Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gemi's Surgery Went Wonderfully!

Hi Dawgs!

We won't talk about the fact that we spent the whole day at Dog Pad on Wednesday. Or the fact that we didn't get to go to Pet Crossing with dogmom. Or the fact that dogmom spent the day with Gemi and Randi instead of with us. Or even the fact that she forgot about us at Dog Pad.

Yup... she forgot to come pick us up. Completely. She called Tory after we were all fed and tucked in for the night. Can you believe it?

Anypaws. We're not talking about that today. 'Cuz we know she was helping Gemi and Randi with Gemi's mouth surgery.

And since we've both gone through several mouth surgeries, we know what Gemi was going through. And how Randi was nervous. So it was good that dogmom was there to help them.

What we wanted to talk about today is that dogmom said that Gemi's surgery went really well! She's a little (literally!) trouper.

She had to have 14 twoofers pulled. All in the front. All her top front teeth, including her canine fangs. And all her little bottom teeth in the front.

She got to keep her bottom canine teeth. (Whole ones... not half of them like Opie and me.) And she got to keep all of the other teeth in the sides and the back that she had. We say it that way because she actually had nine teeth that were missing from her little mouth that had never developed. Good thing, cuz her mouth was so small she probably would have had to had them pulled, too.

Anypaws. Gemi still has 19 teeth so she will be able to play and look pretty and, more importantly, eat crunchy food and treats after her mouth heals.

We think she's beautiful... even with those missing teeth and her mouth a little swollen after surgery...

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gemi's Surgery is Wednesday!

Hi dawgs! We want to thank all the DogsAyeView blog readers who donated money and good wishes to Gemi and Randi so that Gemi can get her mouth fixed and not be in pain any more. Her surgery was scheduled for August 6th... but it got moved ahead and it will be tomorrow (today if you're reading this on Wednesday...)!!!

So, dogmom said that she'll be busy at Pet Crossing with Gemi and Randi and their mom and dad. We're gonna go to Dog Pad for the day... dogmom thinks it will make us forget that Gemi's having her surgery. We think that's just foolishness. We'll just think of Gemi while we're playing with Tory.

Dogmom said she'll try to post for us while we're at Dog Pad... or Randi might try to post on the web site during the day. It all depends on how things are going. (Not posting doesn't necessarily mean bad news... it just means they're busy keeping Gemi safe and calm.)

So, everydog, put your paws together and say some puppy prayers for Gemi, Randi and the Raymonds that everything goes smoothly.

Wuf Ya!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yucky Ice, two...

Hi dawgs.

So, I went to work at Pet Crossing with dogmom. Opie stayed home.

I got to see Dr. Kate and Jesse and watch dogmom work. Opie stayed home.

I got to get a special CET chew treat from Dr. Kate for being a good boy. Opie stayed home.

Dr. Kate looked at my yucky eye and said that it was a severe allergic reaction to a bug bite or sting. Maybe a plant toxin (dogmom thought I got into the thistles by the trail on our walk.) But most likely a wasp sting or something along those lines. There were four little stinger sites on my eyelid and on my cheek.

Did I mention that Opie stayed home?

Anypaws, dogmom has to get me an Epi-Pen since the Benadryl that she gave me probably won't keep working very well if there is a next time. And dogs with reactions as severe as the one I had (good thing dogmom gave me some Benadryl AND put some ice on my eye!) can die before they get to the hospital.

So, all is well. My eye isn't swollen hardly at all any more. I'm not really sure what all the fuss was about... though I do like to go to Pet Crossing without Opie. (Did I mention that he stayed home?)

Opie decided that he missed me at home, I guess. 'Cuz he ripped up my fleecy blanket in my kennel and he ripped open the bag of my blown winter coat that dogmom had furminated. My hair was everywhere when we came in. (Some angel he is, huh?)

Wuf Ya!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yucky Ice

Ok dawgs. I'm not 'xactly sure what's up. My eye feels kinda funny.

Dogmom says I have yucky ice. I like ice. I don't think it's yucky at all.

But, she keeps on going "Eeeyoooh! Gomey, you got yucky ice." And then it doesn't stop there. She keeps wanting to look at it and put ice on it.

I mean if the ice is yucky, why in dogdom does she think I want her to put it on my eye like that?

Anypaws... she says I have to go with her to work today so that Dr. Kate or Dr. Barghusen can take a look at it. I think you guys should look and tell me what YOU think! The first two were taken before she put the yucky ice on it. The last two are taken after she put the ice back in the cold box where she keeps the good food.

Wuf Ya!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home from Dog Pad

We had a blast at Dog Pad this weekend while dogmom went to the wedding in Ohio. Dogmom said these pictures show how we behaved while she was gone...

Tory told dogmom that I was trying to get attention by barking all the time and not listening to her. Since Opie was behavin', I had to do something, ya know? I mean... it's not like she was busy doing anything else... well, um, maybe she was... 'cuz there were a lot of dogs staying at Dog Pad over the weekend. Something about it being summer vacation.

Anypaws, that's why I needed the attention!

Opie was an angel. I think he needs some psycho help. Dogmom thinks that we both do... if one of us behave, the other one doesn't. She's getting exhausted trying to figure out how to get us both to be good at the same time!

(We think she loves the challenge!)

Wuf Ya!

(Oh, yeah... almost forgot... she told us to let you know that Gemi's surgery is scheduled for August 6th! Between all of you who helped... and ... and Randi's clients who helped ... we raised all the money she needed to get Gemi's mouth fixed! Yea!!!)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sumptin's Up!

We aren't sure what's going on today, but sumptin's up.

Dogmom used the tiny brush on our mouths this morning. First Opie and then me. We don't mind it, really. The gooey stuff tastes like chicken.

Then she squirted that liquid into our ears. And squished it around. And then she wiped it out. (We've not figured that one out yet... why she bothers to squirt it in if all she's going to do is wipe it out again.) Anypaws, then she put some other liquid in our ears. Goofy human.

Then she gave us pedicures. Said our talons needed to go. She tried to take a picture of the ends of our toes that she cut off... but the camera is dead. Anypaws... she told us some of the tips of our toes were like a half inch long... whatever that means. Oh yeah, we don't really mind when she takes the ends of our toes off... it doesn't hurt and it means we get extra treats. Dogmom goes one - two - three - four - TREAT! So every time she picks a new paw to pick on, we get a treat.

Didn't used to be that way with Opie. He fought and fought and fought whenever she tried to touch his feet. It took a lot of practice... and I had to show him the right way to get the most treats... but now he does ok.

And then she put some allergy drops in our eyes. She doesn't seem to like it when our eyes get all goopy for some reason.

Anypaws... we heard her talking to Tory at Dog Pad this morning. We think we're gonna go stay there for a while the way it sounds. Something about a wedding in Ohio and dogmom having to fly on a plane. (I did that once when I was a puppy. I didn't like it one bit! In fact, I let the whole plane know the whole time that I was on it. I howled and barked and whined so loud that they could hear me up in the cabin! Dogmom said at least she knew that I made the connection.)

If we're going to stay at Dog Pad, then we probably won't post till we get back. Tory doesn't let us use her computer... but that's ok, 'cuz we're too busy having fun!

Wuf Ya!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scooby Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

We don't think any of you knew our Scooby. He didn't have a dog blog. But that doesn't mean he wasn't a special puppy. He was too busy keeping our friends' house in order and protected from all the threats that can occur in Arizona.

Like blowing tumbleweeds and dust and birds that land on the patio.

We think that maybe Scooby went across the rainbow bridge in order to smooth the way for Stetson. Dogmom said that Scooby's mom and dad described him best:

"Our best companion and protector for over 16.5 years, Scooby, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, July 5th. His spirit remained strong until the end. He was at peace and ready to go. We were able to let him go from the physical world and know that he will always remain in our hearts.

Please smile when you think of him and hug somebody you love today. Scooby brought us immeasurable joy and taught us many life lessons. He was also an incredible healer with a heart of gold and a warrior spirit. We miss him greatly. The attached pic is of his majestic self in our backyard in 2005.

It has been a week of huge loss in terms of losing a friend to cancer and other animals we know with a resounding lesson of learning to let go. May God Bless them all. We honor the circle of life and acknowledge the many blessings we have, including all of you. We pray peace for all.

Our heartfelt thanks go to some very special people who have helped and supported us taking care of Scooby physically and spiritually along the way over the past few months and right up until the end."

Give your masters, owners, dogmoms and dogdads extra hugs and puppy licks from Scooby today, k?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Do People Go Over The Rainbow Bridge, Too?

Dogmom is very sad today.

We've been licking her face most of the night and it tastes salty.

She said that her friend Stetson in Arizona went to heaven yesterday morning. We don't know where heaven is... but we don't like it if it makes dogmom sad.

We do like Stetson, though. He was a very special guy. Not only because he was a Colonel in the Air Force. Or because he had a handle-bar mustache and a shiny head. Or because he had a turtle named Prince. Or because he was the bestest ever guy to everyone he met.

Stetson loved dogs. He especially loved Weimereiners... but he pretended that we were part Weimereiner when we lived in Arizona... because he loved us, too.

When I, Gomer, was a puppy, and Stetson found out that I was afraid of men and baseball caps, he always wore one whenever he came over to our house. And he laughed when I barked and growled and bared my teeth at him. Then know what he did? Huh?

He would take off his baseball cap and throw it. And I would chase it and bite it and try to shred it apart. And he would laugh. And dogmom would be horrified. And Stetson would say that he has lots of baseball caps. And then he'd put on another one and we'd start the game all over again.

Know what? I'm hardly afraid of men in baseball caps anymore. (Except the really scary ones!)

And, when Opie came to live with us, Stetson really liked his sillyness. He thought Opie acted like a Weimereiner sometimes. He told dogmom that Opie was really smart... even if he wouldn't learn to sit. He used to laugh at Opie. When Stetson would come to our house, Opie would sit down and wiggle his tail. And then, when Stetson wasn't paying attention, Opie would jump up and lick him in the face. This was a feat, see, 'cuz Stetson was 6'4" tall!

Anypaws... Stetson went to heaven yesterday. When we were leaving Arizona (2002), Stetson found out he had some tumors in his liver. They were cancer... endocrine pancreatic cancer that metastasized in his liver. Most patients with his kind of cancer live less than five years.

Stetson did all the treatments... and some that were experimental. Some worked for a while. Some didn't work very much. Some seemed to work really really well.

But, finally, the cancer won. More and more tumors started growing in his liver. And then they started moving into his stomach. And then he passed away.

It's ok, though. He fought the good fight for six years. And, he had a really good quality of life until last Friday. And we know he went to heaven.

So, put your paws together to say a puppy prayer for Stetson's family - especially his wife Tess and their "daughter" (neice living with them) Teresa.

Is Heaven anywhere near the Rainbow Bridge?

Wuf Ya!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

UPDATE! Gemi's at "All Funds Raised" !!!

HI everydog!

We just heard the news that the fundraising through has Gemi's surgery cost at the "All Funds Raised" level! This means that Randi can schedule the surgery!!! Wonderful animal angels across the world (including some DogsAyeView readers!) donated money for Gemi's surgery.

The funds will pay the low estimate for the surgery. Hopefully, the costs won't be more than that! So put your paws together that that is the case!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to everyone from Dogs' Aye View who sent some monies in!

If you missed Gemi's fundraiser and you still feel compelled to donate, is dedicated to removing the financial burden that keeps pets in pain or in need of medical attention from getting the care that they need. This weekend is an excellent example of the work that they do...

Gemi has waited almost a year for Randi to raise the funds for her surgery. Randi, who single-handedly works two jobs to live with and care for her ailing parents, had managed to raise about $800 in that time.

This weekend - with your help - raised $1200 to get to the estimated $2000 cost for the surgery! That is totally PAWSOME, don't you think? We do.

We just have one more request.

Would everyone who reads this and has a blog or a Web site please put up a link to on their site? We've got to help spread the word about this fantastic volunteer-run organization! For 10 years, they've been helping to pay for surgery, medical care or medications for animals that wouldn't get it otherwise.

Oh yeah... Randi will be putting updates on regarding the status of Gemi's surgery -when it will be and how it went - so you can stay posted if you want!

Wuf Ya!

Last Day for Matching Funds for Gemi!

We hope everydog and everyhuman are having a wonderful weekend!

Today is the last day for matching funds for Gemi's surgery fund. We still need $257 to get her surgery funded... with Lisa's generous match at we only need $138 in actual donations. We would absolutely love it if Gemi could get in for her surgery next week, wouldn't that be pawsome?

If you can spare a few dollars, today would be the day. Dogmom didn't take us for our regular Sunday morning Caribou and newspaper run this morning (we get dog biscuits from the barista!) ... said she's donating that money to Gemi today.

It's ok, though... dogmom still gave us a cookie this morning!

Oh, yeah... she said we have to tell you that after Opie barfed up all the M&M's he was fine. No adverse effects other than being hungry again.

Wuf Ya!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

KWC Keen Eyes - Double Dates

Ok. Ok.

So, while we were busy eating dogmom's chocolate that she bought for the people at Pet Crossing for taking such good care of us at our annual exams (we'll post about that soon)... the Key West Collies were actually reading the posts about Gemi and the updates on

Know what they found out? Huh? Do Ya?

Well, being the perfect Collies that they are, they found out that any monies donated for Gemi's surgery through's donation page here (put "GF-Gemi Raymond" in your note/memo line) will be matched through SATURDAY! Not just one day like dogmom thought. But all day yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Double your donation! Every dollar helps!


Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th Chocolate!

This post will have to be short. Dogmom's mumbling something about thinkin' we were supposed to be smart dogs... something about not learning our lesson... something about wondering what she's gonna do with us.

That, and we're relegated back to our crates... something about her not liking the brown lakes we left on the hallway, bathroom and kitchen floors. It's all her fault. If she didn't make us drink that yucky bubbly syrup, we wouldn't have spat up all the chocolate on the floor... we would have kept it in our tummies!

Something about re-reading here and here and here... and finally, especially here...

Dogmom here... While I went to do the boarding shift at Pet Crossing this morning, Opie and Gomer decided to help themselves to the human treats on top of the fridge - a large bag of M&Ms, some potato chips was as far as they got before I arrived home two hours later. I called our vet at home and induced vomiting on both dogs since I didn't know who ate how much. Gomer vomited breakfast... Opie gave me breakfast, the remains of both the inside and packaging for a large bag of M&Ms and a handful of undigested potato chips.

Both the boyz are snoozing on the living room floor. Heart rates and respiration rates normal. None the worse for wear, thank dog.

We're still trying to help raise funds for Gemi's surgery. (See posts from the last few days.) Randi is really special to us. We would not be asking for help if my job at the newspaper had not been downsized in April. Any support - financial, moral, prayer or thoughts - is vastly appreciated. If you can spare a few dollars, all funds donated through this weekend will be matched - so it's like you're giving double! You can donate through IMOM here. Don't forget to note "GF - Gemi Raymond" on your donation!

Wuf Ya!

Matching Funds Today for Fundraiser!

Hi Dawgs!

Ok. Ok. Last time we'll mention that Gemi needs money for her surgery! But we couldn't help sending out one last plea and telling everybody that any amount that is donated today, July 4th, will be matched by one very generous volunteer and sponsor!!!

So, if you can give $1, it equals $2 today. And if you can give $5, it equals $10 today. And if you can give $20, it is the same as if you gave $40!

Visit the donation page here if you can help at all.

Thanks, dawgs!

We'll keep giving updates about Gemi... but we'll stop asking for money now.

Wuf Ya!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd

Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Information about Gemi

Hi dawgs!

I got approval to post links to Gemi's content pages on, who is also helping with fundraising to enable Gemi to get her surgery. If you donate through, the donation may be tax deductible. You can use a number of different payment methods, too. Be sure to note "GF-Gemi Raymond" in your payment note field.

First, a little background on They are a wonderful organization, completely run by volunteers, that raises and provides funds for animals that need emergency treatment, surgery or chronic-care medications that the owner cannot afford. IMOM's (In Memory of Magic)background/history/mission can be read here.

You can read specific information about Gemi here and daily updates from Randi about how she is doing and progress we're making in her fundraising here.

If you're moved to donate, your donation through the web site may be tax deductible. You can donate here.

If you're hesitant to donate online, you could send a check directly to Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. This is not tax deductible, but will go directly to Gemi's surgery and aftercare costs if you put "For Gemi Raymond/Randi Raymond Account" in the memo line of your check. Send the check to:
Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic
10861 Bloomington Ferry Road
Bloomington, MN 55438
Phone: 952-884-8248

Also, Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters, where Randi works and how we met her 'cuz she was Gomer & Opie's pet sitter/dogwalker before I lost my job, is doing a fundraiser during July. A portion of any mid-day dog walks or home visits scheduled with Randi during the month of July will be sent to Pet Crossing to help defer the cost of surgery. Contact Jody (info at tonkapetsitters dot com) at LMPS if you want information about scheduling a visit or two.

Thanks in advance for every dollar you can help with. Or, for your thoughts and prayers if that is all you can contribute!
Wuf Ya!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd
(And DogMom, too!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can You Help Us Help Randi?

You remember Randi? She's the one that came to our house to take us on walks before the dogmom was downsized at the newspaper. Now we have to walk with dogmom. It's not nearly as fun.

Anypaws... Randi's dog Gemi is desperately in need of surgery to remove a bunch of teeth from her mouth. There are too many teeth for the size of her mouth and her mouth is crooked and infected because of it. They've been trying to save money for her surgery since last summer.

Then Randi's dad had to stop working because of his health. And then Randi's mom got sick and was in the hospital for a month. And Randi lives with them and takes care of them and works two jobs to pay for everything.

Anypaws... Gemi has been on pain meds and antibiotics for almost a year in anticipation of eventually getting surgery. Now, she needs the surgery SOON! The meds are wreaking havoc on her little 12 pound body. Here's a picture of Randi and Gemi (the tiny one) and Gemi's brother Teddy and Randi's dad that we posted after the Iron Dog Triathlon last September.

Gemi's surgery will cost somewhere between $2000 and $3000. We won't know for sure until she's under anesthesia and xrays are done. She's going to Dr. Kate at Petcrossing (who does our teeth, too!) if we can help her raise the money.

If you're interested in helping, please contact dogmom by clicking on the "Bark Back" link on the left and sending an email. She'll send you information about how to donate money directly to Gemi's fund at Pet Crossing or through

We'll be back to posting regularly really soon! Paw-miss!

Wuf Ya!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd...
and DogMom, too.