Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Happened to the Bunny?

Remember the other day when Opie and I spotted a tiny baby bunny while we were walking and mom was so proud of us for not chasing it?

I think we saw the same baby bunny today. We didn't chase it. It was sooo tiny. Only about 5" long. It had a pretty white tail and belly and was kind of gray and brown.

The baby bunny wasn't moving. Even when we walked by. Even when we tried to prod it with our noses. It still didn't move. I was very sad. I sat and looked up at my mom. Opie pawed at it and bumped it with his nose, too. It still didn't run away.

Mom said we should keep walking and go home to eat breakfast. We were all very sad.

We walked about four trees away and I looked back at the bunny. I got really excited and mom asked "Whazzup, Gomer?" She looked back, too.

The tiny bunny hopped away, back into the thick weeds and trees.

Weird, huh?
(According to the House Rabbit Society, www., How Rabbits Protect Themselves? This behavior is also seen in pet rabbits. If a car drives by or an airplane is heard the rabbit will flatten itself against the floor, with its ears laid back, its eyes wide open, and its body quivering. A wild rabbit, relying on the color of coat as camouflage, will crouch motionless in the grass until a dangerous bird of prey has flown past. A pet rabbit exhibits similar behavior. It does not "know" that its coat, which maybe white, is visible from a great distance, like a flare signal.

Wuf ya!

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