Thursday, August 09, 2007

Uh-Oh... DogMom's Furry-Us!

No, it's not because of something we did.

AAARRRRGGGH! My blog has been pirated and content is appearing on another blog, WITHOUT PERMISSION. Not only are they stealing my content, photos, etc., but they are neither attributing it to me nor are they linking back to me. I'm furious!

They obviously aren't true dog-bloggers. Everybody we've met through Dogs With Blogs ( or ChazHounds ( or My-Dog-Blog ( is ethical and post LINKS or request permission to post stuff from my blog.

A quick scan of their tag links on their site showed 16 of my posts - copied word for word - stating it was posted by TAPhillips, with no other attribution or any reference to my blog, address or email. These guys are nothing more than content aggregators, who steal content from other people's blogs and web sites for the sole purpose of deceiving Google AdSense into believing their blog has more traffic than it does. Argh!

I do NOT want to drive more traffic to their site, so here is the offending site address (disabled link):

I've contacted Google Adsense, Blogger, Wordpress (his blog software) and (his domain seller) and the blog owner (There is no contact page on his blog... so I had to get the info from Let's see if I get any response from any of them.

See? She's livid... so I gotta be quick. We're off to Dog Pad today cuz dogmom says she's off to Milwaukee for cousin Maria and Joern's wedding. Good riddance if you ask me. Hope she's in a better mood when she gets back!

Oh yeah, and the dogmom said that we gotta thank Jason (at and JuJu ( for bringing the piracy to our attention... and thanks to Tosca's mom ( for advising her about what to do exactly to try to stop it!

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

Well that is wrong. We hope they stop doing it. We think it is funny that they even have this post on their blog. hahaha

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I think that is deplorable.


PS Pippa thinks it is depawable too....

Bala Thiagarajan said...

Really sorry to hear that. Hope that all the people you contact will make the pirated posts go away and stop from happening again.
Hope Gomer and Opie are havign a good time at the dog pad :)
Bala & the gang.

Johann The Dog said...

I found them, it was so easy! Unbelievable what they stoke from you. That is just soooooo wrong. I hope those folks you contacted can help.

I find the folks at GoDaddy real great to work with, hope they can help.

If there aren't laws against this, there surely should be.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

That is wrong! I must say I am sorry. I linked to your blog about a month ago - but I think that I may have mentioned it on a post. Can't remember. Sorry. If it is not ok for me to link to your blog, let me know and I will remove it. But I hope you don't want me to :)

Cubby said...

That is so RUDE!!!

Butchy & Snickers said...

OMD, they even stole this actual post!!! We hope google adsense gets back to you. We saw they also stole one of Kevin the Collie's Posts about Oscar.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers


You go get em guys. Byte em high, byte me low, then byte em again.

Snowball said...

wow... I didn't know there are such blogger around. Why blog when the content is not original? Those people must have something wrong in their head to be stealing post from so many different blog.

Please tell dogmom not to be bothered too much. Its because the what she has written is too good that is why they choose to steal from your post. (No, I dun think that it is the right thing to do)


Jaya said...

Well, I checked today, and
it looks like your content
now has been removed from
that offending site, just
as mine was when I wrote
about it on my blog. Good
to know speaking out for
what's right does have an

Pets to the pups!


TAPhillips said...

Hi everydog! Dogmom picked us up at Dog Pad just now and she seems like she's in a better mood! Thanks!
Wuf Ya!

PerfectTosca said...

Licks and slobbers to my oldest dog blog pals! I hope it works. There is no scum worse than internet pirate scums. Everybody should watch out when they get emails saying they are "featured" on somebody's blog and stuff like that. THese dirty dogs are just collecting other dogs' stuff so they can have a lot of key words and tags and bring people on a search to THEIR place and collect ad sense money. Let me at em! I got no problem biting da crap out of them.