Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's Opie's Barkday!

Hi Dawgs!

First, dogmom says I have to tell everydog that Floyd is doing fine after his bout with pancreatitis. We have to watch him, cuz he eats a whole lot but isn't gaining weight. I think it's because I chase him around the apartment. Dogmom says that wouldn't account for the calories he's eating. Whatever.

Anypaws, today's the day we celebrate my barkday. 'Course, we're not sure really when my barkday is... or at least I've not told dogmom... but the guestimate when I invaded Gomer's heart and dogmom's house back in 2001 was that I was born around this day. Dogmom says I'm 9 years old today (or is it 10?), hmmm. I'm not tellin' !

So, me thinks that everyone should do three things in honor of my barkday today...
  • Lick your human on the face and tell them you love 'em. 'Cuz they're kinda forgetful and might not know it today.
  • Click on the animal rescue site button on our blog (or someone else's) and donate a bowl of food to a shelter pet. Better yet, buy some of your Christmas gifts there and donate even more.
  • Run and play, beg for treats, take a nap and relish the fact that you have a great home. Oh yeah, and say your prayers that a lot more dogs, cats, puppies and kittens find a forever home this season.
Chase ya later!