Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look Dooley-Bean, We Posted!

Ok, dawgs. So one of dogmom's friends gave her grief the other day at Pet Crossing because we haven't posted on our blog for WEEKS! Anypaws, we're posting.

There, Dooley! Is your dogmom happy now? (Snicker, Snicker...)

Guess we should 'splain to all our regular readers and posters. See, Dooley-Bean is a cutie-pie Maltese. We wuf her. Even if she doesn't have her own blog. Even if she does run away and hide from us whenever we see her at Pet Crossing. Even if her dogmom gives our dogmom grief for hogging the computer and not letting us post so much.

Dooley-Bean had a bunkmate until recently, so we're not giving her any grief. Just her dogmom.

See, Dooley's buddy Casey had to go over the rainbow bridge a couple of months ago. He was sick and not even Dr. Kate could make him any better. We were really sad when Casey had to say goodbye. Everydog and everyhuman that knew him was.

But, Dogmom says that Casey is running and playing and feeling no pain over in the meadow beyond the rainbow bridge. And, that he probably found Skyper and Floppy, the dogs that dogmom had before she brought us home. And the three of them are all the same size and they're too busy chasing Spidey to be worrying about us right now.

Anypaws, we posted. Did you miss us?
Wuf Ya!


Ari_1965 said...

Buddha's been spreading the rumor that the Kitty ate Gomer and Opie last week, and DogMom hasn't posted recently because she's been spending all of her time cutting fresh tuna steaks into kitty-sized pieces and hand-feeding them to Kitty so that Kitty won't eat DogMom, too.

TAPhillips said...

Buddha made a funny! But he has it backwards... I, Gomey, want to eat a tuna-flavored kitty... the kitty doesn't like lamb-flavored dog so far.

Rusty said...

Sure did miss you! Sorry to hear about your friend, but the Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place. Your mom sure is keeping busy with two jobs! Bless her heart.

Ari_1965 said...

Only two jobs now, DogMom? So you did decide to give up that topless bellydancing gig.

Thoughts said...

We are so glad to have you back! weve missed you!


We were starting to wonder about you. That maybe you got stuck in a blizzard or something. Good to have you back.

Essex & Deacon

Peanut said...

Of course we missed you.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it was you Opie, not Gomer that thinks I'm just a Maltese. I am a Bichon, and that's why I have the intelligence to run the other way when I see YOU at the hospital!! I am actually only about the size of your head you know!! And my master is usually running around doing other stuff making me fend for myself. What is that all about? I'm not very use to being alone. And besides, why does she get to be the master?
Duely Bean

TAPhillips said...

Hi Duely-Bean! Dogmom told Gomer you are a Bichon, but he thinks all little white dogs are scary so he didn't pay attention! (He's also the one that spelled your name wrong.)

You gotta let your master THINK she's the master even though we all know better... it helps to keep food in your bowl and snuggle-blankets on the bed. Trust us, we know!

Wuf Ya - Gomey and Oper