Friday, April 25, 2008

No Takers on Free to Good Home...

Dogmom wants to know why nobody seems to want a really cute dog that keeps running away for fun. (Three Times is Dogmom's Limit)

Opie says that obviously, three is NOT the limit, since he keeps escaping and running and more and more people keep trying to get him to come back home, including dogmom.

Yesterday, he ran away again and didn't come when dogmom came home. And didn't come when Randi and dogmom tried to catch him. And didn't come when the neighbors in the neighborhood behind our house (seven of them!) tried to catch him.

And didn't come when dogmom screamed because he crossed Bavaria Road. And didn't come when he was seen running down the new section of Highway 312 (that isn't open yet, thank both dog and GOD!)

Know what made him stop?

He finally caught the squirrel he'd been chasing for four hours.

Dogmom saw him holding something and told him to drop it. He did.

Then he nudged it with his nose. And he started to run away again.

She said, "No, you gotta show me what you got." And he did.

And she nabbed him. And then she buried the squirrel under the pine tree where he used to live.

Damded dog.

Meanwhile, can somebody explain to me why I had to sit in the kennel for four hours while Opie was having all this fun?

I thought not.

Wuf Ya!


Thoughts said...

This is seriously one of the most amusing blogs I have ever come across. Your DogMom must be at her absolute wit's end. But it is such a funny visual to picture Opie trekking all over the place after one little squirrel. Thanks for always making me laugh SO hard guys.


Peanut said...

My mom says dogmom will need the mental floor soon. Opie needs to quite that but we are impressed he caught a squirrel


Opie caught a squirrel. Tosca will be impressed. She has been trying for two years. No squirrels here in KW. However, Opie does need to stop running away.

小莉 said...

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