Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Toys! New Toys! New Toys! No toys!

We finally got to play with the new toys that uncle Matt and aunt Dawn got for us over the weekend. They were fun and cool and had lots of stuffing and a squeaker and rope attached. Mom tossed them around for a while, but of course the real objective is to kill it completely.

We work as a team. While mom and I are playing catch, Opie bites and bites and bites his until it stops squeaking. Then, I give him my toy to kill and I work on unstuffing his. That can take a long time, so sometimes he plays catch with mom until the first toy is all flat. When it is, I play tug-toy with mom (primarily to get the rope off) and Opie starts to unstuff his. Sometimes I have to help him and he tugs on the rope.

After about a half an hour, we're both exhausted and the toys are dead. Can't wait to get another one!

Wuf ya!

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