Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opie Escaped from Randi ...

And Gomer tried to eat the duck eggs.

Dogmom's pulling her grey hairs out.

Dogmom didn't want to laugh at Randi, but she's kind of glad that Opie finally broke her in after three and a half years of coming to walk us while she's at work.

Randi called and said that she was just relishing the thought that Opie was being a good boy on their walk. He didn't tug on the leash. He did his business; both jobs even. He paid attention to her commands and he strutted along-side her.

Then, when he came back inside... he waited for his opportunity. When she wasn't paying complete, 100% attention. When she was busy putting the leash on Gomer. Then, he made his move.

He ran right by them and bolted out the screen door.

He didn't come back when she called him.

He kept running when she tried to chase him.

He ran away whenever she got close to him.

He stopped and stared whenever she got too far away.

Just like he does with dogmom.

Randi called dogmom at work. And she laughed. And then she felt bad. She went home and talked to Randi and walked in the back yard.

When she called Opie...

Know what?

He came.
Right to her.
And stopped.

And she grabbed his collar and put the English rope lead on him. And he tried to bolt again. But couldn't.

So, he's back home (again). And everybody's at their wits' end about how to get him to stop it.

Wuf Ya! - Gomer (the good one)


Peanut said...

That Opie is something else. We have no ideas on his running away but we hope he stops it.

Moco said...

Maybe Opie is just playing with all of you. He must have forgotten how bad it was when he was on his own. Hopefully he will come to his senses soon.

Anonymous said...

Opie! Aren't you the one. You should quit teasing the humans and stay at home!

Janet Roper said...

You have quite a talent for telling a 'tail'! ;-)
Janet Roper

Sophia and Abby said...

That Opie sounds like my best buddy Brandi (she's in dog heaven now). She used to run away from mommy all the time. I'm smart - I stay close to mommy because she has the treats.

BTW, thank you for the barkday wishes! Mommy *finally* helped me update my blog. I'll tell ya, she's getting kinda lazy!