Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't Tell Mom - We've Got a Dog Blog!

We're blog dogs now! We've got a very unique perspective on that big bad world you humans live within. It's scary and makes no sense most of the time. But, we were both rescued from certain demise by a dog-crazy lady named Trish, and we'll never let her go. Someday, we'll tell you our full stories. But for now, we'll just do the cursory introduction thing...

I'm Gomer.

Mom calls me her dumpster dog, cuz that's where I was found. My "real" mom, a beagle, and two litter mates were there with me, but by the time I was found by the folks at Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary in Arizona, my mom and one brother had already crossed the rainbow bridge. My sister fought hard for a couple of days, but she missed mom and bro so much that she went across the rainbow bridge too.

I was really a scared puppy. No, literally, I was scared of everybody and everything. I had been beaten and abused, and I hadn't eaten in a while when I was found. I weighed less than 2 pounds and was 2 weeks old. The folks at Friends for Life took good care of me, especially Keiko, my foster mom. She wanted to keep me, but she already had three big dogs.

When I saw my other mom, Trish, at Friends for Life, I decided to try to trust her just a little bit. I was almost five months old now. But she didn't take me home right away.

Then, a couple of days later, she came to visit me at Keiko's house. She brought me a toy and some special treats and played with me. I liked her and went to live at her house. At first, I really missed Keiko a lot. But I got to see her a couple of times and really liked all the attention that Trish gave me at her house.

That will have been six years ago on September 1.
Next time, I'll let Opie introduce himself.
Wuf ya...