Monday, July 24, 2006

Blue and Lilly

We were total vegetables this weekend, of the laying around and looking handsome kind. No long walks... no bark parks... no chasing bunnies... no nothin. Something about mom hurting her back and us pulling too hard when we walk. The wimp.

Anyway, mom got an email from a nice lady named Beth who sent in her dogs' stories. She saw us in the paper in Southwest Saturday a week or so ago and wrote in. Sounds like her dogs, "Make My Brown Eye Blue" and "Lilly", would be mine and Opie's best buds if we met them in real life.

Lilly is a beagle-mix just like me... and she got big, too, just like me. "Blue," as he likes to be called, is a handsome husky mix. They're both shelter dogs, just like us. They love to play king of the hill, just like us. They're glad they got adopted, just like us.

Mom said I can't tell you their story, 'cuz it's going to be in Southwest Saturday in Shakopee, Chaska and Jordan this weekend. If you read it, write in and tell us what you think. Or, better yet, write in and tell us your own story or email us at

Wuf ya!

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