Sunday, July 06, 2008

Last Day for Matching Funds for Gemi!

We hope everydog and everyhuman are having a wonderful weekend!

Today is the last day for matching funds for Gemi's surgery fund. We still need $257 to get her surgery funded... with Lisa's generous match at we only need $138 in actual donations. We would absolutely love it if Gemi could get in for her surgery next week, wouldn't that be pawsome?

If you can spare a few dollars, today would be the day. Dogmom didn't take us for our regular Sunday morning Caribou and newspaper run this morning (we get dog biscuits from the barista!) ... said she's donating that money to Gemi today.

It's ok, though... dogmom still gave us a cookie this morning!

Oh, yeah... she said we have to tell you that after Opie barfed up all the M&M's he was fine. No adverse effects other than being hungry again.

Wuf Ya!


Eva said...

We added a post about Gemi with a link back to your blog with the hope that the additional funds can be raised today.

Eva and Brice

Peanut said...

We hope it all gets raised. Yuck on the vomited m&Ms