Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Exhausted, but Happy!

Whew! We were exhausted yesterday after coming home from Dog Pad for the weekend. I'm glad sometimes that mom leaves all day. Not sure where she goes... she sure doesn't smell like dogs when she gets back. She says, "I'm going to work now," which is confusing cuz I always think she says we're going for a walk now. I've figured it out tho. She doesn't take the leashes to work and she does when we walk.

Hey dude - my turn. Opie here. Somethin' happened this last trip. We get chew bones again. There for quite a while we didn't get any. I don't get it. But now when we get them, mom keeps checking our mouths and teeth for some reason. She's weird.

Anyway... We went for a long walk last night. We love it! We both saw a baby bunny. It was soooo tiny; we didn't even try to chase it. Mom was really proud of us.

Randi's coming to take us for a walk today while mom's at work. We really like Randi, even when she makes us behave!

Wuf ya!

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