Monday, July 17, 2006

Read All About It!

Did you see us in the papers? Mom wrote a column about us in Southwest Saturday, the new publication for Shakopee, Chaska and Jordan. Well, really it was about designer dogs... which we are, in a way!

It was a fun weekend! Auntie Dawn came to visit, and uncle Matt, and cousin Izzy. Izzy is a designer dog, too. I think she said she's got some doberman and some American bull terrier in her. She's really sweet, but a totally wild woman. She reminds me of Opie when he first came to live with us. He didn't listen either, very well.

On Sunday, we ate all mom's chocolate expresso beans while she was shopping with auntie Dawn. Boy, were we hyper! Mom wasn't too happy and made us swallow some of that pink yucky stuff. Then we went on a long walk. It was soooo hot outside. But man did we crash when we got back. I think I'll stay away from the kitchen counter today.

wuf ya!

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