Friday, July 14, 2006

Stormy Weather

Wow - did you see the storm last night? Opie and I watched it. Well, sort of. Opie basically fell asleep. I think it's weird the way he freaks out at fireworks because of the noise and the lights, but he sleeps through thunderstorms. And mom calls me the freakazoid.

I remember when I had to sleep outside during the storms. Only in Arizona for some reason they call them monsoons. They pretty much seem the same to me. Of course, I'm six years old, which is getting old for a dog, so maybe my memory just isn't so good.

My mom Trish was always amazed that I never freaked out during storms. Apparently, neither did her other dog Floppy. I never met him, but apparently he was deaf for a long time.

We're getting lots of company today. I used to get really scared when people came over. Most people are pretty much ok now. And, these are some of my favorite dog people. Randi comes to walk us this afternoon. Yippee! Then, mom said auntie Dawn is coming for the weekend. I think that means that she's here for a long time. Opie and I like auntie Dawn - she gives us treats and stuff that mom doesn't like us to have. Don't tell mom!

Wuf ya!

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