Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Puptrick's Day Will Never Be the Same

Bye Bye Jessie.

We're very sad today. We were going to post today to wish Jessie a happy barkday, but instead we're saying goodbye to her.

Remember Haleigh? She's the girl that made us the Haleigh treats. We posted about Haleigh on our blog here and here and here. Jessie is Haleigh's dog.

Jessie would have been nine years old today. She got sick the first weekend in March, but then seemed to get better. But then, she walked over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, March 5th. (We waited so long to post so that we could get some pictures from Haleigh and her mom.)

Haleigh and her sister and her mom and her dad are all still very sad. Someday maybe they'll adopt another dog. But, for now, they are just sad and remembering that Jessie was born on St. Puptrick's Day! So, she was just as Irish as the rest of her family.

Here are some of Jessie's family's favorite pictures of her. We're gonna miss her, too.

Wuf Ya!



We are sad to hear about Jessie. Maybe you can adopt Haleigh as part of your pack.

Essex & Deacon

4urpets said...

Jessie is a great looking dog and I bet a wonderful companion. It's always sad to hear about a loss of someone's special dog.

Moco said...

Play well on the Bridge with our brother and sisters, Jessie. You were a beautiful pup and we are sure you made your family very happy.

G Man said...

What a beautiful girl, I'm sure she will be missed so much!

All my woof,


Cubby said...

What a beautiful boxer! Poor Haleigh!

Peanut said...

We are sorry to hear about Jessie.