Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sumptin's Up!

We aren't sure what's going on today, but sumptin's up.

Dogmom used the tiny brush on our mouths this morning. First Opie and then me. We don't mind it, really. The gooey stuff tastes like chicken.

Then she squirted that liquid into our ears. And squished it around. And then she wiped it out. (We've not figured that one out yet... why she bothers to squirt it in if all she's going to do is wipe it out again.) Anypaws, then she put some other liquid in our ears. Goofy human.

Then she gave us pedicures. Said our talons needed to go. She tried to take a picture of the ends of our toes that she cut off... but the camera is dead. Anypaws... she told us some of the tips of our toes were like a half inch long... whatever that means. Oh yeah, we don't really mind when she takes the ends of our toes off... it doesn't hurt and it means we get extra treats. Dogmom goes one - two - three - four - TREAT! So every time she picks a new paw to pick on, we get a treat.

Didn't used to be that way with Opie. He fought and fought and fought whenever she tried to touch his feet. It took a lot of practice... and I had to show him the right way to get the most treats... but now he does ok.

And then she put some allergy drops in our eyes. She doesn't seem to like it when our eyes get all goopy for some reason.

Anypaws... we heard her talking to Tory at Dog Pad this morning. We think we're gonna go stay there for a while the way it sounds. Something about a wedding in Ohio and dogmom having to fly on a plane. (I did that once when I was a puppy. I didn't like it one bit! In fact, I let the whole plane know the whole time that I was on it. I howled and barked and whined so loud that they could hear me up in the cabin! Dogmom said at least she knew that I made the connection.)

If we're going to stay at Dog Pad, then we probably won't post till we get back. Tory doesn't let us use her computer... but that's ok, 'cuz we're too busy having fun!

Wuf Ya!


Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Gomer,
Maybe Dogmom wants to get you guys all spruced up before you go to Dog Pad so you can find girlfriends there!
Murphy Dogg

Moco said...

Have fun at the Dog Pad. I'm not sure that all that fussing over is worth it though.

balashankar said...

Hi Guys, Hope you have loads of fun at dogpad, and dogmom at Ohio. Weddings are always fun :)


With both of you so gussied up, we bet Gemi and Eva will be hitting on both of you.

Essex & Deacon

River said...

Dog Pad sounds like fun! I'm sure with your makeovers the girls will go wild.

love & wags,

Eva said...

Too bad we won't be at Dogpad. Brice still needs to go down and meet Tory but Momma says he can't yet because he still has some extra parts.

Princess Eva

Grace said...

Hi. Have fun with your dog pad weddings in ohio and dogmom.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gomer & Opie,
We hope your Mama has a fun trip for the wedding. Too bad you can't go though, but we know you love DogPad. Has your Mama tried a nail grinder on you yet?? We don't mind that near as bad as the clippers plus Mama doesn't have to worry about cutting the quick on us. Makes her less nervous, hehehehe. Have a fun time at Dog Pad.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers