Sunday, July 06, 2008

UPDATE! Gemi's at "All Funds Raised" !!!

HI everydog!

We just heard the news that the fundraising through has Gemi's surgery cost at the "All Funds Raised" level! This means that Randi can schedule the surgery!!! Wonderful animal angels across the world (including some DogsAyeView readers!) donated money for Gemi's surgery.

The funds will pay the low estimate for the surgery. Hopefully, the costs won't be more than that! So put your paws together that that is the case!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to everyone from Dogs' Aye View who sent some monies in!

If you missed Gemi's fundraiser and you still feel compelled to donate, is dedicated to removing the financial burden that keeps pets in pain or in need of medical attention from getting the care that they need. This weekend is an excellent example of the work that they do...

Gemi has waited almost a year for Randi to raise the funds for her surgery. Randi, who single-handedly works two jobs to live with and care for her ailing parents, had managed to raise about $800 in that time.

This weekend - with your help - raised $1200 to get to the estimated $2000 cost for the surgery! That is totally PAWSOME, don't you think? We do.

We just have one more request.

Would everyone who reads this and has a blog or a Web site please put up a link to on their site? We've got to help spread the word about this fantastic volunteer-run organization! For 10 years, they've been helping to pay for surgery, medical care or medications for animals that wouldn't get it otherwise.

Oh yeah... Randi will be putting updates on regarding the status of Gemi's surgery -when it will be and how it went - so you can stay posted if you want!

Wuf Ya!



Congrats on getting the money raised. I know Randi must be appreciative and probably a bit amazed.

We told our readers, we will provide updates. After all "Inquiring Collies want to know."


Essex, Deacon and Dog Dad

Peanut said...

Oh we are so glad. What great news.

River said...

Hi, I found you through Eva's blog. Best wishes for Gemi. Glad the money was raised. We gave some of our allowance.

love & wags,