Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Three-Hour Tour

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,a tale of a blissful jaunt.
That started from my Chaska house, so my dog mom I could taunt.
This mate was a mighty runnin’ dog, the master stern and sure.
I couldn’t help but run today, for a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

My mom, she started getting tough, and Gomer, he was caught.
If not for the slyness of the Opie mind,
I, too, could be bought; I, too, could be bought.

A cop, she came to help my mom to try to capture me
with treats in hand, and leashes too,
I jumped on her, and I sat,
the leash went on, now I was caught
no getting free, here on Gomer's Isle.

So this is the tale of the runaway, he’s back for a long, long time.
We’ll have to make the best of things, but it's an uphill climb.
The Opie dog and Gomer too, will do their very best,
to make the dog mom comfortable, in the Minnesota nest.

No bones, no treats, no motor cars, not a single luxury.
Like Robinson Crusoe, it's primitive as can be.
So join us here each week my friend, you're sure to get a smile.
From two un-stranded Castaways, here on Gomer’s Isle.

Wuf ya - Opie

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