Friday, July 04, 2008

Matching Funds Today for Fundraiser!

Hi Dawgs!

Ok. Ok. Last time we'll mention that Gemi needs money for her surgery! But we couldn't help sending out one last plea and telling everybody that any amount that is donated today, July 4th, will be matched by one very generous volunteer and sponsor!!!

So, if you can give $1, it equals $2 today. And if you can give $5, it equals $10 today. And if you can give $20, it is the same as if you gave $40!

Visit the donation page here if you can help at all.

Thanks, dawgs!

We'll keep giving updates about Gemi... but we'll stop asking for money now.

Wuf Ya!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd


Moco said...

I should have waited a day so that my donation would have been matched.

Anonymous said...

It's ok, Moco! Dogmom didn't know about he matching funds until too late. We definitely appreciate your donation anypaws! Every little bit helps!
Gomer & Opie


Don't worry Moco. All da Collies say is nuts, cause we did the same thing.

Essex & Deacon