Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Training Command Translations

So, we thought we'd share what some of those words that people use to get us to do stuff really mean to us. This was prompted by Opie's tour of Chaska yesterday; if only mom would have used the right words, he would have come back sooner. Below, we say what the word means we're supposed to do, what goes through our head when you say it, and a better way to get your meaning across.

"Sit" - Do: Put your back end on the floor and look up at whoever said it. Means: You'll get some kind of attention or treat, so you, as a dog, have to determine in advance if you think it's worth it or not. Better: "Want food?"

"Down" - Lay on your tummy and look up at whoever said it. First, decide if you're tired or not, otherwise just keep sitting, or just walk away. Better: "Want food?" See how Gomer lies down?

"Leave it" - Don't eat that. It's a control thing, cuz usually humans only tell you to leave the best stuff. Better: "Want food?"

"Come" - Move your canine bod closer to your human. They're scared that you're so far away and need some reassurance. So you have to determine if you need to get so close that they can pet you, or whether just the fly-by breeze will satisfy their needs. Better: "Want food?" This is how Opie "comes" ---------------------------->

"That's yucky" - only reserved for the bestest, most yummiest stuff out in the yard or on the floor. Better: "Want food that's even better than that yucky stuff?"

Wuf ya!

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