Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sicko Updates...

Dogmom talked to granddogmom on the phone last night and she seemed more kinda relieved after that. She said granddogmom told her she was going home tomorrow (today), but dogmom said probably not. Auntie Ann said that granddogmom would be released from ICU today, but probably wouldn't go home till Saturday or Friday. She's doing a lot better and her heart isn't slow or low or stopping any more.

Oh, yeah, and dogmom said to tell you that I'm doing much better with my tummy troubles. I've been eating hamburger and rice and taking my medication for the funky fungus on my tail and the medicine for my upset tummy, too. Things are shaping up, so to speak. But Tory told dogmom that I acted weird at daycare on Wednesday and didn't seem to want to play ball or swim in the pools like I usually do. I pretty much just laid down on the side of the yard and watched everybody. I don't think I'll do that tomorrow when I go back, though.

Oh yeah, and dogmom said to tell you that Opie's tail is getting better, too. If he would just stop whipping it around and back and forth and hitting it on the wall and making it bleed again. Then everything would be much better with his tail. But, we've given up on that idea pretty much and she just covers it with a Band-Aid.

Wuf Ya!
(Oh yeah, and dogmom needs a vacation from all of us...)

Oops... and, thanks to Pippa and Kate for reminding us we haven't said much about Ian lately... he's in Colorado at Craig Hospital for rehab. He's working hard at everything they throw at him and seems to be making progress, though he gets frustrated at times. You can catch updates from his mom at Since she's back in Bismark, she doesn't post every day... but posts when there is news from Ian.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Gomer

Looks like we're all on the road to recovery. Glad to hear that (me included!)

How goes Ian. Shall we pop across & say Hola again?

Ruffs Pippa

Peanut said...

Yeah glad doggrandmom is getting out of ICU that is always a good sign. I am so glad I don't have a tail to beat around and make bleed.