Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do You Snore?

Hey Dogs! Do you snore?

Dogmom says we can't sleep on the big bed any more.
Because we leave yellow and red hair everywhere? No!
Because we smell like dogs when we haven't had a bath in six days? No!
Because we take up too much room? No!
Because we like to sleep on her pillows? No!
Because we make her sneeze and wheeze? No!


Because we both saw logs when we sleep. And, according to her, we snore LOUDly.
We're not sure we believe her, since she doesn't even have canine hearing.
I mean, really, we don't wake each other up or keep each other awake... and we do have doggie hearing, ya know?!?

So, how can it be that this lowly human dogmom can hear us snore?

Wuf Ya!

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