Monday, August 06, 2007

Greetings From The Gimp

Hi Dogs!

If ya dawgs wanna see how I got my new nickname, click on the YouTube video box up on the left. Dogmom took a video of me walking on three legs. (Here's the link, too:

Now, before anybody calls the rescue and animal abuse people... she did it to help the doctors know what might be wrong with me. Cuz, see, being full-blooded dog, I just can't seem to let myself appear vulnerable in front of authority figures like veterinarians and radiologists and canine orthopedic specialists. Dogmom knew that from before. So, she recorded the video in case I DID put weight on my foot and DIDN'T limp around like my leg hurt when I got to the doctor's office.

Know what? I DIDN'T limp and I DID put weight on my foot at the doctor's office. So, she showed them the video. And then they pressed on and bent and straightened my leg and my foot and my elbow and my wrist and my toes and my shoulder. I still pretended nothing was wrong with me.

Know what? They took me into the dreaded (not really) back room and took the funny pictures of my leg anyways! I was really good for them when they took the pictures and tried to do what they said... even though I had to lay still and stretch my leg out and lay upside down while they pulled my leg straight and all that.

Anyways. Nothing was broken and no ligaments were torn. And, the xrays didn't even really show any swelling or anything. So, Dr. Rudser said I probably have a soft-tissue injury. She gave dogmom some pain meds (Rimadyl) to give me with my food in the morning and at night. (That makes me feel a lot better!)

BUT... I'm not allowed to go to Dog Pad... or run or play or jump or go up and down the stairs or jump on the furniture or chase balls or dogs or squirrels or rabbits. And I'm not even supposed to go on any long walks with Opie and dogmom FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Only short-leash, short potty breaks. FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

I mean, what's up with that? I mean... man, am I gonna get fat. But don't tell dogmom ... cuz I sure don't need her witholding any treats or food right now.

Our secret, right? Know what else? I'm not even upset that Opie gets to go to Dog Pad without me... at least today.
Wuf Ya! Gomer


Johann The Dog said...

Oh you one sneaky boy! I saw you limp. Dog, the last time I saw that it was me with a broken foot, you one lucky dog that it's not worse, whew!!!

But leash rest really sniffs! Sorry about that my friend. Feel better, K??????

You snore good!

Woof, Johann

Peanut said...

We are so glad it wasn't more serious. Sorry about the leashed potty breaks and stuff

TAPhillips said...

Ouch! A broken foot must have been really painful! I guess I'm glad that I just have a sprain.

Leashed potty breaks and not chasing rabbits really bites, though. Already.


PerfectTosca said...

Gomey, you done gone and gimped yourownself! Good Dog man, you are an accident waiting to happen!

I gimped myself chasing my Syracuse U mini basketball yesterday but i only milked it for an hour or so. You, on the other paw (scuse the pun) look like you are in for the long haul boy!

Kerrio said...

Hope you feel better soon gimp-boy!

(Or not - that way we get to call you gimpy longer - ROFL)

Sasha said...

I'll never tell.Hope you're feeling better soon.


Hope you feel better soon. The worst accident Essex ever had was the time she knocked herself out chasing a bicycle. She swears the sign post moved.
Woofs, Deacon

Ferndoggle said...

I'm glad nothing is wrong with you Gomer...I like to hobble around sometimes to get extra attention. Plus Mom makes Lola stay away from me which is a huge plus.