Friday, March 14, 2008


Ok. We're not supposed to tell anybody about this. "Dogmumm's" the word, so to speak. We know that all our dogblogging buddies can keep a secret and not tell anybody, right?

So... here's the deal.

We overheard dogmom saying that she's thinking about not buying us treats and toys on our birthdays (coming up!) this year. Instead, she's thinking about doing something that will help the doggies and kitties that need stuff ... like toys and treats and, well, frankly, like homes and people to love them. And people who will drive them to places like Dog Pad and Pet Crossing and bark parks and stuff. And people who will hire people like Jennifer and Randi to take their dogs out when they're going to be working long days.

Anypaws... we digest.

What we're trying to do is tell you to tell everydog and everycat and even everyhampster and everybunny you know to do something on our birthdays... without actually telling you to do it. Cuz if we tell you to do it, then we'll get in trouble cuz we didn't keep the secret.

Here's what you gotta do. You gotta mark your day planners and calendars and fire hydrants or whatever else will help you remember these dates: April 1 and May 1. Those are our birthdays (or at least close approximations of the day we were pupped.) I, Gomer, will be 8 years old on April 1. Opie will be 8 years old on May 1.

Anypaws... For every visitor to our blog on our birthdays, dogmom is going to donate 10 cents to a homeless dog or cat in need. EVERY visitor, whether they leave a comment or not.

Here's the best part, though. Every comment on our blog on our birthdays means she's going to donate 25 cents to homeless pets. Can you believe it?

It might be sponsorship of a senior pet (since we're seniors now, she says... we think we still look like dogs, though.) It might be helping with surgery costs for an animal that needs some. She hasn't exactly decided yet.

That's it. That's the secret. If you visit our blog on our birthdays, dogmom will spend even more of her own money on an animal that needs it than she usually does.

Don't forget! April 1st (that's a Tuesday) and May 1st (that's a Thursday). Visit our blog. Leave a comment. Help an animal in need.

And, in case you're wondering... we're not upset that she's not going to get us toys and treats for our birthdays. Know why? 'Course you do...

We know she's going to get us stuff anyways!
Wuf Ya!


Thoughts said...

Your secret is safe with us and what a fabulous Dogmom you have. That's a very caring and generous gesture, and what a great idea for a bday present :)

Bol! MOL!
Love Benson, Gibson, Sasha and Theodore from ThoughtsFurPaws

Thoughts said...

By the way boys,
what ever happened to the thing living in the bathroom?

Johann The Dog said...

I love it when you run contest! We're gonna blog about it and spend your Mum's money! Woofs, Johann

moggy said...

Dogmum is one smart lady...what a great idea and I know you boys wont mind a bit (as long as you get plenty of love too)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Your mom is a really nice lady! Is is ok if I blog about it too?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your mom sure is a nice lady! Is it if I blog about it too?

Moco said...

We want Dogmom to go broke on your birthdays. We will mark out calendars.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rusty! Please tell everydog! (But don't tell dogmom we told you, k?)
Wuf Ya!


What a wonderful way to celebrate your barkdays. We'll put our paw in.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gomer!!!! You know I love you! Come visit me soon at Pet Crossing! I'll give you a good treat! Tell your mom she's awesome, this is a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


And don't tell Dogmom but I know she's very special!

Angel (the mouser)

Anonymous said...

Happy BarkDay Gomer!
WOW 8 yrs of pure bliss for you guys! I remember when your dogmom first brought you home. It was love at first sight!
Woof Ya! Joy, Melissa, Rusty, Jazz, Ace, Papa Bear from AZ

Ruth Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Gomer! We have birthdays this summer at our house. Roxxi will be 1 in June and Quincy will 3 in August. I hope some of the benefits from this help other pit bulls -- boy do they get a bad rap!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pupped Day Gomer! Sydney and Jackson hope to see you at Pet Crossing in June!