Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Opie's Barkday!

Send all your friends to visit our blog today (May 1, 2008)! Dogmom's doing the same fundraiser that she did on my pupped-day!

Each visitor to Dogs' Aye View today means $0.10 to a local animal rescue.
Each comment means $0.25.

The more the merrier! So go tell everydog and everycat and every hampster and, well, everybunny!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Celebrities! sent us this quiz so dogmom could see what celebrities we are. Do you think these are really us?

Gomer = Will Smith

Leading Man
What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Will Smith! Find out at

A fresh prince in the pursuit of happiness, Gomer is megastar Will Smith!

Putting the jazz back in jazzy, Gomer is always moving and grooving to the beat of his own internal drum. Not one to settle for second best, Gomer only takes on projects that are sure to draw attention and improve his pawpularity in the pack. Gomer's broad appeal across breed, age and gender lines means that his actions often lead to his being named best in show. Smooth, suave and debonair... he's the perfect pet to take home to Mommy. Not lacking in the looks department, Gomer‘s toothy (um, toothless) grin would send even the most furrocious group of alien invaders spinning helplessly back into space.

Opie = Johnny Knoxville

Up for Anything
What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Johnny Knoxville! Find out at

The kind of pet that can leap tall fences in a single bound (or not, but give it a shot anyhow), Opie is the original Jackass, Johnny Knoxville!

Going through the pain so you don't have to, Opie knows that he trots a fine line between funny and stupid, but he doesn't care—he's laughing about it all the way to the pet store. His over-the-top antics make you grimace with fear and you often find it hard to believe that he actually enjoys playing the class clown. But Opie laps it up and continues to defy the odds, despite your warnings and concerns. Other males in the pack tend to be a little jealous of Opie, but the females find him simply dreamy. A die-hard good ol' boy, Opie is more of a General Lee type than a Knight Rider, but give him enough time to think things through and he's sure to find a way to wreck both vehicles at the same time.

Floyd = George Clooney

Mr. Hunky

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm George Clooney! Find out at

Floyd is none other than superhunk George Clooney!

Turning heads everywhere he rolls, Floyd is a huge hit with both googly-eyed babes and older, wiser fans. Admirers will paddle across no less than eleven oceans just to get a glimpse of this A-List heartthrob in the fur. Floyd isn't in a big rush to settle down, so is often seen out on the town with the cutest members of the pack. Not just a looker, Floyd's activism knows no limits—enerpetically involved in the campaign to save Dogfur, Floyd is always looking for a worthy cause that he can sink his teeth into.

Wuf Ya!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shocking Day and Reminder!

Today's the day that Tory and Mike are going to help dogmom see if Opie can be collar trained like a hunting dog to come back when he is called. Wish 'em luck, so we don't have to find the Dopester a new home.

Also, we wanted to remind you that Thursday is Opie's barkday. And, dogmom is going to do the donation-raising thing like she did with my pupped-day on April 1.

You can find more details here:

And here:

And here:

Opie thinks he'll be able to outdo my results. Ha!

Essentially, every visitor is worth a dime and every comment is worth a quarter. How much is Opie worth?

Guess we'll find out Thursday!

Wuf Ya! - Gomer

Friday, April 25, 2008

No Takers on Free to Good Home...

Dogmom wants to know why nobody seems to want a really cute dog that keeps running away for fun. (Three Times is Dogmom's Limit)

Opie says that obviously, three is NOT the limit, since he keeps escaping and running and more and more people keep trying to get him to come back home, including dogmom.

Yesterday, he ran away again and didn't come when dogmom came home. And didn't come when Randi and dogmom tried to catch him. And didn't come when the neighbors in the neighborhood behind our house (seven of them!) tried to catch him.

And didn't come when dogmom screamed because he crossed Bavaria Road. And didn't come when he was seen running down the new section of Highway 312 (that isn't open yet, thank both dog and GOD!)

Know what made him stop?

He finally caught the squirrel he'd been chasing for four hours.

Dogmom saw him holding something and told him to drop it. He did.

Then he nudged it with his nose. And he started to run away again.

She said, "No, you gotta show me what you got." And he did.

And she nabbed him. And then she buried the squirrel under the pine tree where he used to live.

Damded dog.

Meanwhile, can somebody explain to me why I had to sit in the kennel for four hours while Opie was having all this fun?

I thought not.

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opie Escaped from Randi ...

And Gomer tried to eat the duck eggs.

Dogmom's pulling her grey hairs out.

Dogmom didn't want to laugh at Randi, but she's kind of glad that Opie finally broke her in after three and a half years of coming to walk us while she's at work.

Randi called and said that she was just relishing the thought that Opie was being a good boy on their walk. He didn't tug on the leash. He did his business; both jobs even. He paid attention to her commands and he strutted along-side her.

Then, when he came back inside... he waited for his opportunity. When she wasn't paying complete, 100% attention. When she was busy putting the leash on Gomer. Then, he made his move.

He ran right by them and bolted out the screen door.

He didn't come back when she called him.

He kept running when she tried to chase him.

He ran away whenever she got close to him.

He stopped and stared whenever she got too far away.

Just like he does with dogmom.

Randi called dogmom at work. And she laughed. And then she felt bad. She went home and talked to Randi and walked in the back yard.

When she called Opie...

Know what?

He came.
Right to her.
And stopped.

And she grabbed his collar and put the English rope lead on him. And he tried to bolt again. But couldn't.

So, he's back home (again). And everybody's at their wits' end about how to get him to stop it.

Wuf Ya! - Gomer (the good one)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Uh-Oh... All's Quiet ...

Dogmom says that when things are quiet it means something's about to go awry at our house.

She's silly.

It was warm and springy at our house this weekend. We liked walking with dogmom on the new trail behind our house. It goes all the way under the new highway (that's not open yet). And past a couple of neighborhoods and eventually even links to the trail that went behind the house where we used to live.

We walked all the way over there yesterday and then we walked back. Dogmom was impressed that we didn't bark at the kids riding their bicycles on the trail, even though there were about eight of them.

And we didn't bark at the baby riding in the stroller with her mom and dad walking behind her.

And we didn't bark at the boy throwing sticks in the creek.

And we didn't bark at the neighbor with the Schnauzer while he was mowing his lawn.

And we didn't bark at the neighbor where the rabbits live under the trees when he was pulling the junk from his shed.

And we didn't even bark at Floyd when we saw him sitting in the window! Although, Gomer did think he could climb the side of the house and get to him for a minute.

Anypaws, we went to Dog Pad today to play. (Don't tell Dr. Hollee at Pet Crossing... Gomer's not supposed to go play yet; he has to wear his dreaded basket muzzle so that he doesn't play ball or tear his stitches out.

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clean Teeth are So Much Better

Hi Dawgs!

I'm feeling a lot better, 'specially since all the morphine and anesthetic has worn off and the world seems more normal now. I'm not hearing colors, as Tracy at Pet Crossing says!

As promised, here are some photos from my oral surgery. (If you click on the photo, you can see it bigger.) First, some "before" and "after" shots of how great a job Eliza and Tracy did when they cleaned my twoofers:

Right Side:

Left Side:

And, here is the picture they took of my broken twoofer (ULPM4 for those dentistry-minded dogs among you...) before Dr. Hollee took it out for me.

Ouch! Can you imagine if dogmom didn't find that?

I'm sure glad my dogmom brushes my teeth regularly (even though not always every day like she should... sorry Dr. Kate!). Because she brushes my teeth, she found my broken tooth before it got too infected and my whole mouth got sick. She says that's one reason why Opie and Floyd and me have to be subjected to the humiliation all the time.

We don't mind... we get special treats (Hills Prescription t/d diet) whenever we get our teeth brushed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Surgery - Only One Twoofer Out!

Hi Dawgs!

I'm back. I'm laying kinda low and milking it for a few days. Dr. Hollee at Pet Crossing did a great job on my twoof yesterday. Here's what I looked like before surgery...

And, here dogmom is holding the twoofer that I broke after Dr. Hollee took it out. See how I cracked it the long way instead of just breaking off the tip like I usually do?

And, here's what my face looked like this morning before dogmom put some ice in a cloth!

She was laughing at me and said I looked like I was trying to hide a golf ball in my mouth. Good thing I'm on morphine ... I don't feel a thing.

Time for my nap... dogmom says I'm flying high in my sleep.

Wuf Ya!
(She's going to try to get the pictures and xrays to post tomorrow.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gomer Back to Surgery...

Yo - Opie here.

I've been trying to tell dogmom something's wrong and doing everything I can to get her attention this past week. Instead of listening, she puts me in doggie jail and tries to find new ways to contain me to the yard.

Doesn't she get it that when I run away, it means that Gomer has another broken twoof?

Geesh. I don't know how I'm ever gonna get her trained.

Anypaws, Gomer went to Pet Crossing today to have Dr. Hollee take out some more twoofers. Dogmom thinks two or three more will be gone when he comes home.

Wuf Ya! - Opie

Monday, April 14, 2008

All's Quiet ...

Things are kind of quiet at our house today. 'Course, dogmom says that's because the noisemakers are going to Dog Pad to play. We don't quite agree with that assessment... Floyd makes lots of noise sometimes...

He knocks things off the counters. And then he runs back and forth like a herd of whatevers. And he meows incessantly in the middle of the night.

Anypaws, Tory asked Dogmom to bring our tie-out stake to Dog Pad so she could alter it so that it has Opie's cable permanently attached and so that he can't get it off. Dogmom will show pictures of it if it works.

And, we're going to try to train Opie with one of those shock-collar trainers and see if it will motivate him to stay close to home... or at least to come when he's called. Nothing else seems to work.

And, oh yeah... Dogmom says she thinks I broke another tooth!

Wuf Ya! - Gomer

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three Times is Dogmom's Limit

Free to a good home:

Strong-willed, muscular mixed-breed that will not come when called. His 48-pound frame is misleading; he's stronger than most 90-pound dogs with attitude. No one under 200 pounds or who can bench-press less than 300 pounds may take this dog.

He can jump a six-foot fence from a sitting position, run faster than most rabbits, mice and squirrels, and outsmart most civil engineers as to the most direct route to get somewhere without causing traffic to stop. Especially adept at twisting such that claw-clasp, spring-load and even screw-end cables come loose if he's motivated to leave the space you've regulated him to.

He's incredibly cute, face turning grey, and wrinkles his forehead when he thinks he might be in trouble. (Which is daily lately.) He will be 8 years old in two weeks (assuming he lives that long.) You can call him whatever you want; he doesn't answer to "Opie" anypaws.

Please send serious inquiries only to dogsayeview at aol dot com.

(Sorry dogs - dogmom stole my keyboard this morning and said she's posting, since last night Opie ran away for the third time this week. She did not go after him or chase him. She put a bowl of food and water in the garage and left the big door open about as tall as Opie is. About 25 minutes later, he came in to get a drink and when he started to eat, she hit the button and closed the door. He tried to run out, but didn't get there fast enough.)

I think she's really really mad at him this time. This morning, she took him outside on a leash to pee instead of letting him run around on the tie-out cable like me.

Wuf Ya!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Opie Ran Away ... (again)

It was a dark and stormy night.

We were supposed to get 7 inches of snow. It was, instead, pouring rain and spitting sleet with high winds.

Weather not fit for woman nor beast.

What does the Dopey Opie do?

He runs away again.

Dogmom's lipid. And war-reed. And wet.

She came home twice to get dry socks and shoes or boots. And a dry coat. And a different hat.

After 2.5 hours, she said she didn't care if he ever came back.

(We know she didn't mean it.)

Meanwhile, Opie's trekking through our neighborhood. And the one behind ours. And the one closest to the new 312 highway. And the one across Bavaria Road. And the one behind that. And ours again. And the wetlands behind the house. And the construction area. And ours again.

Dogmom came inside. She hugged me and called me a good boy. She hugged Floyd.

She turned off all the lights. And she sat in the dark for a while.

Then, she got up. And she grabbed the keys. And she opened the garage door all the way. And she got in our truck. And she started it. And she started to back out of the garage into the driveway.

And she heard a clunk. And she stopped.

And Opie's standing by the side of the truck.

She had run over the tie-out cord that was still attached to him. So he couldn't go anywhere.

So she grabbed the cord and put him in the back of the truck.

And she drove back into the garage from the driveway.

And she came inside and left Opie in the truck. For forever.

Eventually, she went out and got him and put him in the doggie jail.
He was wearing his soaking wet sweatshirt. She took it off.
His paws were bleeding. She cleaned them and bandaged him.
He was shivering. She gave him a blanket and dried him with his towel.
Then she closed to the door on the doggie jail and left him inside.

I think he's in BIG trouble.

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tagged by Key West Collies


First, we had to explain to dogmom what a book meme is... then we had to convince her that Opie's back home so she can quit fretting... then we had to make her get off the computer so we could post...

Anypaws, Deacon and Essex over at Key West Collies tagged us for the book meme.

Here's our entry:

"She'd always been able to control her emotions before. It had been easy to subjugate them to the greater good, that of the job. She'd better regain her grip."

We have to admit that the book isn't one of ours or dogmom's. But the rules say to pick up the nearest book... and that was in the cubicle next to dogmom's work. It belongs to Mollee, who lent it to Lisa. Lisa works in the cubicle next to dogmom's office.

The book is sushi for beginners by Marian Keyes.

Dogmom says she likes sushi... but she's not sure if she would like this book or not.

Anyways... here are the book meme rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

We tag Buddha, Tosca, Butchy and Snickers, Tasha and Eva, and Moco.

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Opie Ran Away

Dogmom's sad. And angry. And upset. And concerned. And sad. And angry.

Yesterday was a normal day. Not much happening at our place. We stayed home all day, like we usually do on Tuesdays. Randi came and let us out to go potty and gave us a treat and some hugs and kisses and our dinner. And she did the same for Floyd upstairs.

Then we took our naps like we always do on Tuesday.

Then dogmom came home from working at Pet Crossing at about 9:30 p.m. And she clicked us to the tie-out cables and our tie-out stake in the back yard. It was cold, so we did our business quickly and came back in.

She gave us a little snack. Opie rang the bell on the door to say he had to go back outside. It's about 9:45 p.m. He can be so predictable sometimes.

So, she hooked us back up to the cables and opened the patio door. We went out. She stood in the door watching us. Still, nothing unusual here.

Then, Opie spotted something in the pine trees that separate our neighborhood from the next one.

He was really focused.

And he took off running.

And his cable came loose from the tie-out stake.

And dogmom took off running.

And he kept going.
And going.
And going.
Just like the Energizer bunny.

Dogmom came back a few minutes later and put me inside and took the big stick with the light in the end. Uh-oh. That usually means trouble.

At 11:00 p.m., she called the police. She was crying. I heard her say she lost track of him over by the new construction highway. No, his tags fell off his collar. Yes, he has a microchip. He's a hound mix, about 50 pounds. Looks most like a redbone coonhound breed. Yes, he's friendly. He likes men. No, he's got white paws and a white chest and face. Yes, the rest is reddish color. His name is Opie, but he probably won't answer to it. Oh, and he's dragging a 20 foot red cable behind him.

She kept going off to look for him. Sometimes in the car. Sometimes on foot.

At midnight, she opened the garage door a bit, in case he tried to come home from the cold. And she put me in the doggie jail - but she told me I wasn't in trouble. And she opened the patio door. It was cold. But I think that was so that he could come in if he came back home.

And she left again in the car.
And she came back... without him.
And she left again on foot.
And she came back... without him.

At 1:00 a.m., I heard her open the garage door and start up the truck again.

Then it stopped.
And I heard a man's voice.
And I heard dogmom talking to the man.

It sounded like the new man who has the three boxers and bulldog that lives a few houses over.

Dogmom screamed... "Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Don't do that anymore.

And the man said he thought at first that he hit him (Opie) with his car. But then he thought he just ran over the cable, when he saw that. So he brought him home with him to check him over. And he didn't see any tags on him. But he seemed friendly. And he seemed hungry and he seemed cold.

So he gave Opie some food and was just going to go inside to get his dogs out of the garage so that Opie could stay there until he figured out what to do with him in the morning. He thought Opie lived in the neighborhood. But he was going to knock on the wrong house's door.

Anyways. He saved Opie. Or, at least he caught him.

Opie was freezing, shivering. Opie has some scratches on him and has some cuts and muddy paws. But that's all.

Dogmom's happy. And angry. And relieved.

Opie's sleeping.

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hi Dawgs

We don't have anything to say today... but we wanted to post anypaws.

Wuf Ya!

Friday, April 04, 2008

You Gotta Vote Now!

We're giggling our galoshes off.
We're ROFL.
We're chasing our tails.
We're jumping for joy.
We're dog-dancing.
We're ...

Really bad accountants or statisticians or mathemeticians, according to dogmom. (One question: What the heck are those?)

Anypaw, she just got around to reading our blog from Gomer's birthday.

And, according to her, 281 x $0.10 plus 63 x $0.25 does not equal more than $50.

Anypaws, she's still going to donate $50 in Gomer's name. Since you all made the difference, she wants to know how you want us to donate it. Click the link at the top of our blog.

(And don't forget to mark your fire hydrant for May 1 for Opie's Barkday contest!)
Wuf Ya!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Angel Hates Meeces...

To pieces...

This is Angel:

We haven't met Angel in dogson yet. Dogmom says she's too little and we might mistake her for a mouse or a rabbit or a squirrel, or worse yet, a kitten!

And, you all know how we act when we see one of those. We kind of go berserk and run and chase and growl and snarl and snark and chase and bite and...

Well, you get the picture.

Anyways, Angel has a problem.

For the past couple of weeks, Angel has found some mice's in her house. Can you imagine? I mean, they must be as big as she is. She says, "No," that they're just really noisy at night and they keep getting into her stuff in the cupboards and scratching on the ceiling and drinking the water out of the bathroom sink.

Those meeses are driving her crazy. Not to mention that she's not getting her beauty sleep. And, not to mention that her dogdad works with dogmom so he's not getting his beauty sleep either. And that's not a pretty sight; not a pretty sight at all.

Angel has killed three of the meeses and she took them to her dogdad. But she feels really bad about it. She'd rather they could catch them and let them loose outside. But, when they do, they seem to come back in again.

Frankly, we don't blame the little guys; it's still cold here in Minnesota. We wouldn't want to live outside either.

Anypaws, do you dawgs have any suggestions for Angel so she can go back to being a pampered pup and not have to catch meeses for her dogmom and dogdad?

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Pupped-Day - Results!

Hi everydog!

Thanks for all the happy pupped-day and barkday wishes yesterday! Here are the results, according to statcounter and blogger. (We're not using Google at the moment, because they stopped counting us for a few days and said we only had 138 visitors yesterday.)

According to statfinder, we had 281 visitors!
According to blogger, we had 63 comments!
That means more than $50 for a donation to needy animals!

Now... don't forget to mark your fire hydrant or your tree or your calendars to come back for Opie's Pupped-Day on May 1! He thinks he's gonna beat my numbers. Dopey Opie.

'Course, you could come back earlier than that if you want.

We're off to Dog Pad.
Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's My Pupped-Day!

Yup. Today is the annifursary of the day I was pupped!

Sorry. There are no puppy pictures to share. Dogmom and Jennifer from Friends For Life didn't find me till almost three months from today in that dumpster. And then, when dogmom finally took me home, she took lots of pictures, but that was before everybody (and especially dogmom) could afford digital cameras. So the pictures we did have got lost when we moved to Minnesota when I was two.

Dogmom says I'm 8 years old. Dogmom says I'm her middle-aged old man.

Funny. I don't feel a day over four.

Anypaws, thanks for visiting today. And don't forget to leave a comment because of what we aren't supposed to tell you. (Details here.) Every visitor = 10 cents and every comment = 25 cents toward surgery for an animal that needs it or a donation toward an animal that doesn't have a home.
And don't forget to tell everydog and everycat and everybunny and everyhampster to visit today, too. Oh, yeah, and even your humans should visit if you think they can figure it out.

Wuf Ya!