Friday, August 31, 2007

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where Did Checkers Go?

Dogmom said Checkers went back home last night. I don't get it. I thought she was going to live in our bathroom for longer. I miss her already.

Dogmom said she can tell I miss her, I mean, even though I never met her, 'cuz when she left with dogmom last night, well, I kinda went looking for Checkers. First, I ran upstairs and I looked in the bathroom. I looked in all the corners and smelled her everywhere. But, I couldn't find her.

And, I looked inside the purple carrier and I couldn't find her. And, I looked inside the big wire crate; I couldn't find her.

I told dogmom that the bunny was gone. She said that she already knew that. That Checkers went back home to live with Alex and Reed and their parents again. Something about them being back from vacation and missing Checkers. Well, now what? I miss Checkers, too.

Anyways. Dogmom said that we should show you how happy Checkers is to be home.

Here is Checkers with Alex; Alex loves his bunny very much and missed Checkers while he was on vacation with the rest of the family. (Just between us dogs, I think Alex thought that Opie and I might try to make rabbit stew out of his bunny... isn't that silly???)

And, here is Reed giving Checkers a big kiss on the cheek! We think Alex thought that Reed was going to kiss him instead of Checkers...

Dogmom said she likes this picture the best...
And, she thought that you should see the new puppy that Alex and his family brought us! It's sitting on the fireplace, right next to our family portrait that Mr. Benda took!
Wuf Ya!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Laughs and Light Bulbs

So, we're posting twice today because Tosca tagged us the other day and we forgot to post in response. Well, we didn't really forget, but since dogmom does the typing for us, she put that in. Really, what happened, is dogmom is a dufus and she forgot to post for us.

Anyways, since we're both unique-boutique breeds, we decided that we could post something really special, right?

Here goes:

How Opie changes a light bulb...
Opie, if you recall from his DNA test results, is a combination of Beagle, American Staffordshire, Chihuahua and Poodle.

So, that means, according to the joke that Tosca was referring to, that Opie is a cross between blowing in the Border Collie's ear and waiting for his nails to dry and Yo quiero Taco Bulb. But that leaves out the AmStaff and Beagle...

So, here's how Opie changes a light bulb:
After blowing in the Border Collie's ear, and quiero-ing Taco Bulb, he howls to complain that the lights are out and then guards the house so no scary humans or insects or waving grasses come inside.

How Gomer changes a light bulb...
Remember, Gomer is a combination of Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Whippet and Pug -- and we're sure the retest will show some Labrador, too.

So, that means that Gomer is a cross between "Oh, me, me!!! Pleeeeeze let me change the light bulb! Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh? Huh? Can I?" and "Why change it? I can pee on the carpet in the dark." ... But that leaves out the Whippet, Pug and Beagle...

So, here's how Gomer changes a light bulb:
First, I howl in the dark to let you know that the light is out. When, being human, you ignore me ... or simply move too slowly, I'm going to chase the bulb down the stairs. I'll then shake-in-my-paws and stare at it for a while after it lands. After I've peed on it, I'll let you tie a string around it and put it into the socket. I'll then run happily in circles, tightening the bulb, as long as you're holding a special treat in front of my nose. Got it?

There you have it. Any questions?
Wuf Ya

More Checkers!

It's confirmed... there is a live bunny sleeping, eating and hopping around in dogmom's bathroom. See?

Dogmom says she goes home soon.

We don't think that's fair at all, 'cuz we still haven't been able to play with her!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Dogmom Smells!

We don't quite know what to do about it yet.

But, when she goes to the bathroom, she smells like bunny rabbit.
(Yeah, we know, all you dogs that are smarter than us about this stuff told us that Checkers is really a bunny and not a board game.)

Sometimes, when she leaves for the day, she wears scrubby clothes. At least that's what I think she called 'em. Anyways, on those days, she comes home smelling like all kinds of furfriends that we don't know. We smell all different kinds of dogs and all different kinds of cats and even cleaning stuff.

It's driving us crazy, I bark ya.

I mean, why is it that she gets to go play with the animals and smell like them? And, when we smell like all the dogs at Dog Pad, she gives us a bath?

I just don't get it.

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog...

Because dogmom just saw this video and she thinks this is the kind of determination that every pet owner should have toward their pets...

Powered by AOL Video

Apparently, a 14-year old dog went exploring and got stuck in a storm drain. His owner searched for two days and then spent two more days digging to get the dog out.

We think our dogmom would do that... would yours?
(Ok. So, it's a rhetorical question for dog bloggers...)

Wuf Ya!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

So, it's been raining here since Friday. Three days so far and it sure doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

Three days inside the house. Watching the dogmom get out the big green monster... and then the bigger monster that gets the carpets all wet. Worst part about that is dogmom telling us we have to stay off until it's dry. Duh... where are we supposed to lay? On the hardwoods? We don't think so.

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

And then, dogmom put us in the garage while somebody came to visit. Can you imagine the horror? I mean, it sounded like a lot of people... cuz they went in and out and in and out and in and out and in and then out again. We were mad at her for making us stay in the garage. And, know what? When she finally let us back in, all the furniture was messed up in the living room. Our cool leather couch was stuffed in the corner and the loveseat and ottoman were on top of it. How is Opie supposed to sleep with it like that?

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

Furthermore, somebody brought in a whole bunch of new furniture into the living room. But we weren't even allowed on it to smell it or anything. And, it's covered with sheets. Dogmom said they delivered the wrong stuff so we're not allowed on it. I say that's all the more reason to let us on it!

And, we're going to Dog Pad today.

Wuf Ya!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yeah, We're Cool!

Thanks to Johann for letting us know... cuz our dogmom is clueless sometimes and misses things. (Thank dogness for us!)

Anyways, apparently we were nominated as "Cool Dog Site of the Day" back on July 31. Can you believe it? Well, ok. At the risk of sounding like a standard poodle... we can...

Anyways, see? Here's our sticker:
But - it looks like you can vote for us to make us the cool dog site of the month! How cool would that be? Huh?
Click here to vote for us!
It looks like you can vote once per day per email address. So, vote lots and lots, ok? Be sure to select us from the list - we were the cool site for July 31 - the very last on the list...
But you're all gonna make us first, right?
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cubby! We Got Rabbit Pooh!

Ok. So, the truth is ... well ... dogmom still won't let us in the bathroom where the bunny is living. She says she doesn't trust us. US! Can you believe that? I mean, I think we should go pout.

Huh? Oh, yeah. We were talking about the rabbit pooh. We're pretty easily distracted these days, what with traveling and then staying at Dog Pad and then going to doggie day care at Dog Pad and then the bunny coming to live with u...

Huh? Oh, yeah. Rabbit pooh. Dogmom went in the bathroom this morning and we heard her say, "How does that much pooh come out of something as small as you, Checkers?"

Know the worst part, dogs? We STILL didn't get to go into the bathroom!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It IS a Bunny!

You're right, dawgs! It IS a bunny in dogmom's bathroom.

We're still not sure why we're not allowed in there. But so far, it's ok.

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sightings of the Smells...

Ok. So, we're at Dog Pad today. But, before we left we caught some glimpses of that new smelly thing in dogmom's bathroom. Dogmom didn't want us to look, but I ran into the bathroom really quick and ran back out.

Dogmom goes in there and closes the door and then we hear her saying stuff like, "Good girl, Checkers!" and "Come on out, Checkers..." but these pictures don't look anything like the little round things that Opie chewed up when he first came to live with us.

Can you help us figure this out? - Wuf Ya!

Stormy and Smelly at Our House

Well, there were boomies again last night. Dogmom said we didn't have too many, but it seemed like a lot to us. She said some people had a lot of boomies and hail and rain - more than we did. I think we had enough.

Anyways, that smell is still in our house. We seem to have localized it in dogmom's bathroom. You know, the one where Opie usually hides in the bathtub during the storms? Well, he couldn't hide in there last night cuz the doors were both closed. So he hid under the bed instead.

That meant I had to hide in the laundry room.

Anyways, the smell is still there and dogmom seems to go in there and close the door and start talking to herself now - more than she ever did before. We think she's lost it.

We'll keep you posted. But first, we get to go to Dog Pad today to play!
Wuf Ya!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dogmom's Back and Something Smells...

So, Dogmom must have had fun in Milwaukee at the wedding and with all the cousins and her mom and her brother and her sister and her brother-in-law that went there from Ohio. Cuz she came and got us at Dog Pad today.

We were really glad. First, she had the bad blogger guy that stole her content and made her mad and not feel like playing with us. Then, she had to get ready for the trip and study and turn in her homework and take us to Dog Pad.

While we were there, there was a big storm and it blew some trees down and threw ice balls at the Dog Pad building and Tory's house. We were kind of scared. Tory and Mike came and checked on us when the lights went out and asked Opie if he needed some of his Alprazolam. He said he didn't and just curled up on MY bed with me. But we're really glad that he's getting over his phobia of thunder a little bit more each time it comes.

Anyways, all the dogs kind of got quiet and watched out for each other so Tory could go back into her house and take care of her 5 dogs and her hubby Mike.

When the storm stopped, there were several trees down and lots of leaves all over everywhere and some branches laying around. And, the big noisy door at the kennel that you could drive a truck through if you wanted to kinda leaked a little bit. And the yard was really wet and had puddles and the fence fell down in a couple of places. But, everydog and Tory and Mike are all ok.

It was an exhausting time, let me tell ya... we're glad dogmom picked us up so we can get some sleep! In fact, we're really to tired to investigate the funny-smelling towels and blanket that dogmom brought in with her. We'll have to sniff it out some more tomorrow and let you know what we find out.

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Uh-Oh... DogMom's Furry-Us!

No, it's not because of something we did.

AAARRRRGGGH! My blog has been pirated and content is appearing on another blog, WITHOUT PERMISSION. Not only are they stealing my content, photos, etc., but they are neither attributing it to me nor are they linking back to me. I'm furious!

They obviously aren't true dog-bloggers. Everybody we've met through Dogs With Blogs ( or ChazHounds ( or My-Dog-Blog ( is ethical and post LINKS or request permission to post stuff from my blog.

A quick scan of their tag links on their site showed 16 of my posts - copied word for word - stating it was posted by TAPhillips, with no other attribution or any reference to my blog, address or email. These guys are nothing more than content aggregators, who steal content from other people's blogs and web sites for the sole purpose of deceiving Google AdSense into believing their blog has more traffic than it does. Argh!

I do NOT want to drive more traffic to their site, so here is the offending site address (disabled link):

I've contacted Google Adsense, Blogger, Wordpress (his blog software) and (his domain seller) and the blog owner (There is no contact page on his blog... so I had to get the info from Let's see if I get any response from any of them.

See? She's livid... so I gotta be quick. We're off to Dog Pad today cuz dogmom says she's off to Milwaukee for cousin Maria and Joern's wedding. Good riddance if you ask me. Hope she's in a better mood when she gets back!

Oh yeah, and the dogmom said that we gotta thank Jason (at and JuJu ( for bringing the piracy to our attention... and thanks to Tosca's mom ( for advising her about what to do exactly to try to stop it!

Wuf Ya!

We Got News!

Well, not really... but made ya look!

... If ya wanna watch Opie come without craning your neck sideways... thanks to Johann, dogmom figured out how to change the video! Click here:

... Gomer's still gimping. Dogmom thinks the only reason he is putting any weight on his right leg is because of the Rimadyl ...

... Opie got to go to Dog Pad by himself again yesterday. Tory said he doesn't even act like he knows that Gomer isn't there ...

... Dogmom got a job offer from Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington. We wuf Dr. Kate! Dogmom wants to do it cuz she'll learn a lot and the extra money will help pay for her classes. But she still has to work full-time at the paper to pay for stuff like our rent and food and her health care and our Dog Pad bills...

... We're going to Dog Pad tomorrow for the weekend so dogmom can go to a wedding in Milwaukee for one of her cousins. She has a lot of cousins... and a lot of weddings.

... Oh yeah, we had company at our house last night. That doesn't happen very often, since we kinda bark and jump and most of dogmom's friends just ask her to meet them somewhere else. Silly humans... maybe if they came over more often, we wouldn't get so excited that they're here!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Turn!

Yo. Opie here.

I'm kind of getting tired of all this attention that the Gimp is getting just because he's a clutz and can't seem to stay upright when he's racing or running or, well, walking for that matter.

So... today is about me. I wanted to show you just how far I've come in training the dogmom to get me to come when she calls me. The video can be accessed with the button on the top left of our blog... or you can click here:

By the way, don't blame me when you get a stiff neck watching it... the dufus dogmom can't figure out how to rotate the video! See what I have to live with?

Wuf Ya! - Opie

Monday, August 06, 2007

Greetings From The Gimp

Hi Dogs!

If ya dawgs wanna see how I got my new nickname, click on the YouTube video box up on the left. Dogmom took a video of me walking on three legs. (Here's the link, too:

Now, before anybody calls the rescue and animal abuse people... she did it to help the doctors know what might be wrong with me. Cuz, see, being full-blooded dog, I just can't seem to let myself appear vulnerable in front of authority figures like veterinarians and radiologists and canine orthopedic specialists. Dogmom knew that from before. So, she recorded the video in case I DID put weight on my foot and DIDN'T limp around like my leg hurt when I got to the doctor's office.

Know what? I DIDN'T limp and I DID put weight on my foot at the doctor's office. So, she showed them the video. And then they pressed on and bent and straightened my leg and my foot and my elbow and my wrist and my toes and my shoulder. I still pretended nothing was wrong with me.

Know what? They took me into the dreaded (not really) back room and took the funny pictures of my leg anyways! I was really good for them when they took the pictures and tried to do what they said... even though I had to lay still and stretch my leg out and lay upside down while they pulled my leg straight and all that.

Anyways. Nothing was broken and no ligaments were torn. And, the xrays didn't even really show any swelling or anything. So, Dr. Rudser said I probably have a soft-tissue injury. She gave dogmom some pain meds (Rimadyl) to give me with my food in the morning and at night. (That makes me feel a lot better!)

BUT... I'm not allowed to go to Dog Pad... or run or play or jump or go up and down the stairs or jump on the furniture or chase balls or dogs or squirrels or rabbits. And I'm not even supposed to go on any long walks with Opie and dogmom FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Only short-leash, short potty breaks. FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

I mean, what's up with that? I mean... man, am I gonna get fat. But don't tell dogmom ... cuz I sure don't need her witholding any treats or food right now.

Our secret, right? Know what else? I'm not even upset that Opie gets to go to Dog Pad without me... at least today.
Wuf Ya! Gomer

Gimpy Gomer!

Yo! Opie here.

I'm cruising with mom to go to Dog Pad today to play with all my dogbuds and chase birds and squirrels (well, through the fence) and smell stuff. Maybe play some ball. Maybe spash in the pool.

Gomer doesn't get to go today. Not that this is about him, or anything. Cuz we all know that it's all about me! But the goofball actually tried to race me down the stairs last night. You'd think he'd have learned by now.

Anyways, he was winning and I think he missed the last step... cuz he kinda fell and slid and when he stood up he was crying like a fooldog. Even made dogmom run down the stairs!

He's not putting weight on it (very much) although sometimes he'll put his foot down when he's standing up. But he runs pretty well on three legs. I think he's been practicing when we weren't looking.

Anyways. So I'm going to Dog Pad and I think Gomer has to go to the doggie doctor.

I'm so glad I'm me and not him.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell everybody "Thanks!" for all my happy annifursary adoption day wishes! ... (Gomer's is next month!)
Wuf Ya! Opie

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We are OK

Dogmom said that we should do a quick post and tell everydoggie that we are OK and that we were not on the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis tonight.

We don't think any of our friends were there either. Hopefully, neither were any of your friends or dogfriends.

Wuf ya!
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It's Opie's Adoption Anniversary!

Can you believe it? Dogmom and I are having a really hard time believing that Opie came to live with us SIX YEARS ago today! I mean, well, I'm even older and I was here first ... but can you believe that he's been here that long? Basically, that's almost his whole life!

Do you remember the story about how Opie came to live with us? He told it on the second day that Dogs' Aye View was live on the Internet. I mean, we were telling stories a long time before that... but not recording them all. (You can find the story here:

Anyways, six years ago today, the dopey Opie came to live with us. Dogmom says that that Marley and Me book is pretty much a story about her life with Opie. Obedience training was a total bomb with him. The only reason he doesn't jump our fence any more is because we don't have one. He still only sits, stays, comes and lays down when he feels like it.... sometimes as much as five minutes after dogmom tells him to and stands there and stares at him.

And he's definitely the class clown sometimes. He gets those funny looks on his face... and does silly things...
But he plays tag with me... and taught me how to howl a proper tune...
and, well... he just generally makes me happy!

Dogmom says we can keep him!
Wuf Ya!