Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can You Help Us Help Randi?

You remember Randi? She's the one that came to our house to take us on walks before the dogmom was downsized at the newspaper. Now we have to walk with dogmom. It's not nearly as fun.

Anypaws... Randi's dog Gemi is desperately in need of surgery to remove a bunch of teeth from her mouth. There are too many teeth for the size of her mouth and her mouth is crooked and infected because of it. They've been trying to save money for her surgery since last summer.

Then Randi's dad had to stop working because of his health. And then Randi's mom got sick and was in the hospital for a month. And Randi lives with them and takes care of them and works two jobs to pay for everything.

Anypaws... Gemi has been on pain meds and antibiotics for almost a year in anticipation of eventually getting surgery. Now, she needs the surgery SOON! The meds are wreaking havoc on her little 12 pound body. Here's a picture of Randi and Gemi (the tiny one) and Gemi's brother Teddy and Randi's dad that we posted after the Iron Dog Triathlon last September.

Gemi's surgery will cost somewhere between $2000 and $3000. We won't know for sure until she's under anesthesia and xrays are done. She's going to Dr. Kate at Petcrossing (who does our teeth, too!) if we can help her raise the money.

If you're interested in helping, please contact dogmom by clicking on the "Bark Back" link on the left and sending an email. She'll send you information about how to donate money directly to Gemi's fund at Pet Crossing or through

We'll be back to posting regularly really soon! Paw-miss!

Wuf Ya!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd...
and DogMom, too.


Eva said...

Of course we will help. Due to some extra expenses lately, it won't be a lot but we'll do what we can.

Princess Eva and Brice the Pest

Moco said...

We would be glad to help.

Peanut said...

mom says we can't give any money now but if you still need some on the 15th we can help then.