Friday, July 21, 2006

Did I smell a puppy?

Gosh, I could swear that mom smelled like puppy when she got home yesterday. There sure was something different. Opie thought so, too. We must have tried to smell her for hours. Anyway, I'm sure she smelled like puppy. But I didn't see any puppy. And, I'm getting older, so maybe I didn't. I'm just not sure.

I remember one time when I was still little and she brought a whole boxful of puppies to live with us. That was in Arizona before Opie came. She said they came from Friends for Life, just like me. There was Teddy and Daisy and Winnie and Pooh and Winston and Thatcher. Teddy and Daisy were lab puppies; Winston, Pooh and Thatcher were mixed-mutt designer dogs and Winnie was bigger with some shepherd in her. I think she was older than the others, too.

Every few days, one of them left with mom and didn't come back. Mom said they went to live with their new family. I hope they liked their new family as well as I like mine.

Anyway, I'm not done with this puppy investigation. I think we should sniff it out a little more.

(Gomer and Opie are right. One of my co-workers got a new puppy yesterday -- a puggle -- and brought it into work to show her off. Bailey is adorable!)

Wuf ya!

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