Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home from Dog Pad

We had a blast at Dog Pad this weekend while dogmom went to the wedding in Ohio. Dogmom said these pictures show how we behaved while she was gone...

Tory told dogmom that I was trying to get attention by barking all the time and not listening to her. Since Opie was behavin', I had to do something, ya know? I mean... it's not like she was busy doing anything else... well, um, maybe she was... 'cuz there were a lot of dogs staying at Dog Pad over the weekend. Something about it being summer vacation.

Anypaws, that's why I needed the attention!

Opie was an angel. I think he needs some psycho help. Dogmom thinks that we both do... if one of us behave, the other one doesn't. She's getting exhausted trying to figure out how to get us both to be good at the same time!

(We think she loves the challenge!)

Wuf Ya!

(Oh, yeah... almost forgot... she told us to let you know that Gemi's surgery is scheduled for August 6th! Between all of you who helped... and ... and Randi's clients who helped ... we raised all the money she needed to get Gemi's mouth fixed! Yea!!!)


River said...

Welcome back! That's interesting about taking turns behaving. That's a good way to keep a mom off-balance for sure. Barking for attention is what we do all the time! That's normal beagle stuff. Glad to hear that Gemi's surgery is scheduled.

love & wags,

Peanut said...

I have to be bad all the time since flash is always good. It is quite exhausting so you two are lucky you can take turns. Glad you are back. We are so happy Gemi is getting her surgery.

Eva & Brice said...

Great news about Gemi. We hope the surgery goes well.

Princess Eva

Thoughts said...

Hi guys!

We have missed you! Our human had to have surgery so she hasnt been on the computer for a whole month! But now we are back. Were so happy to read that you are still up to your old antics of driving DogMom crazy! What are we dogs for after all?

Glad you had fun at the DogPad. We hope you come and visit us again sometime soon.

Take care, BOL!

Benson and Gibson