Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hope Nobody's Sick!

We haven't heard that any of our dogblogging pals have gotten sick from the contaminated wet food. We sure hope not.

We thought for a while that dogmom might have eaten some... cuz she was spewing food from her mouth into the big water bowl for a couple of days.

But, then, we thought that couldn't have been it. Cuz if it was, then we would have gotten some of the special food, too. And we didn't. And we heard that it was wet food that was causing the problems and we eat dry food.

Anyways... we hope you didn't get sick. And that nobody you know got sick.

We know that Teddy (who owns Randi, who we walk a couple of days a week) got sick. Anyways, that's what dogmom said was the reason that Randi didn't come yesterday. Um, no, he didn't get sick from eating the food. Sorry to make that insinuation.

He got sick because Opie and me have been rubbing off on him... even though we never actually met him yet. See, Teddy decided to eat his bark collar yesterday morning. He didn't eat the hard parts... he left those in the kitchen for Randi to find... the citronella container and the buckle part... he only ate the webbing part. Or, at least Randi thinks he did because she couldn't find it anywhere. We hope he's ok. We're waiting for Randi to call dogmom.

Anyways... we hope you're all feeling better! Tomorrow, we're going to share some more information about the doggie DNA test. We got it in the mail yesterday. She explained it to us a little bit, but we didn't understand 'cuz she didn't actually "swab" us yet. We'll tell you all about it tomorrow, OK?

Wuf Ya!

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