Monday, April 21, 2008

Uh-Oh... All's Quiet ...

Dogmom says that when things are quiet it means something's about to go awry at our house.

She's silly.

It was warm and springy at our house this weekend. We liked walking with dogmom on the new trail behind our house. It goes all the way under the new highway (that's not open yet). And past a couple of neighborhoods and eventually even links to the trail that went behind the house where we used to live.

We walked all the way over there yesterday and then we walked back. Dogmom was impressed that we didn't bark at the kids riding their bicycles on the trail, even though there were about eight of them.

And we didn't bark at the baby riding in the stroller with her mom and dad walking behind her.

And we didn't bark at the boy throwing sticks in the creek.

And we didn't bark at the neighbor with the Schnauzer while he was mowing his lawn.

And we didn't bark at the neighbor where the rabbits live under the trees when he was pulling the junk from his shed.

And we didn't even bark at Floyd when we saw him sitting in the window! Although, Gomer did think he could climb the side of the house and get to him for a minute.

Anypaws, we went to Dog Pad today to play. (Don't tell Dr. Hollee at Pet Crossing... Gomer's not supposed to go play yet; he has to wear his dreaded basket muzzle so that he doesn't play ball or tear his stitches out.

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

Good for you guys

Moco said...

No barking!? I don't know about that. Were you in a coma?

Dog Waste said...

Good for you guys...
So behave now...
Dog barking is natural...
But barking all the time make us irritating aren't it???
Thanks for that good behavior...(";)