Friday, March 16, 2007

Are You a Mixed Breed?

Hmmmm? Ok, so we know that some of our dogblogging buds are purebreds... like Tosca and Butchy and Snickers and probably even FuFu the hamsterrier honorary dog is a purebred.

We're not, ok? I mean, we were puppy rejects... litter-ally thrown out like garbage (me, Gomer) and Opie was dumped off in the park and expected to fend for himself. It doesn't bother us, really. I mean, dogmom loves us and that's all that's important, right?

I mean... well, nothing against all you dogs with pedigrees who know your mom and dad and grandparents and brothers and sisters and cousins and the whole doggone dog family. We're really glad that you even speak to mixed breeds like us. Really.

But, sometimes, especially this time of year, we kinda wonder what our real family was like. You know... we're glad we live with dogmom... but there's like something missing, ya know? Not that we'd ever be able to find our family or anything, I mean, there isn't exactly a web site to unite abandoned and stray dogs with their canine counterparts.

Anyways... Opie and me both have birthdays coming up soon. Mine is April 1 so dogmom sometimes calls me her April Fool. I was found in the dumpster a couple of weeks later. (You remember the story... or, if you didn't read it, you can go back to day 1 of our blog and read it.... and Opie's story is here: We don't really know when Opie's birthday is... or exactly how old he is... so we both celebrate our birthday on the same day.

Anyways... here's why I ask... for our birthday this year, dogmom is getting us a special present. Something that is brand new. It was only made available this past week. And, she is interested in scientific stuff... so she's doing it. Wanna know what it is?

It's a DNA breed test for dogs. Not a parentage test that proves that your dam and your sire are really your dam and your sire. Those have been around a while. This is a breed test that tells what breeds are in your background. Yup... we'll finally know why Opie's such a weirdog.

See, we know that I'm half beagle and half lab with a pretty high degree of certainty already. My mom was in the dumpster with me and she was definitely a beagle. And, you only have to look at me to see that my dad was a yellow lab.

But Opie? That's a whole 'nuther story. Everybody guesses something different and nobody seems to know.

Anyways, supposedly this test will help us find out. Dogmom said it won't hurt and doesn't involve blood or nothing. She sent for the test and we're waiting to get the kit. After that, she sends it somewhere and in 4-6 weeks we should get the results.

I can't wait! (Um... how long is 4-6 weeks in dogtime?)
Wuf Ya!


Sophie Brador said...

Wow! That's so cool. We can't wait to hear the results.

Sophie is definitely not a purebred, and we are really happy she isn't. She was supposed to be a male chocolate lab, but clearly she is neither male, nor chocolate. She's also half Chesapeake Bay Retriever, which makes her really unique around her because there aren't any Chessies around at all. Go Mutts Go!!!!!!!

Butchy & Snickers said...

This is exciting! We can hardly wait to find out what breeds are in Opie. Might be surprising. Ya know, years & years & years ago, there really weren't per say full breed dogs. Lots of doggies were made by breeding 2 or more dogs together to create the other breeds, wire fox terriers included. So really all of us doggies are mixed!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Liberty Doo Dah said...

That's pretty neat! Even though I'm an Airedale, mum tells me that I'm part Otter Hound and part Black and Tan Terrier! See? Don't feel bad about being mixed! We're ALL mixed in one way or another!

Peanut said...

Hey my mom says she wants to know more about this test. While I am a purebreed my brother Flash isn't. Mom says she would like to know what kind of dog gave him his big head.

PerfectTosca said...

Omey and Goper, I love you guys. I don't care what breed you are! But I got another Perfect Idea! Have a contest to guess what breed Opie is! Winner gets to send me a present.

4-6 weeks. I think that's about 8 fresh pork neck bones in my time.

It's my birrrrrrrrrthdayyyyyyyyy today--whatever the heck that means-- and for my birthday I want you and Opie to have a Perfect Day! You guys and Hudsy are my very FIRST blogging buddies and it don't get better than that.

Cubby said...