Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scooby Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

We don't think any of you knew our Scooby. He didn't have a dog blog. But that doesn't mean he wasn't a special puppy. He was too busy keeping our friends' house in order and protected from all the threats that can occur in Arizona.

Like blowing tumbleweeds and dust and birds that land on the patio.

We think that maybe Scooby went across the rainbow bridge in order to smooth the way for Stetson. Dogmom said that Scooby's mom and dad described him best:

"Our best companion and protector for over 16.5 years, Scooby, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, July 5th. His spirit remained strong until the end. He was at peace and ready to go. We were able to let him go from the physical world and know that he will always remain in our hearts.

Please smile when you think of him and hug somebody you love today. Scooby brought us immeasurable joy and taught us many life lessons. He was also an incredible healer with a heart of gold and a warrior spirit. We miss him greatly. The attached pic is of his majestic self in our backyard in 2005.

It has been a week of huge loss in terms of losing a friend to cancer and other animals we know with a resounding lesson of learning to let go. May God Bless them all. We honor the circle of life and acknowledge the many blessings we have, including all of you. We pray peace for all.

Our heartfelt thanks go to some very special people who have helped and supported us taking care of Scooby physically and spiritually along the way over the past few months and right up until the end."

Give your masters, owners, dogmoms and dogdads extra hugs and puppy licks from Scooby today, k?



We gave Dog Dad some lickes and wagged our tails in his face. Hope the rest of the year only has good news for you. We all expect a little rain in our lives, but it is Monsoon Season for you.

Essex & Deacon

Moco said...

Maybe Stetson is throwing a baseball hat for Scooby right now. We hope so anyway.
How cool is it that Gemi was able to get all the funds needed.