Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog...

Because dogmom just saw this video and she thinks this is the kind of determination that every pet owner should have toward their pets...

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Apparently, a 14-year old dog went exploring and got stuck in a storm drain. His owner searched for two days and then spent two more days digging to get the dog out.

We think our dogmom would do that... would yours?
(Ok. So, it's a rhetorical question for dog bloggers...)

Wuf Ya!


Johann The Dog said...

I am so happy for those two, we blogged about it too. My Mum would DEFINITELY do that! I am certain! As I know yours would too, my friends!

Woof, Johann

TAPhillips said...

Yeah, we know our dogmom would... and we figured all the dogmoms of our dogblogger friends would too!

'member the time dogmom went out in the middle of the night and pulled Gomer out of the muck? This wasn't close... cuz he wasn't missing for four days... but it kinda told us she'd find us.