Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gophers and Bunnies and Birds, Oh My!

(Gomer) I know I heard something in the wetlands behind our house. I just know I did. I know it. Something moved while I was tinkling. I know it did; I just know it. I've got an instinct for these things, being part labrador and all.

(Opie) Yeah, right, sure you do. You always think you hear things when you're tinkling. I think it was just the pee hitting the grass.

No, it wasn't, I swear.

You completely missed the two bunnies hopping around under the trees in the other direction. Mom saw 'em; she told me so. The difference between me and you is that when she tells ME to ignore something, I do. You get crazy and then we can't walk longer and we have to go back inside.

But I heard something. And then there was that bird that flew up out of nowhere.

Out of nowhere? More like out of its nest, goofball. Remember, we found the eggs a few days ago and mom made us leave them alone?

Yeah, right. You're the obedient one. You're the golden child. You're the best boy. Until you get off leash and don't come back when you're called.

That's just a test and you know it. This mom is the only one who WANTs me to come back! I have to keep checking that she still does.

Shhhhhhhhh. She's coming!

Wuf ya!

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