Thursday, March 29, 2007

It MUST Be Spring!

Look what we found in our backyard!
Dogmom wouldn't let us catch it, though. Opie tried.
Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Willie! (We Think!)

Hi Dawgs!

You remember Willie, dontcha? I'm sure you do, but your humans probably forgot. You can remind them about Willie and Bella... 'member, they had puppies in August. Willie and Bella's mom works with our dogmom at the paper. If you don't remember, here are some links to their puppy posts on our blog...

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere! (Aug 3, 2006):

Bella's Puppies (Sept 5, 2006):

Go ahead, you can go look. We'll wait...


Oh, you're back already? Ok... so... the snow is all melty and gone now and it's kinda rainy this week here so it's getting kind of... dogmom says not kind of, but very... muddy outside. She's constantly wanting to wipe our paws and Gomer's belly when we come inside. It really...

Um. Sorry. Lost my train of thought there... I am almost seven, you know.

Anyways... back to Willie. He lost his ball in the snow a couple of months ago or something. Well... we're glad to report...
Um... or maybe he went to the spa for a mud mask and didn't tell us!
Wuf Ya!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Texas, Tennesee, Travel-For-Me Dog

Did you hear about the Siberian Husky that took a road trip? He left home in Texas on a run and ended up in Tennessee!

Thank goodness his owner had him microchipped so that he could be reconnected!

DogMom said that's why Opie and me have microchips... she's afraid we'll follow our noses and wander off one day...

Wuf Ya!
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Four-Legged Love Stories

Yo - Dawgs!

DogMom found this droolerrific site and wanted us to tell ya all about it. We've already sent in our love story to be included and hope that you will, too. It's really a feel-good, fun and totally loveable thing to do. I mean, we all got doggie love stories to tell, right?

Ok. Ok. I'm sorry. I just get so excited when I think about it that I run around in circles and forget to tell you what it is that I'm excited about. I'm mostly labrador, remember?

Here it is... it's a relatively new web site called... are you ready? 'Course you are...

It's a web site completely devoted to letting our people share their "love" for their pets! Yup... you can send in your story and they'll post it. They posted Floppy's story (DogMom's dog before us) and we just sent ours in.

DogMom asked 'StinkyPaw,' the lady who started the site, why she's doing this... like she needed an explanation, 'cuz she thinks it's a great idea... but she thought all you dogs might want to know in case you need to convince your humans... Here's what 'StinkyPaw' said:

"I decided to create "Love is a Four-Legged Word" (link: after the death of our beloved pooch, when I realised that even if I did post about her and our cat on a fairly regular base on my blog ("Stories 2 Tell" -- link:, I had never really truly expressed all that she meant to me. So, I decided that I wanted to offer a place where all could share their love, that unconditional love affair that animal lovers have with their furry friends.

Love is a four-legged word and I do believe that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Whoever is interested is telling me (and the world!) why love is a four legged word, they simply have to send me, Stinkypaw, a picture (jpg or gif format) of their pet with a caption to and I will gladly post it."

Isn't that droolerrific? Bet your humans love you enough to let you share your story!

(Oh yeah, don't forget to vote in the survey and guess what breed Opie is! Just click the link at the top of our blog!)

Wuf Ya!

Friday, March 23, 2007

What Breed Is Opie Contest!

Yo... Opie here. So, we're having this silly contest to see if anybody in dogblogland can guess what breed I am before my DNA test results come back. To quote Tosca, "Harrummmppphhh!" Like it matters what breed I am. I'm cute and I'm smart and dogmom loves me.

But, anyways... dogmom says I should appease the human. So, here are many pictures of me that she took. I weigh about 53 pounds. Click the link below to enter your guess...

Here's the link to the survey: You can guess multiple times, but have to leave your email each time, so we know who won. The contest runs until we get the results. Prize to be determined.

Good luck, I guess. Wuf Ya! - Opie

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doggie DNA Test

Ok, so we promised to give you more information about the doggie DNA test that dogmom is getting for us for our birthdays that are coming up. Lazy dogmom hasn't done our tests yet, but she promises we will do it and send it in this weekend. Something about us not having food just before the test and that we seem to be eating all the time.

Ok... so here's the poop scoop. The official name is the Canine Heritage Breed Test. It's done by a company called MMI Genomics.

Probably, some of the humans that you purebreeds own have already heard of this company, 'cuz they've been doing parentage testing for a long time to prove your purity, per se.

Anyways, this test is just like the one on that show that dogmom watches on the big grey box in the cabinet in the living room. You know, the one where they're always trying to figure out how somebody got dead?

Dogmom says it's really simple and even lowly humans without veterinary degrees can do it. If your human can brush your teeth without you freaking out and biting them, then they can do this test. 'Cuz it's about the same... she's going to stick a little brush in our mouth and rub it on our cheek (instead of our teeth, so I guess it's not exactly the same) for 30 seconds. Then, she scribbles on some paper and puts the brush and the paper in the tube and drops it in the mailbox. Then we wait for results... and that's the hard part.

Anyway, there are some limitations... they've got 38 breeds that are verified that they can test against. If you're not one of those, then you might get a false reading - they might pick up some breed that is way back in your ancestry and the only evidence of that breed in you is the single white hair between your toes on your left front foot or something. No, not really, but they say in the materials that it might happen that your results show some breeds that your human won't think are right. But they also say that they will be adding more breeds in the future... but that they believe the 38 verified breeds will account for the majority of mixed breed dogs.

Here's the link directly to their web site for information:

And, here's a link to frequently asked questions about the test:

And, here's a link to a video of how easy it is to do the test yourself:

Anyways... the test costs $65 per dog, which dogmom says doesn't compare to what she's going to spend in a couple of weeks at the vet office to update our vaccinations and everything.

Oh, yeah, Tosca suggested that we have a contest to guess what breeds are in Opie. So, dogmom's gonna do that!

We'll post some pictures of him tomorrow from different angles and let you enter guesses.
Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hope Nobody's Sick!

We haven't heard that any of our dogblogging pals have gotten sick from the contaminated wet food. We sure hope not.

We thought for a while that dogmom might have eaten some... cuz she was spewing food from her mouth into the big water bowl for a couple of days.

But, then, we thought that couldn't have been it. Cuz if it was, then we would have gotten some of the special food, too. And we didn't. And we heard that it was wet food that was causing the problems and we eat dry food.

Anyways... we hope you didn't get sick. And that nobody you know got sick.

We know that Teddy (who owns Randi, who we walk a couple of days a week) got sick. Anyways, that's what dogmom said was the reason that Randi didn't come yesterday. Um, no, he didn't get sick from eating the food. Sorry to make that insinuation.

He got sick because Opie and me have been rubbing off on him... even though we never actually met him yet. See, Teddy decided to eat his bark collar yesterday morning. He didn't eat the hard parts... he left those in the kitchen for Randi to find... the citronella container and the buckle part... he only ate the webbing part. Or, at least Randi thinks he did because she couldn't find it anywhere. We hope he's ok. We're waiting for Randi to call dogmom.

Anyways... we hope you're all feeling better! Tomorrow, we're going to share some more information about the doggie DNA test. We got it in the mail yesterday. She explained it to us a little bit, but we didn't understand 'cuz she didn't actually "swab" us yet. We'll tell you all about it tomorrow, OK?

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey Dogs!

We've got lots to catch up on and write about...
  • we've got lots of information about the DNA test to share
  • we think dogmom ate some of that bad food
  • we love all our dogblogging buddies who listened to us rant about being mixed breeds and made us feel better...

But first... we have to apologize for missing Perfect Puppy Tosca's Birthday!!!!

See... Tosca was our first ever dogblog pal! Opy from Dogs With Blogs left our first comment... but Tosca was our first repeat reader. And, we were instant friends even with out smelling her butt.

Anyways... we were offline for a few days and we missed her birthday. We can't apologize enough and we're thinking up really creative ways to make it up to her. Only dogmom says we can't do some of the things we thought up... so we're being censured!

Anyways... Tosca... here's a link to a card for you

Wuf Ya!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Are You a Mixed Breed?

Hmmmm? Ok, so we know that some of our dogblogging buds are purebreds... like Tosca and Butchy and Snickers and probably even FuFu the hamsterrier honorary dog is a purebred.

We're not, ok? I mean, we were puppy rejects... litter-ally thrown out like garbage (me, Gomer) and Opie was dumped off in the park and expected to fend for himself. It doesn't bother us, really. I mean, dogmom loves us and that's all that's important, right?

I mean... well, nothing against all you dogs with pedigrees who know your mom and dad and grandparents and brothers and sisters and cousins and the whole doggone dog family. We're really glad that you even speak to mixed breeds like us. Really.

But, sometimes, especially this time of year, we kinda wonder what our real family was like. You know... we're glad we live with dogmom... but there's like something missing, ya know? Not that we'd ever be able to find our family or anything, I mean, there isn't exactly a web site to unite abandoned and stray dogs with their canine counterparts.

Anyways... Opie and me both have birthdays coming up soon. Mine is April 1 so dogmom sometimes calls me her April Fool. I was found in the dumpster a couple of weeks later. (You remember the story... or, if you didn't read it, you can go back to day 1 of our blog and read it.... and Opie's story is here: We don't really know when Opie's birthday is... or exactly how old he is... so we both celebrate our birthday on the same day.

Anyways... here's why I ask... for our birthday this year, dogmom is getting us a special present. Something that is brand new. It was only made available this past week. And, she is interested in scientific stuff... so she's doing it. Wanna know what it is?

It's a DNA breed test for dogs. Not a parentage test that proves that your dam and your sire are really your dam and your sire. Those have been around a while. This is a breed test that tells what breeds are in your background. Yup... we'll finally know why Opie's such a weirdog.

See, we know that I'm half beagle and half lab with a pretty high degree of certainty already. My mom was in the dumpster with me and she was definitely a beagle. And, you only have to look at me to see that my dad was a yellow lab.

But Opie? That's a whole 'nuther story. Everybody guesses something different and nobody seems to know.

Anyways, supposedly this test will help us find out. Dogmom said it won't hurt and doesn't involve blood or nothing. She sent for the test and we're waiting to get the kit. After that, she sends it somewhere and in 4-6 weeks we should get the results.

I can't wait! (Um... how long is 4-6 weeks in dogtime?)
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're Celebrating ! ! !

Yippee! We're havin' a party!

No, silly, it's not for St. Patrick's Day... we're not Irish Wolfhounds...
(though dogmom says we should say "Happy St. Paddy's Day!" to everybody since that's her patron saint... whatever that is...)

Anyways, we're havin' a party... wanna know why? Huh, do ya, huh?
It's 'cuz... cuz... are you ready?


Yea! We got our yard back!

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Haleigh Treats!

Thanks to our dogblogging friends who ordered some Haleigh treats! Haleigh really appreciates it and is working really hard on the weekends and after school to fulfill the orders. See?
<---------- She's working on the peanut butter ones in the picture - MY FAVORITE!

If you'd like to order some (or some more, like us), just send her an email at the treats are $5.00 per bag plus postage to send them to you. She's also making fleece blankets... if you're interested in those, send her an email... cuz dogmom forgot to get the info on those.

Part of the money raised also goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fur for Fu Fu Drive

Hey! Look! We can help!

Fu Fu is the honorary dog on Dogs with Blogs. ( He lives in Singapore. We read that he feels kinda sad cuz he's not blowing his fur like some of us dogs.

(Don't feel bad, Fu Fu, neither is Opie!)

Anyways... dogmom brushed us and gave us baths last night so she would maybe stop sneezing at us. She forgot to collect and save the pre-bath fur, Fu Fu -- after all she is only human -- but we reminded her on the after-bath brushing... Here you go!

See, it even already matches your fur, sort of!

Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie

Monday, March 12, 2007


So, I was just reading Tosca puppy's blog ( and we're gonna send Fu some fur...

It's funny, 'cuz dogmom's been talkin' about the Fur*Frenzy that's coming up. Think it's related, huh, dawgs? Dogmom says not exactly.

Fur*Frenzy is the annual fundraiser for Southwest Metro Animal Rescue. They're home-based right here in Chaska, where we live. But, they service the whole metro area. All the money goes directly to the animals, cuz they don't have a shelter house or anything. Everybody that gets rescued goes to a foster home... like I did when Keiko in AZ took me to live with her before dogmom adopted me. Foster homes are great... cuz you get to learn all the ins-and-outs of living with a family.

Anyways... I digress. Fur*Frenzy is coming up in a couple of weeks. You can get all the important information here: but here are some of the basics:
It is on Saturday, March 24th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. It will be held at the Hopkins Activity Center in Hopkins, MN. They're located at 33 14th Ave N in Hopkins.

Dogmom says it will be lots of fun. There is an animal fashion show at 7:30 p.m. and a silent auction and FOOD and all kinds of stuff. If you live anywhere near Hopkins... like in Minneapolis area or the southwest metro or even Maple Grove or Burnsville or Saint Paul... we hope you'll consider going to the event. And, maybe even bid on stuff and take something home.

Dogmom gave them some stuff for the auction... knowing her, she'll bid on her own stuff and bring it back home... Maybe instead we can talk her into bringing us a pet!

Wuf Ya!

Friday, March 09, 2007

More Haleigh Treats!


'Course, dogmom acts like these things are filet mignon broiled in dom perignon sauce, the way she only lets us have one at a time. Doesn't she realize that we could have swallowed the whole bag in seconds? I mean, come on... just look back at the chocolate-eating binge we had.

Anyways... we'll do almost anything to get a Haleigh treat...
We'll sit like good boys and wait for dogmom to sloooowly get the treat container out of the fridge and set it on the counter. Then we'll wait patiently while she decides to get out the camera from her bag and remove the thing from its little black case and hold it in her hand and turn it on and mess with it for a while and then try to get her uncoordinated self to be able to hold a treat in one hand and the camera in the other.

I pray for my treat...
But then, I eat it really fast before dogmom actually gives it to me, so she can't change her mind.
Opie sits like a good boy and waits patiently...

but not too long, 'cuz dogmom hates it when he drools on the floor.
Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Creepy Gets Creepier

Ok, dogs. We told you about the creepy scary new kid that moved into the yard next door. You all agreed he, she, um, it is really a creepy and scary kid.

Well, now he's gotten even creepier and scarier. Just look!

Wuf Ya!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hurray for Haleigh!

Who's Haleigh, you ask?

Haleigh is the daughter of a friend of dogmom's named Kim in Ohio. She's 12, I think. We haven't met them yet... But, Haleigh is a People-to-People Student Ambassador this year and she will be going to Australia! There's some info about the program in the flyer at the left ... or, more info at the Student Ambassadors web site... (

Anyways, Haleigh has to raise the money for her trip herself. So, guess what, dawgs! Haleigh decided that for her fundraiser... she could do anything to raise the money... anything! ... know what she's doing, huh, do you, huh? Ok, I'll tell ya... Haleigh is making DOG TREATS! Yup. Yummy, tasty dog treats! And, she's also making some fleece dog blankets, too!

Anyways, dogmom was talking to Haleigh's mom and know what? Haleigh sent dogmom a package of treats! Here's proof! They are really really really really nummy-yummy! The heart ones are beef flavored and the butterfly ones are peanut butter flavored (my favorite!!!) and the twisty ones are parmesan cheese flavored (Opie's ultimate favorite!!!)

Anyways... this little girl is the coolest! Cuz, not only did she think of baking dog treats and making dog blankets... which, of course, is really cool... but, know what? She's also donating part of the money from her sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation... cuz, sadly, one of her friends was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was four. Isn't that the coolest? I mean, not that her friend is sick... but that she thought to do that all by herself?

And, know what else? Any of the blankets that she makes that she doesn't sell... she's going to donate to the local animal shelter! We wuf Haleigh! Hurray for Haleigh!

Hey, dogs! If you want to order some of these treats or a blanket for yourself, you can email Haleigh and her mom at The treats are $5 per bag plus postage and the blanket prices depend on the size, I think.

Wuf Ya!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Still Snowing!

Wow! When dogmom said there was more snow coming, she wasn't kidding, dawgs.

It's getting really deep at our house. And, it's not Gomer & Opie droppings...

We got about 11.5" last weekend. We got about 11.5" again on Thursday. We got another 5" on Thursday night...

And it's still snowing some!

Mostly, we have a big drift at our house behind the patio door (next to the creepy scary kid) so it's harder and harder to play on our long ropes. See, I even got stuck last night and dogmom had to come help me. (After, of course, she laughed and took this picture... see the kind of torture I have to live with?)

Then, we lost Opie in the snow! Can you find him? It scares me when I can't find him and he might get too close to the creepy scary kid!

Oh, there he is... but why does he have those creepy green eyes? I think my fears have come true!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another New Kid?

Remember, a while ago, when I told you about the weird new kid that moved in a couple of doors down from our house? You 'member... we thought he was weird cuz he didn't move or anything and he stayed outside in the cold and never went inside. You dawgs probably remember, but since your humans probably don't, here's a picture you can show them to refresh their failing memories (see left) ...

Well... last night while we were sleeping this other even weirder kid showed up on the other side of our house -- over in Angie and Dan's yard.

I don't think it's related to the first one, though.

The first one was only about three feet tall. This one is a lot bigger; it's five feet tall... and it's not wearing any clothes!

Should we tell Dan and Angie that it's there, just looking around the fence?

Wuf Ya!