Friday, February 15, 2008

Pupdate ... or is it Kittendate?

Hi everydog! We're sorry we haven't posted for a while. Dogmom's been taking the computer with her when she leaves for wherever it is she goes every day. And we've been spending more time with Tory at Dog Pad, which isn't a complaint of course.

Anypaws, dogmom said we could use the computer today 'cuz she doesn't need it till she gets home from Pet Crossing tonight. So, we gotta be quick, since we're at Dog Pad and don't want to miss any play time!
  • We still have the kitten living at our house. Dogmom calls him Floyd. Says he's a barber with razors that we should stay away from or something.
  • Opie's twoofers are much better.
  • My twoofers are much better, too.
  • My paw fungus is almost all gone.
  • Dogmom's proud that we can wait a whole 10 seconds before we try to attack Floyd when we see him. (Baby steps, she keeps saying...)
  • Floyd had his 6-month vet visit with Dr. Kate today!
  • Dogmom's still in school and working two jobs to pay for our doctor bills.
  • We wuf you guys and are glad you still come visit our blog sometimes, even though we haven't been able to post as much!
Wuf Ya!