Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm a Dopey Opie

Hi - I'm Opie.

Mom calls me her dopey Opie, mostly because I act silly. I'm really super smart, tho; smarter than Gomer even. It's just that I sometimes decide not to listen too well. You see, it's really all about ME!

I had a family in AZ before Trish & Gomer. But apparently they didn't want me too much. I probably should have played along and acted like I wanted to sit when they wanted me to and all that. But it was more fun to do what I wanted. So, one day they took me to the park. It was really fun.
That is, until they told me to stay and decided to leave without me. I thought it was a game. But they never came back.

Some really nice people named Johnnie and Brooks played with me and they said that my other people weren't coming back. They took me to their house, and to a place called Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary in Gilbert, AZ. There wasn't room for me there, so I lived with Brooks & Johnnie for a while. One day, I met Trish and Gomer at F4L. I really liked them. They seemed to like me, too. But Trish kept saying "No way, I don't want another dog!"

Gomer kept jumping out of the car and coming back to see me at the fence. He was my best friend in the whole world that day. (Don't tell him, but he still is.)

Trish took me home, and I tried to convince her that I was worth keeping. But it was hard to behave. See, I'm pretty mischievious and act more like a cat than a dog. I walked along the top of the fence, and laid on the window sill, and walked on the kitchen counters. I ate cookies that were on top of the fridge. You know, the important stuff.

Mom didn't seem to like it. I kept trying to amuse her and play tag and running games in the park, but she didn't seem to like that either. One day, after several weeks of trying to convince her that I didn't want to sit when she said to, I did it. She was sooooo excited. Gosh, doesn't take much to make your human happy, does it?

Wuf ya...

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