Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Sping! It's Spring!

We're learning, though, that Spring means something completely different in Minnesota! These are pictures that dogmom took THIS MORNING!

Is this what Spring looks like where you live, dogs?

"I'm cold, mommy, can I have my sweatshirt, please?"

This is starting to get deep!

Wuf Ya!


Pippa said...

Mmmm - that doesn't look like my spring.

Mistress says she would like to go skiing in those tyre tracks.



Dad remembers that cold, brrrr. We don't mind Ohio cold, but not so sure about Minn. cold.

If you want to come visit and defrost let us know.

Essex & Deacon

4urpets said...

It still looks like winter to me. But you look like you're having fun anyway.

If you want to see what spring is like in my neck of the woods go to

We live in Southern California! Woo hoo!

Cubby said...

Poor things. My spring is hot!

Moco said...

We had snow in the hills on the second day of spring. That was at the same time all the pretty yellow flowers are out.

Turbo the Sibe said...

Speaking for myself, I did not have enough winter this year!

Peanut said...

Nice snow. Is that cat still living in your house?