Monday, February 05, 2007

Chocolate Feast! (Weekend)

Whew! Dogmom remembered that she forgot me at the hospital. I'm exhausted, cuz I didn't get to sleep all night cuz they kept doing stuff to me.

They seemed happy when I finally kept all the black stuff inside my tummy. Weirdo humans.

They seemed relieved when my heart stopped racing like I had been running around the bark park. Weirdo humans.

They seemed relieved when I peed a lot and didn't vomit. Weirdo humans.

Dogmom seemed happy to see me. Something about me learning my lesson and not liking chocolate any more. She shouldn't have bought it for us if she didn't want us to eat it.

She let me ride in the front of the truck on the way home. Good thing, cuz even though she had taken out the rugs that we puked on, it really smelled like a chocolate factory back there. Yuck. She's right, I don't think I'll eat that stuff for a while.

I was really excited to see Gomer, since I wasn't sure what happened to him last night. After we figured out that we're both pretty much ok... except for the queasy stomachs we have from eating so much and then puking it up and then eating the black stuff and puking that up and then being pumped full of fluids and getting a lump like a camel and then peeing that out... I mean, I guess we're ok.

Dogmom got really anal-retentive again and took everything off of the counters and put it in the cupboards. She wasn't very happy when she realized again that I shredded her new duffle bag... anyways... Gomey and me, we just vegged all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Going to the hospital is exhausting... and I don't recommend it.

Well, really, I don't recommend eating three pounds of chocolate that has nuts and liquor in it. Bad idea. Really bad idea. I'm going back to waiting for the big chew bones with treats hidden inside.

Gomer's still got an upset stomach... he probably should have stayed with me in the hospital instead of going home...


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me anymore with these two. If you tried to sell the story of their lives so far for a movie, no one would buy it. Way too far-fetched!

Hudson said...

Gomer! Opie!!! Man oh man oh man!!!!! I'm offline for a couple weeks, and all heck breaks loose at your house. I don't even know what to say! Listen, just take care of yourselves and TRY to stay out of mischief, ok?

Oh, and listen, my mom says that she's sorry she's been hogging the computer for a couple of weeks and not letting me have any fun. She's been up to her own tricks posting new piano videos on HER website! Can you imagine the nerve??? She says I can have some computer time again now. Yay!

DogsAyeView Dogs said...

Hudson, Hudson, Hudson. You should know us well enough by now to know that staying out of mischief is NOT an option for us.

Tell your dogmom it's all HER fault... if you had been posting and chatting with us, we wouldn't have eaten chocolate. Yeah, that's it!