Monday, March 31, 2008

We Met Floyd!

Well, sort of.

We interrupt this post to remind you to tell everydog about Gomer's Birthday tomorrow, April 1 and what we're doing that's special... DON'T TELL DOGMOM! It's not an April fool's joke! It's ok to post it on your blog so long as you send us an email (dogs aye view at A O L dot com) to tell us you did. Now, back to our post.

Dogmom's been afraid to let us both see Floyd at the same time. She says we share a brain and that if one of us thinks it might be a good idea to chase and catch and unstuff the kitten, well, then she doesn't have any control over us because we both think it's a good idea.

But, apparently, it's not.

Anyways, she's been going in there for a while every morning and every evening. In the room upstairs that's attached to the bathroom. And we hear her talking to Floyd. And we here him purring really loud. And we hear her put food in his bowl and him eat it. And we hear her scratch on something and then smell something like pooh, but then that smell goes away again. And we here her throw toys and Floyd chase them.

We want to play too.

Anyways, this weekend the dogmom said she wanted to try a new test. She put up the pet gate that she used to use in our other house on the top of the stairs when she wanted us to stay in the basement. See it?

Then, she let Floyd out of the bathroom! See?

She said she was really proud of us because she knows we could jump that gate, but we didn't! And even though Opie scratched a little hole in it, he didn't try to push through it. And we all stood there for like forever. Well, maybe it was just 10 minutes, but it seemed like forever. And then know what?

Floyd just walked away from us and went back into the bathroom and meowed really loud. Can you believe it?

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

Floyd is pretty for a cat but I think i would have tried to eat him.

Moco said...

Floyd is OK. Of course my favorite pal is Edgar, who is a cat.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Barkday Gomer - hope you have a totally pawsome day :-)



Maggie & Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Gomer! We hope you get lots of treats and pressies!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch