Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're Gonna Go to Tory's House!

We're gonna go to Tory's house! Yippee, we're gonna go to Tory's house!

It is SO cool there. We get to run around and play almost all day and there are lots of dogs there and Tory and Mike are soooo cool. They put up with our antics, (ok, to a degree) and it's all about us and fun.

We're glad mom found Tory's house! Really, it's called Dog Pad Bed'n'Biscuit in Jordan. It's out in the country. We love it most because Tory lets us be dogs - we don't have to pretend to be four-legged people.

Of course, we show off our personalities, too. I'm kind of skiddish around new people... but that just means more treats for me. Last time, I barked a bit too much, and Tory put a collar on me. I'm not falling for that - I know what those do - so I shut up for a while. Tory says I'm collar smart... I think I'm just smart in general.

Hey - my turn to talk! Dopey Opie here. Tory has passed all my tests... I get snarky when I'm tired sometimes. She lets me veg in a kennel for a while. When I need attention, I become an escape artist. That doesn't seem to work anymore; I think she's on to me. She ignores me -- but I see her and Mike watching but pretending not to. Mostly, I just miss my mom or want to be alone. Tory gets it; but she still keeps me safe.

Wuf ya!

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