Monday, February 12, 2007

Wasted Weekend

We didn't do anything exciting this weekend.

We watched dogmom try to get all evidence that we live here out of the carpet and the bed and the blankets and her clothes. Why does she even bother, that's what we want to know.

Then she left for a while on Saturday. Not as long as when she goes whereever it is she goes during the day most days, but she was gone more than just out to the garage with the garbage and back.

When she came back in, she had lots of food. Food for us. Food for her. Special treats for us. Special treats for her. Carrots that we share, human and dogs. Chew bones for us. That T/D stuff that she gives us as treats. New toothbrushes for us. We each got a new toy -- Gomer got a "gator" and I got a combat star.

Sounds like the right ratio, right? Six things for us; three things for her...
Wuf Ya!

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