure out where it was coming from... but since now Gomer and I had our faces by hers, she couldn't see it... meanwhile, I sprayed the blood around the back of the Explorer.

When we got home, she figured it out. By that time, I forgot that I hurt my tail... silly humans freak out at the smallest things. Something about just having the truck detailed and now having to do it again. Don't have any idea what that means. Anyways, since I kept wagging off the vet-wrap bandage she made... she put a big Band-Aid on it. Goofy human.

Anyways... we're still zonked and beat and dog tired... so we'll post a better post tomorrow. Promise.

Wuf Ya! - Opie

Friday, June 08, 2007

We're Goin' Back to Dog Pad!

Dogmom is going away this weekend to see Auntie Dawn (not Ginger) and Auntie Brenda (not Bailey) and Auntie Ann (not Charm and Mollie) and Siti Louise (no Pooh Bear either!). We don't know why she'd bother seeing all those humans at one time when none of the dogs will be there!

I mean, what's the point of visiting relatives if you aren't going to see the dogs?

Dogmom said something about a girls' weekend away with her sisters and her mom to celebrate grandogmom's birthday. Anyways, because the dogs aren't going, we don't want to go either.

So, we're gonna go to Dog Pad and see Tory again... we'll be back in a few days!

Wuf Ya! -- and we'll miss ya too!
Gomer & Opie

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dog Pad Day Care Wrap-Up

So, dogmom said that we could tell ya that we were good dogs at doggie day care at Dog Pad yesterday with Tory and Mike. For the most part.

I kept trying to rub my basket muzzle off by jumping up on Tory and rubbing my face (well, the mask anyways) all over her.

And, Opie got a little bit defiant with Tory when she stopped him from jumping the fence by startling him. He stopped and turned around and barked and barked and barked and barked at her. Know what? She threatened him with a bark collar. Know what? He still barked at her. Know what else? He had to wear one for a while.


That'll teach him. I only had to wear one once... never again. With Opie, it will probably take another time or two, dogmom says.

Anyways, know what? We must have been pretty good overall, cuz Tory said we can come back again on Friday!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok... so I mentioned (or dogmom did) that I had to wear the dreaded basket muzzle again whenever dogmom isn't around to watch me... so that I don't do something stupid like chew on something hard or run into a wall or try to scratch my stitches out...

That said... there is ONLY ONE THING in this whole crazy scary world that would make me wear this thing on my face AND let dogmom take a photograph of me wearing it AND let me let her post it on the blog so that you all can see it and make fun of me AND actually write about it.

Wanna know what? ...

(Opie says... "Are we there yet?")

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday GrandDogMom!

Today is our granddogmom's birthday! She lives in Ohio where dogmom grew up.

We think it would be fun if everybody who reads our blog today sends our granddogmom an email birthday greeting or posts a birthday greeting as a comment on our blog today. (Granddogmom is, um, older than 75 years old ... so she's older than us! even though she doesn't look like she's old enough to retire yet!) AND, she just got her first email address and computer about a month ago.

So, if you want to send her an email birthday greeting, please identify yourself as one of Gomer & Opie's friends and send it to

Wuf Ya!
Gomer & Opie

Monday, June 04, 2007

All Is Well With Toothless and Jumping Bean...

Hi All!

Gomer did very well in surgery and in recovery, as usual. Now comes the fun part, where he's not allowed to play with his toys or chew on his rawhides or eat crunchy kibbles or cookies or treats for two weeks. Yikes!

Anyways, I'm glad he's good about taking his meds (Rimadyl for pain and Antirobe antibiotic... and an added anti-fungal medication for a fungus infection on his tail and front paws.) Oh well.

That, and he said to tell you the dreaded basket muzzle is back. He hates it, but has to wear it whenever I'm not around to keep an eye on him. I got him a slightly smaller one so maybe he won't chew the straps off this one...

Opie did remarkably well at Dog Pad for doggie daycare without Gomer. We were afraid that he might try to jump the fence or otherwise try to "find" Gomer, but the day was uneventful, thankfully. Silly Tory even invited him back again on Wednesday. ( Grins -- that's for you, Tory, cuz I bet you'll read this!)

Anyways, I get to go home and try to convince Gomer that he can't run and play ball, without making Opie think that he's in trouble... ah, the joys of dogmomhood!

Wuf Ya from Gomer & Opie... they'll be back really soon!

Out of Surgery

Hi all!
Gomer finished his surgery around 11 am and I'm here with him in recovery. He's doing great and only had to have the one broken tooth removed.

He's up and walking around and has had his morphine shot, so he's feeling no pain. When he starts to get an appetite and wants to eat, we'll be able to check out and go home.

Wondering if Opie is behaving at Dog Pad without Gomer...

Thanks. Wuf ya!
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Off to Surgery and Dog Pad!

We know, that sounds like a weird combination for a title... but there are two of us... and even though we do most things together, today we're going to different places!

Gomer is going to Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington to have his broken tooth removed. For those who are interested, he broke the lower left fourth premolar off at the gumline. (Opie here... I think he just likes to have matching sides!)

So, he'll be at the hospital playing with the cats and getting lots of hugs while I'm...

Well... I'M GOING TO DOG PAD!!!!
Yup, Tory's gonna come pick me up at mom's work and I'm gonna go play with all the other dogs and with Tory and with Kim today. Dogmom gave me strict instructions not to jump the fence or be snarky with the other dogs since Gomer won't be there. I'll try to listen...

Anyways, we'll post more later, after Gomer's home from surgery and I'm home from daycare so we can tell you more about how our day went.

By the way, we had a fantabulous weekend playing in the yard and going on car rides with dogmom!

Wuf Ya!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sayin' Our Prayers ...

Ian Sweep, the son of one of dogmom's good friends, was in a car accident on May 15. A lot has happened since then... but here's the short version:

  • Ian is 20 (dogmom thought he was 23 -- he's mature for his young age) years old, a fantabulous chef and was working at the newspaper in Bismark, ND, until he was to leave for the Navy in July.

  • Ian broke three vertebrae in his lower back and one in his neck, along with some bruising to his lung, in the accident.

  • Ivan, the driver, broke his ankle -- but still walked to the next farmhouse to get help.

  • Ian's surgery to repair the broken vertebrae went very well, but he did incur some spinal chord injuries.

  • Ian has been transferred from Bismark, ND, to a spinal rehabilitation hospital (Craig) in Denver, CO, to begin rehabilitation.

We're praying every day for Ian. See? (We're praying for Ivan and his family, too!)

We think that Ian might actually read our blog in between his therapy sessions... so we wanted to post something about him.

If you want to know more - or leave him a message - you can visit his Caring Bridge site at His mom updates it every day with his prayer wishes and his progress.

(Did we make you smile, Ian? Huh, did we?)

Wuf Ya!