Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three Times is Dogmom's Limit

Free to a good home:

Strong-willed, muscular mixed-breed that will not come when called. His 48-pound frame is misleading; he's stronger than most 90-pound dogs with attitude. No one under 200 pounds or who can bench-press less than 300 pounds may take this dog.

He can jump a six-foot fence from a sitting position, run faster than most rabbits, mice and squirrels, and outsmart most civil engineers as to the most direct route to get somewhere without causing traffic to stop. Especially adept at twisting such that claw-clasp, spring-load and even screw-end cables come loose if he's motivated to leave the space you've regulated him to.

He's incredibly cute, face turning grey, and wrinkles his forehead when he thinks he might be in trouble. (Which is daily lately.) He will be 8 years old in two weeks (assuming he lives that long.) You can call him whatever you want; he doesn't answer to "Opie" anypaws.

Please send serious inquiries only to dogsayeview at aol dot com.

(Sorry dogs - dogmom stole my keyboard this morning and said she's posting, since last night Opie ran away for the third time this week. She did not go after him or chase him. She put a bowl of food and water in the garage and left the big door open about as tall as Opie is. About 25 minutes later, he came in to get a drink and when he started to eat, she hit the button and closed the door. He tried to run out, but didn't get there fast enough.)

I think she's really really mad at him this time. This morning, she took him outside on a leash to pee instead of letting him run around on the tie-out cable like me.

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

That Opie. I would say the Leash is the best idea for right now. I wonder if Opie got himself a girlfriend and is going to visit her.

TAPhillips said...

He seems more interested in rabbits and squirrels than in girlfriends... and dogmom says he's shooting blanks anypaws.

Moco said...

What in the world is a matter with Opie? Doesn't he know that there is no better place than home. Maybe he is looking for ruby slippers.


We can't imagine Dogs' Aye View without Opie. We understand where Dog Mom is coming from. We are surpised he is exhibiting this behavior.

Maybe, he could go live with Tosca for awhile. We bet the grey ghost would keep him in line.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Tasha & Eva said...

Opie, Opie, Opie, obviously you did not listen to us when we said to not scare the Dogmom. Even we agree that you deserve jail and restrictions.

BTW, about the tag for the book meme. Hmmm, how do we say this. We're dogs, we can't read. But Eva did put a few holes in a book about Key West that Momma had checked out from the library. Does that count?

Tasha & Eva

Tasha & Eva said...

We forgot to ask. Can we link to your blog?


spotts said...

This story reminds me of Bosco and the day he ran off. It was the worst night of my life. I didn't find him until the next morning. See how these dogs can make us mom's have nervous breakdowns.


We just had to check that Opie didn't escape again. Where happy there is no new escape blog.