Monday, March 05, 2007

Hurray for Haleigh!

Who's Haleigh, you ask?

Haleigh is the daughter of a friend of dogmom's named Kim in Ohio. She's 12, I think. We haven't met them yet... But, Haleigh is a People-to-People Student Ambassador this year and she will be going to Australia! There's some info about the program in the flyer at the left ... or, more info at the Student Ambassadors web site... (

Anyways, Haleigh has to raise the money for her trip herself. So, guess what, dawgs! Haleigh decided that for her fundraiser... she could do anything to raise the money... anything! ... know what she's doing, huh, do you, huh? Ok, I'll tell ya... Haleigh is making DOG TREATS! Yup. Yummy, tasty dog treats! And, she's also making some fleece dog blankets, too!

Anyways, dogmom was talking to Haleigh's mom and know what? Haleigh sent dogmom a package of treats! Here's proof! They are really really really really nummy-yummy! The heart ones are beef flavored and the butterfly ones are peanut butter flavored (my favorite!!!) and the twisty ones are parmesan cheese flavored (Opie's ultimate favorite!!!)

Anyways... this little girl is the coolest! Cuz, not only did she think of baking dog treats and making dog blankets... which, of course, is really cool... but, know what? She's also donating part of the money from her sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation... cuz, sadly, one of her friends was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was four. Isn't that the coolest? I mean, not that her friend is sick... but that she thought to do that all by herself?

And, know what else? Any of the blankets that she makes that she doesn't sell... she's going to donate to the local animal shelter! We wuf Haleigh! Hurray for Haleigh!

Hey, dogs! If you want to order some of these treats or a blanket for yourself, you can email Haleigh and her mom at The treats are $5 per bag plus postage and the blanket prices depend on the size, I think.

Wuf Ya!


Cubby said...

What a cool kid! And the treats look yummy!

Gomer & Opie said...

Yeah, we wish there were many more cool kids like her. Maybe she'll grow up and work with animals!
Wuf Ya!